The CHEAPEST Boots Ever…

12December 2021

guys money's a little tight got a couple new pairs of boots had to skimp bought two pairs on 30 bucks how bad could it be [Applause] thank you so much for joining me as i said today i'm looking at two new pairs of boots both from now this is a pretty unexpected stuff coming in the mail from never shopped with them before but i gave up my first try picked up two stellar pairs of boots and we're going to talk about them today first one i got looking at those red wing moctos you know one of those 250 something like that i don't know didn't have the money for that so i picked up this nice pair for eight dollars check this out it is basically a red wing mocto uh i don't even know what this is man so the first thing i'm gonna say is i ordered a size l for large because they didn't actually have the real sizing on there and uh i don't know if you can what is this like this is a tiny baby boot and when i log back in it's saying they're 30 000 and thousand two 230 and eleven dollars i promise you guys i did not spend thirty thousand dollars on these boots but with a description like uh lorem ipsum delore salvia intelligencia man bun gentrify you gotta get that i mean that that sold me there so i'm gonna throw it over to boot spy in the office for a quick review on these boots thanks william after careful analysis i've determined that this boot sucks i took a look at the stitching around here very closely and it sucks also the sole here is completely hard and it's about to crack which sucks uh the size of the boot is really far away from what we need it to be which sucks and the inside is basically that almost doesn't even look like leather i don't know what that is so that also sucks looking at the insole here we have a thin piece of foam that is roughly cut and completely unrefined and also on the inside you can't quite see but it is extremely loosely stitched to this outsole which is also very very sloppily glued on according to the maker of this boot it is meant for sport work equipment with a goodyear welted construction extended wear and a rudded one outsole that's right a rutted one outsole now as we always do on the boots by channel it's time for the traditional can i rip it in half challenge couldn't quite rip it in half but could rip it mostly in half that's my full analysis now back to you the second boot i got from it's actually a replica or a kind of play off of the taft jack boot i picked up tap jacked not too long ago and i really like this floral pattern but they also have the wool version so i was on and this pair of boots stuck out to me so i decided i had to pick it up try it out it was about twenty twenty dollars on the product page again it says it's like four thousand dollars i promise you guys i did not spend four thousand dollars on this booth looking at the description that says it has deep v chicharrones beard hoodie yucci so need that need that all day it's made by four uncles you get that right there look at this insole quality you can't beat that man this is nice this is the i don't even know why they put this in there why did they even put this in this doesn't mean it didn't even belong and anything but i'm gonna throw it to boot spy in the office for another quick review of these boots thanks for having me back william after thoroughly examining this boot i've determined that it sucks the leather here appears to be made out of plastic and the inside is made with some sort of sandpaper as you can see the insole is practically invisible there are mysterious stains all over this fabric but my foot does indeed fit into it as you know it's time for the can i rip it in half challenge [Music] yes i can rip it in half i actually ordered two other pairs of boots as well on for a total of four pairs of boots but wish kind of does this thing where they'll just like not send you boots and then give you a refund so you buy it and then they're like oh yeah we don't actually have that so super weird again don't really understand how that works i don't understand how works at all why my name's barbara jeff on there and why this is like 30 000 on there now it's totally mysterious to me but my experience with these two boots was absolutely terrible this one fit on my foot so that's great this one was not even close but i ordered a size l so that's that's what that means and i will i don't know what i'm gonna do with these boots i have no idea if you have any suggestions of what i should do with these two pairs of boots let me know in the comments below and maybe we'll make a video later on you know doing whatever's flamethrower uh just hucking into the ocean i have no idea if you enjoyed this video please give me a thumbs up and also hit that subscribe button down below both are super helpful for the channel and i really appreciate it guys thank you again for joining me and until next time put your best boot forward going full rose anvil on these

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