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4January 2022

for many of us going to work is a big part of our lives unfortunately so is getting sore feet while sore feet is very common in the workplace it doesn't have to be this way it is time to start uncovering the risk factors associated with foot pain at work pain experienced at the workplace can have a profound effect on your overall well-being for a variety of reasons many people are unable to modify their workplace environment to help address their foot pain furthermore our own research has shown that workplace foot pain is a significant barrier to being active outside of work due to a lack of accurate reporting techniques there is only weak evidence suggesting that time spent on feet leads to injury despite the fact that it's intuitive that prolonged weight-bearing leads to lower extremity pain that is why we've partnered with WorkSafeBC and Simon Fraser University to address these limitations through our study we've uncovered there are three big ways to help address or prevent workplace pain number one change your posture frequently maintaining a static posture whether it's standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time only increases the load on your body because it doesn't distribute it evenly over time throughout your day listen to your body and understand whether there's any aches or pains then vary your activity between sitting standing and walking as you need to number two Footwear matters over time shoes lose their ability to absorb shock that means that that extra impact gets transferred up your body through your limbs and your joints try to rotate your Footwear on a regular basis ideally every day when you're not wearing your shoes it will allow the midsole to expand and increases the life span of your Footwear making them more effective the next time you use them number three arch support helps everyone regardless of your foot posture arch support can help we see patients with both high and low arches come into our clinics with foot pain and we know that eighty percent of them will report improvement with the use of custom orthotics help reduce your foot pain today and come visit a local Kintex store to talk to one of our pedorthist sore fitting experts [Music]

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