Socket Wrench Set & Ratchet Spanner Set from Milwaukee

29November 2021

Milwaukee been expanding their range of
automotive accessories with this brand new quarter and 3/8 inch ratchet and
socket sets these ratchets have a slim profile design and a 92 ratchet giving
them a 4 degree swing arc that makes them ideal for working in tight spaces
all the new sets come in sexy durable cases with removable inner sleeves if
you want to store your ratchets and sockets in a drawer all the sockets
feature a square base which means they won't roll away when dropped their
wrench compatible and they've got easy-to-read engraved labels Milwaukee
also just released four new ratcheting spanner sets fifteen and seven piece
kits in Imperial and metric super slim profile and a two and a half degrees
swinger making them also really suitable for tight and minimal access spaces the
15 piece sets are in an organizer tray ready to stick straight into your tool
drawer are these seven piece kits come in this handy portable and secure carry
case there's a great quality sets with durable design and dipper wood access in
mind to make your life easier if you got any questions at all about any of these
new sets from Milwaukee hit me up in that comment section below and until
next time I'm Tim you're watching Sydney Tools TV

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