17 Coolest Gadgets for Men That Are Worth Buying

18December 2021

Hey gentlemen! Are you ready for another set 
of gadgets? So this time there’s a couple of   cool things for your wrists, and the brightest 
accessory for your keychain ever! Just in case   you’re into efficient things, we have a pair 
of EDC tools and something that’ll save your   time!As usual, all the links to the products 
are given in the description below. Let's go! So we need our wallets on an everyday basis, 
that’s obvious. But most of them are bulky.   Ekster Parliament Wallet is your solution to your 
everyday needs.

Made of premium leather, it’s   pleasant to touch, and its size perfectly fits the 
palm of your hand. The material looks more matte   compared to the promotional video and feels a bit 
rough, but the manufacturer says it’ll soften with   time. The accessory has a bi-fold design with 
maximized storage. Despite that compact size,   it holds up to 12 cards. 3 additional slots fit 
a couple of cards each. The rest can be easily   stored in a metal cardholder. With a push of a 
button all of them pop out in descending order   so you can see them. That’s convenient!. You don’t 
even have to open the wallet for this quick access   to work. The cardholder is RFID blocking, which 
is also good news. And the wide elastic strap   on the body will securely hold a small stack of 

Cool! Just keep in mind that the wallet   won’t close tightly, if you stuff the additional 
slots with cards and the cash. And it’s better to   put metal cards into additional slots, since 
they can slip out of the cardholder. But the   coolest part is that your wallet is hard to lose. 
About the size of a credit card this tracker uses   Bluetooth 4.0 with a range of up to 200 feet.
It's worth mentioning that it will work properly   as long as geolocation and Bluetooth on your 
smartphone are turned on. So when you lose   the wallet, the app will show its last location, 
and make the tracker emit an audible alert so you   could find it. The device can be activated 
with your voice via Siri, Alexa or Google,   and 3 hours of solar charge gives you about 
two months of runtime. Isn’t that a bargain? Next time you go either fishing or camping, 
you don’t have to carry a huge backpack.

All   the gear will fit your wallet. These credit card 
sized multitools combine a variety of most useful   functions. This spear card, for instance, includes 
several fishing hooks along with tweezers and a   couple of needles. And the sharp arrowhead can be 
easily transformed into a self-defense spear. All   it takes is a stick. But if you need more fishing 
tools, you should go with this card. It features   a ton of different lures and hooks of various 
sizes, including double sided ones. Another   thing you might need during travel is a compact 
sewing kit. Well, this card provides you with   a dozen of different needles and 4 buttons. And 
this multitool is actually more like a spy gadget.   If you get trapped somehow, at least you’ll have 
a great set of lock picks and a handcuff key.   In addition, the card includes 2 tension wrenches, 
file and saw.

Last but not least, there’s this   whole set of tools that are the size of a dog tag. 
This single set can replace all the previous ones,   featuring fishing and sewing tools, self defense 
and first aid functionality. All these multitool   cards are made of surgical grade stainless 
steel. You can count on them in any situation! Fidget spinners are loved by children 
and adults.

This one is not an exception.   It’s a fidget spinner, and it looks like a 
cicada. Ok, it even sounds like a cicada!   Just listen to that satisfying sound. While 
spinning, it also wobbles a little, which   makes you think you’re holding a real insect. 
Cool! It brings back those good old memories of   the summer in the countryside. The secret is 
that bearing with seven balls in the middle,   and a bit heavier front side. Made of metal, 
the toy is really durable and rust resistant.   And since there are two color options to 
choose from, pick your own metal friend! Have you ever found yourself in a situation 
where you had to answer an important call, but   your hands were busy either with heavy bags or wet 
dishes? Those days are over.

This band will bring   your Apple Watch to another level. Why? It allows 
you to control your device with simple gestures!   Jokes aside, using neuro technology it translates 
your finger movements into control functions!   Special sensors capture the movements, and the 
AI algorithm deciphers the signal pattern and   turns it into a control function on your watch. 
And all that without even looking at the screen!   All you need is to pair the device with your watch 
via Bluetooth. That’s it! Now you can switch the   tracks, answer calls and turn the alarm off with a 
simple tap of your fingers! It’s a kind of magic! This gadget deals with tension and holds 
things tight. It’s a combo of a carabiner   and the rotating cam mechanism in a single 
aluminium body. This design allows the device   to be configured in either a Fixed End or a Loop 
System to securely tie down large equipment,   gear, and other heavy loads.

