Your Drill Spews Sparks? You Can Fix That.

26December 2021

– Do sparks come out of your drill? (drill whirring) Let's try and fix that
today in GardenFork. Ready? Here we go. Make, fix, grow, cook. GardenFork. Unplug this, I've actually started to take apart power tools
and then realized that this was still plugged in. Don't do that, okay? This is one of these projects where I knew this was broken for quite a while. And today, I actually need
to use my hammer drill. This is a really good
hammer drill by the way. I've beat this thing into the ground. But sparks are coming
out of it and I ordered the parts for it a really long time ago, and it sat taped to it like this forever until I needed the hammer drill. But more importantly,
you're here to find out why sparks are coming out of your drill.

So unplug the puppy and take it apart. There are screws on one side of the drill. No screws on this side. Phillips, (drill whirring) nice. Don't lose these. (drill whirring loudly) Put all these, no, I mean put all these where you're not gonna lose them. (screws clanging in can) Like in a can. Learn from me. You're gonna need to
put these things back. Gotta do this uh, carefully,
cause things might come springing out of it. Oh, it goes all the way here.

I thought the plastic part of the housing was separate from the metal part here. Oh! It's all plastic. Well, plastic-ey. See it's silver, but
then underneath is red. See, I thought this was metal. But anyway, it is a good drill. I'll link to it below.
I've used this…a lot. (drill whirring) There we go. This may have fallen out
when we were taking it apart but it looks like… that might be a part of the problem. That's supposed to be up here. This is the trigger. That
is a switch that sends electrical power to these two
brushes here.

Here and here. And this is the commutator and
this spins using this coil, and powers the gears that turn the drill. And I think that these
brushes here are burnt out and doing the sparking.
But the fact that this spring was loose in
here, that did fall out when I pulled the case off. I hate throwing things out. And this is one of those things where I'm pretty sure I can fix this, so I won't throw it out.
I've ordered some parts I think that are broken and
it sits in the to-do pile. Kinda like that chainsaw
that I fixed the other day.

(chainsaw revving) So this always starts
but as soon as I rev it, it dies. (chainsaw slows then dies) What's wrong? I'll link below to that video. But um, it sat in the
to-do pile for a while and I put a new chainsaw,
put new chainsaw parts in it, chainsaw works now. This, this looks like this spring may have broken off in here. So I'm
gonna study the existing, intact spring and see up
here if I can fix this. So you and I will try this. If I'm doing something wrong, let me know in the comments
cause I'm…(trails off) Well, I'm sure you're gonna let me know in the comments anyway.

So, let's go. (metal bits clanking against plastic) Oh look, these are the brushes, these are the brush holders. This is a spring, looks very familiar. This is the spring holder. This broke off, but really nicely, the new part has that on there. That's very nice. So if
this broke off the old one, the new one has it connected to it. These are brushes, I don't know
why they're called brushes. Someone will tell us in the comments. They're carbon, they're like
pencil lead but really thick.

And they make motors go around. To me, this is a fascinating
piece of machinery here. It involves electrical, magne-
magnetism- magnetic fields, mechanical, because
this is a hammer drill. So it's turning and hammering
on this roller bearings chuck. So, if this thing, if
you have one of these and you can't get it to
work, put it back together and give it to your kid
and let 'em take it apart and maybe they'll learn.
That's how I learned, basically my dad would
bring home stuff that was broken and I would take
it apart and I was just curious about how it worked
and sometimes we fixed it. Sometimes we didn't but… This is an amazing
piece of machinery here. So if you can't, or just
bring your kid along, and say, "hey I'm gonna fix this thing, let's try and figure it out together." This is the one that's broken,
so let's take that out.

This, oh man if this works,
that would be really cool. Don't let screws fall into here, okay? Bad things can happen. Okay, so how is this
wire connected to that? That's what I'm curious about. So there is the brush. So this is the brush. A piece of carbon. Kinda
sparky there, see that? Sparks. This is the housing that holds it. And this is the wire. Yeah it does, look at that. So this disconnects from that right there. Since I have two of these, I'm
gonna replace this one also. (loud gusting) Okay the furnace just turned on. Um. I'm talking over the furnace then. So this used to be shiny, right here. And we're gonna make it shiny
again. This is 600 sandpaper. And I'm just going to turn the motor, and clean it.

Well it might be easier, it's probably easier
if I just go like this. See how it's shiny again? If you happen to have
some of this electronic parts cleaner, just hit this real quick. Then I'm gonna take this
new brush and slip it into the holder here. That goes in there… And we press it in there. It's back in. Make sure
the wire is still attached. Very good. So now we're
gonna put the new part in with a new brush and a new spring. All kinda tiny but,
let's see what happens. See that little notch right there? That is held in by the spring like that. You're probably thinking
that thought, right? I'm not gonna forget to
connect the power wire. I usually do. I'll put the
whole thing back together and then I'll have forgot that the wire that runs the whole thing,
I forgot to connect that.

This little wire? (clicks tongue) Okay, you just, I just put it on. And you're like me, I
bet you are cause you'll, like you'll put the whole thing together and you forget one little
washer or something. All right put this thing
together, fingers crossed. (drill whirring) Moment of truth. (hammer drill whirs to life) How cool is that? You fixed a drill. More DIY stuff on GardenFork, let's continue our time together today, there should be a video right
here or link right below. (hammer drill whirring) Let's do more cool stuff together..

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