❄ Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan Demo

19November 2021

what is up, everybody Phillip Bridges here
and today we got the Milwaukee cordless jobsite fan coming right up all right this is the m18 Milwaukee
jobsite cordless fan it retails for eighty three dollars for the tool only
now you can also get these get the jobsite fan in other tool kits that you
can get that Milwaukee sells just how Milwaukee always does their tool kits
you can kind of mix and match some of them they give you a little bit option
and fluctuation with them so but this is the tool only 483 dollars I'll put links
in the description below like always where you can get the fan and whatnot so
the fan weighs about 6.8 pounds it is the width of it is 7 inches the heights
about 14 inches and the length of it is about 10 inches this has a very powerful
airflow for this compact fan it has it'll deliver up to about two hundred
and eighty-four CFM and about eighteen about 18 miles per hour of air velocity
it features a 120 degree angle adjustment on it with nine positioning
points click points where you can hear each one of them click now you get just
like any other fan you have your three speed options of high or low medium high
it's it'll circulate the air up to 40 feet away now with this fan
it'll pretty much run all day all day and every day because on low setting if
you have a 5.0 battery of the m18 you will get about 17 hours of roam time
that's right this thing will give you 17 hours of
runtime on a 5.0 matter now go 9.0 or a 12-point oh you're gonna
get that that's just that's just gonna shoot it up and over the run time now it
has let me talk about the 9.0 batteries and the 12 point out whole batteries now
with the 9.0 and the 12 point OS when you put a 9.0 and it all it'll fit
now the 9.0 is probably it it'll run it just
like the twelve point oh well but now with the 9.0 that's about as big as
battery is you're gonna get on this thing without it starting to rock the
fan the this the fans stable now it's stable it's sitting on its padded feet
and everything like that but I just want you to know that if you go up to a 12
point old battery you put the point old battery in seat it doesn't doesn't want
to go in but it will go in you just have to lift the unit up slide it up and in
but now it's unstable it's rocky but you know if you're not going to be hitting
the fan what's it matter really but I'm just letting you know that with the 12
point oh you're it's it's not gonna have it's it's not going to sit on the ground
all the way now this fan does have little hanger points to where you can
screw it in put screws into the side of a stud or anything like that and you can
hang the fan now you can also hang the fan from the nice little handle I love
this handle that Milwaukee put right here at the top it's very nice easily
grab it and you can hang it now what Milwaukee also does for you
with this they give you just like the jobsite bluetooth speaker they give you
a AC adapter now this will plug into the back here there is a little AC adapter
plug in and then you just plug this in and if you have a power source
you can have the fan running all day and don't have to give up any of your
batteries but you know if you got batteries to spare it'll run all day on
a battery so now let's plug it in put a battery in and see how this thing goes
so this is on high and it's blowing pretty good you got your medium your low you have
this thing on it for air circulating on all day on hot days I'll have this thing
sitting in the garage because we have a big white dog a great pyrenees that gets
really hot and the summer time and so he likes to lay in the garage and I'll just
have this thing just idling all day on him and he just loves it now I love
these things too we have three of them we have them in our work trucks this one
we just got another one so this one has not even seen the jobsite yet our other
ones are have been used in abused but they are still in working order and they
still they almost look just like this they're just a little bit dusty err and
whatnot so especially in the summertime this thing is a lifesaver it just just
to get that air movement in a house that you're working in just it just makes a
day so much better so if you liked this video hit the like button if you're not
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you like this fan if you have it or any other questions that you have i'm philip
bridges and thanks for

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