In both 
systems, it can be easily adjusted and   re-adjusted over and over again to tackle 
a multitude of tie-down projects for years.   Depending on the rope you can choose the 
preferable size. The smaller one will   hold up to 280 LB while the bigger one will be 
indispensable for heavy loads up to 500 LB. Cool! This one’s for those who want to keep 
all the necessary things close to them!   It looks like a regular wristband, but it has a 
hidden pocket which is perfect for storing change,   keys, bills and a Fitbit One tracker.

The pocket 
seals all the belongings, there’s no chance they   get wet. The band is made from surgical-grade 
silicone. It's completely safe for your skin   and stretches easily, so you can quickly put 
something in and then take it out. Since the   band is available in 10 different colors, 
you’ll easily find a match for your clothes! If you want to try your hand in archery, take a 
closer look at this bow release. It’s surprisingly   easy to use – you can activate it using your 
index finger only! It’s hidden trigger system   makes it impossible to make accidental shots. 
The trigger head is 360 degrees rotatable,   making the release appropriate for Left or Right 
hand shooters. Feel free to choose either tough   fabric or top quality leather design.

of them are extremely reliable and durable,   yet so light and comfortable that you won’t even 
feel the release on your wrist. The strap is   adjustable, which is comfy. Now you can always 
make smooth and precise shots with no trouble! Behold! It’s the brightest 
flashlight for your keychain!   Its 4 LEDs give an incredible maximum 
output of 4000 lumen with a 228 yard throw.   Two buttons on the body will help either to 
turn the device on or off, or cycle through   brightness settings. Speaking about that. You 
can easily adjust the brightness, since there   are 5 levels from Ultralow to superbright 
Turbo. All the info like the battery status,   the voltage, the chosen mode and even runtime 
is glanceable thanks to the built-in OLED.   The flashlight has mode memory, so it will 
return to the settings that were used before   the device was turned off.

Last but not least – 
quick release design and a 1000mAh rechargeable   battery with over 60 hours of runtime guarantee 
you'll always have light when you need it! Are you still using a lighter? This Permanent 
Match makes you shine when it ignites.   Its sense of operation makes you feel 
as if you were back to your old days.   It just needs only kerosene or gasoline in 
its flask to create a potential fire.

The   fact that it’s water- and windproof makes 
the device a suitable and reliable tool for   any traveling adventurer. But do you see 
that little ribbed switch on the lighter?   Don't be misguided, it's not just a design 
element! It opens up a small yet sharp blade   which may come in handy when you need to open 
the box. Such a cool add-on to your keychain! Here we have a multitool that you might carry with 
you every day. It’s really small, so you won’t   even notice it in your pocket, and chamfered edges 
provide a comfortable grip.

But let’s see what   it has to offer. First, it’s a nicely polished 
mini pry bar that’ll come in handy if you ever   need to remove any nails. Second,it’s a double 
sided screwdriver and three different wrench   sizes to help you with any quick fixes. There’s 
also a bottle opener, which is always helpful,   and a glass breaker just in case. And the 
knuckle protector will make sure you don’t   hurt yourself while using it and provides a 
better grip. Now you’ll always be prepared! This thing over here will make sure you don’t 
lose precious time opening your pocket knife.   The installation takes a few seconds – just put 
the fang in the thumb hole of your knife.

After   it’s done, you need to twist the knife a little 
while taking it out of your pocket. The fang will   automatically deploy the blade as you’re drawing 
it. It’s made of aircraft aluminium, so it will   last forever, and you can choose between black 
and metal finish to fit your blade perfectly.   It’s amazing when you need to use your knife 
on the spot. Don’t waste even a second! This little power tool is a real gem. It’s 
made by hand from stainless steel and offers   tons of opportunities. Just 3 inches long, 
it can either be used as a pry bar or a glass   breaker when needed. There’s also a bottle opener, 
that’s handy! The pry comes with the carabiner,   so feel free to attach it to your keychain. 
Cool! There are two more options you might   be interested in. Both of them include some 
bands and Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers.   The only difference is the clip 
positioning, but once again,   both of them come with a lanyard, 
which gives even more carrying options!.

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