✅ Milwaukee M18 FUEL *Dual-Bevel Sliding* Compound Miter Saw Review 2734-20

9November 2021

what is up everybody Phlilip Bridges and
today we're talking about walkies m18 cordless compound miter box off coming
all right up all right today we're talking about
walkies m18 compound miter box saw cordless this has Milwaukee's brushless
motor system in it which is phenomenal you can do up to 400 cuts on this saw
per charge now it retails for about four hundred dollars for the tool only and
you can get the nine-point old battery with it for about $5.99 I'll put links
in the description below and you can check those out this is a 10-inch blade
it's not the seven and a quarter Milwaukee does make a seven and a
quarter inch but this is the 10 inch version and Milwaukee is coming out with
a 12 inch version of the compound miter box saw – but all in all I think mostly
everybody only needs the 10 inch you know unless you're like a carpenter who
you know is going to be using it all the time and it's going to be cutting big
pieces of wood and stuff like that you know
the 12 inch is you know gonna be for them when it comes out but you know for
the rest of us the 10 inch is gonna work perfectly the weight on this is 45
pounds without the battery the RPMs on this is about 4,000 rpms first let's
unlock this to unlock if there is a pin on the side you're gonna push down on
the on the top of the unit just a little bit and there's a pin that you just
slide it right out and then the unit will fully come right up okay the max
angle you'll get on both sides is 48 degrees right when left now this this
saw has a the bevel so if we want to change the bevel all we do is we lift
the back part up and it's wherever you lock it that stays it the bevel how'd
you change the bevel on this is really easy
now with this bubble lock we want to slide the fences out
so we can almost get a full range of this in actuality if you want to get
full range of this you're gonna have to take the defense's off that's if that's
if they're going to do a bevel that's about sixty degrees or 45 I'm sorry 45mm
at so you can do a full 45 degree bevel on this which is really nice I really
like this locking system because it's just one lover you're not messing with
anything anything else there is no bolts or anything like that it's just once you
let go of this locking mechanism when you pull it forward and you just let go
it locks it in place which is really nice now to slide now to get our sliding
motion on this there is a little there's a little wing I hear that you unloosen
and then that will now you're able to slide the saw and get a nice cut and it
easily locks just by tightening the wing nut now we have a max depth cut on this
saw we have a max depth cut of six inches so we can do a you can do a six
by six board and we can cut it all the way through for a 90 degree cross cross
cut we can do a two by 12 we can do a 45 degree miter cross cut with a two by
eight and we can do a five bevel with a two by twelve this has a quick change
blade system which is really nice because it you just there's just one
button and you push the fence up and this fence will stay this offense will
stay in its spot and then right there it'll stay and then there's a button you
push on the side and then you can easily lock it down and then they give you an
Allen on the side of this unit so you can tighten and
loosen the blade now this blade does not have or the sod does not have a laser
like how most saws do where you know once this once the saw blade goes there
is a laser that comes that shines down and it shows you the cut and so what
Milwaukee did instead is they did a shadow line and a light shines down on
top of the blade and it casts a shadow on what you're working on or what what
you're gonna cut and it'll shine down and leave a shadow of the blade and that
will be your line of where you're gonna be cutting at and it actually works out
really nice I didn't think I'd like it at first but it it's a you know it's
pretty nice and it it's pretty visible in daylight too so you know they did a
good job on that that's just a thing you gotta worry about changing battery on is
the laser you know in the long run I hooked up the m18 backpack vacuum to
this Lincoln description above if you want to check out the Milwaukee backpack
vacuum but what we're going to do is we're going to turn the backpack vacuum
on and we're gonna run the song we're gonna see how well it collects some
sawdust I'm gonna cut cut some of this board up we're gonna really see how much
this will collect the dust when we run it well let's turn you on so I'm just
gonna make a bunch of cut all right I made it just cut up a bunch
of this out this one by eight that I had just kind of laying around that it's
been on my shelf for a while and no I got some sawdust around here but you
know let's check out and see how much I picked up in the the vacuum I picked up
quite a bit in the vacuum you know I made probably about probably about ten
eight or eight or ten cuts really don't have too much sawdust on the table or
anything like that you know it's probably a handful but most of that was
from the first cut that I made without the vacuum system on it but you know
you're gonna have you're gonna have some dust issues with any saw like I said
before but you know you just want to try to keep that more that contained this is
really nice everything it has it's all pretty much all the features that any
compound miter box saw has but this is cordless would I recommend this software
anybody I would definitely recommend it for people who you know they want to get
in and out and it's great if you have to do little stuff here and there you're
not you can just grab it and you don't have to worry about getting a cord if
you think about it if you think about when you're you're setting up your day
if you're a carpenter or a woodworker and you're doing you're doing your job
and you're setting up and you got to find what's everybody to do every time
they set up their saw they got a bust out an extension cord then they got to
find power and if you're new to the job site and you you really don't know where
power is because sometimes if you're trimming a new house sometimes they
don't have power everywhere and so you have to go and look for a outlet that is
hot in the house and stuff like that so if you think about it so like every time
let's say every time you bust out your saw to work and you spend about five
minutes getting a cord plugging it in doing all that stuff and
then takes five minutes for you to actually start working after you do that
so you do that every day for a year okay so that comes out to like about 21 like
I want to say 21 and a half hours or something like that of just trying to
find power for your saw that's throughout the year that's about how
much time that you spend trying to find power hooking up power getting a cord
out and everything like that you really don't think about you know that time
adding up but you know time is money and so like if let's say let's say you're
getting you're charging $25 an hour let's just say roughly for the year 21
hours of finding trying to find power over the year for your saw that pays for
the saw itself already and just try spending five minutes trying to hook up
power for your table or your your miter box saw every day that you use it so you
got to kind of think of a think about it that way you got a you got to think God
think smart in that way too if you have any questions or comments comment down
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