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2January 2022

today we're going to be talking about the top 
five boot options that customers regret doing disclaimer today we're going to be talking about 
the boot options that people think they need   but they regret doing it later some of the options 
we'll be discussing are absolutely necessary   for your work today we're going to be going 
from number five all the way down to number one   so stick around if you want to see the number one 
option that people choose and regret so jumping   right in number five is the lineman shank lyman 
shanks again are a additional piece of leather   that is designed to support the arch or shank 
area of the boot this is needed for linemen for   arborists for people who make a living on hooks 
and gaps this is not for people who think that it   just makes the boot more durable here's a perfect 
example of a customer who regretted the lineman   shank he's not a climber he's not an arborist this 
lyman shank stiffened up the boot so much that   this customer was unable to break it in and sent 
it back to us number four is nfpa certification   although it sounds like an nfpa certified boot is 
a more durable boot it's actually not the thread   that is used is a no burn or self-extinguishing 
thread it's an unbonded thread and it actually   tends to fray a little more the red x sole 
although it passes a no burn test or a no   melt test we've actually seen if it's exposed to 
a lot of heat it just gets a little bit hard and   can kind of chunk or break a little bit more than 
the non-red x so again if you're buying a red x   boot or an nfpa boot because you think it's more 
durable don't do it you buy an nfpa certified boot   if your agency requires you to get one 
coming in in the number three spot tall boots   a lot of people think i'm getting a durable work 
boot this is a lot of money go big or go home the   regret with tall boots is this is too much boot 
for most people again the intent of a tall boot   is for abrasion resistance if you're a climber 
you're an arborist if you're looking at general   work purposes you don't necessarily need 
abrasion resistance go with the 10 inch boot   a lot of customers will buy unnecessarily 
a very tall boot come back to us later and   say it's just too much boot for me coming in 
at number two are toe caps and toe structure   even though toe caps are aesthetically pleasing 
and they add to the classic look of a boot they   can be very restrictive especially here 
at the band where the toe cap is sewn on   they can make the boot fit and feel a little bit 
big combine that with a toe structure such as a   steel toe or a composite toe and now you're 
adding even more material up in the toe area   anytime you're adding toe structure to a boot it 
will make the boot look and feel longer why are   toe caps and steel toes necessary they're really 
only necessary if your job requires protection   and the number one boot configuration regret 
that people make and we see it all the time   two toning they're boots a two-tone boot is a 
boot with two different colors we understand why   people do it a handmade boot is not inexpensive 
they're excited to get exactly what they want we   see it all the time we advise people not to do 
it honestly some people might think this boot   looks great some people might think it looks 
like a clown shoe there may be some regret   when you're getting a little bit too creative 
no offense to people that like crazy boots but   there is some risk involved when in doubt simplify 
the process and go with what you know looks good   again if you like this video and you found 
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