5 Fall Outfits For Men | Best Boots For Mens Autumn Style

21December 2021

5 Fall Outfits For Men Best Boots For Mens
Autumn Style [0:00:00]
They say footwear is the foundation of a man's wardrobe. I tend to agree especially when it comes to
boots. A great-looking stylish pair of boots can
really level up your style. In today's video, gents, five pairs of boots
and I'm going to build an outfit off of each. Are you ready? Let's get into it. [Music]
First off, gents, let me introduce you to the boots we're going to be building the outfits
off of. Right here, we have the President. This is a plain toe dark brown classic boot
design. Now, this is built off a combat boot design.

Remember, there's two schools of dress boots,
you got those built off of a dress shoe design that usually have a leather sole. The combat boot design, these are made for
comfort for walking more for actually sometimes even working in and you're going to see oftentimes
a rubber sole or at least a rubber base. Now, what I really like about these is that
they let the leather and the design do the talking. There isn't going to be a bunch of fancy brogue
work, you're not going to see a cap toe, you're just going to simply see the design and look
and the leather really speaks for itself with this particular type of boot. Next stop, we've got to Chukka boot design. Notice that the height only goes up to about
mid ankle. We've only gotten two eyelets. Sometimes on the Chukka you'll see three maybe
four eyelets, but that's about as many as you're going to see here.

Other things about the Chukka is just simply
how we've got the back quarter thrown over on top of the vamp, a very simple that comes
out of the desert boot out of World War II, does a pretty good job of protecting the ankles. Now, the blue suede, I know suede in general
a lot of men are scared of that, but there is weather safe suede out there. Yes, guys, it's a registered trademark. This is actually a type of material that's
going to be very resistant to water to staining. I recommend going with a dark color suede.

A lot of people aren't going to pick up on
the material until you get up a bit closer and to me this is just a great-looking boot. Next stop, we've got the Duke which is a Chelsea
boot. Now, Chelsea's very easy to spot. You notice, no laces no buckles, nothing like
that, instead it's got a very simple very clean design. I like Chelsea boots because they can be dressed
up, they can be dressed down. Now, this pair in particular actually if you
look around, the sole it's got a little bit thicker heavier sole.

I like this in Midwest where we get snow we
get rain, this is going to be great for outdoor and being able to walk and be able to grip. Now, another thing about the Chelsea is going
to be how it slips onto your foot. This one has elastic on both sides. You will see some that are going to have a
zipper over on one side, but, again, for me the Chelsea is how it can be dressed up dress
down. Next stop, I've got the Captain. Now, this is a classic boot design with one
big change on it, we’ve got the cap toe.

Anytime you start to see cap toe broguing,
understand that this boot all of the sudden is going to start drawing a bit more attention. It definitely is going to be more casual. Now, the color here this is a Horween Leather,
Horween tannery, they’re out of Chicago, very famous for their lighter colored leathers. And the reason being lighter color leathers
you can as you polish them over time, you can actually start to get some really nice
shine. They get better with age and that's the great
thing about light-colored boots. Now, I'm not going to lie, you got to take
care of light-colored boots, they are going to be a bit more work. But when you walk into a room, they're going
to command attention they're going to get compliments. Boot number five we're going to build an outfit
off of, gentleman, the Commander. Now, notice the style, this is based off centuries-old
European Alpine hiking boot type of style where immediately look at that sole very different
from all the other boots because there is no heel.

Because there's no heel, you're actually going
to have more the sole touching the ground giving you more basically surface area that's
touching it's going to give you a better grip it's going to be easier on the feet. So, if you're walking to and from work, spending
a lot of time getting off of trains of buses, this is going to be great for comfort. Another thing look at the upper, notice those
D-rings, that right there very distinctive to this particular style.

Gents, all the boots you see in today's video
are brought to you by Thursday Boots. They're the paid sponsor of today's video
and they're a great company. I'm proud to support them. For over a year and a half, I have been testing
and wearing this particular pair right here. And I can tell you they've stood up to the
test of time they are great. I wore these in a Ukrainian winter walking
miles and miles to Kiev, Ukraine through sleet and snow. Took them with me to Thailand, I went to 22
states, hiked the Grand Canyon in these things. They are awesome boots. But, there were three things in particular
I think you're going to love about Thursday. Number one is the price. Go check out the price guys. For the quality for the material they used
on the upper for the sole the overall build, you're going to be amazed at the price point
that they come in at.

Now two, let's talk about durability. Like I said, I put a lot of miles on these
boots, they stood up to the test of time they didn't start to fall apart and the reason
being they use a Goodyear welt. Yes, guys, so mixed with a great price, you've
got a Goodyear welt. Number three on these boots which you’re
going to love is they're incredibly comfortable. So, they use a cork filled inner centre right
in here and also they've got this nice lining on the inside, so you actually your feet don't
touch the leather. It's a very thin lining and I find it's a
great it's multi-weather. Some of you guys are worried, okay, it gets
really cold. I think wearing a wool pair of socks with
this for me in weather that was I think was like 20 below zero at some point there, I
was perfectly fine. [0:05:09]
So, it is I think overall a great boot. I'm proud to have them as a sponsor. Go check him out. I'm going to link to them down in the description.

I wear these boots and I think that they're
one of the best deals you're going to find out there. All right, gents, let's get into the outfits. Outfit number one. Starting with the dark brown President that
I talked about, this classic boot design, I'm going to go for a smart casual look. Let's go ahead and match those dark brown
boots with a pair of olive corduroy trousers. I really like the idea of going with the olive
corduroy especially this time of the year. Now for a shirt, let's look at going with
a white or light blue simple button-down maybe an oxford. Now, for a sweater, let's bring in a charcoal
V-neck sweater.

Next stop, let's have fun let's throw on a
navy pea coat. I'm assuming it's pretty cool out there, so
we're dressing for fall here. Finally, let's bring in some glasses. Now, if you don't wear glasses, look at Clubmaster
shades. But, if you do wear glasses, have fun with
those frames including the Clubmaster which you can get for prescription glasses. So, that last outfit, pretty good, right? I like the use of color I like the combination
there, but let's get into outfit number two, the first date outfit. And notice I brought in the navy blue suede
Chukkas, the Scout. This particular shoe is going to be the highlight
of the outfit.

So, what do we want to build on top of this? Well, let's just go with the classic dark
well-fitted jeans. Make sure you find the right type for your
body type. You don't have to go with slim, you do want
to go with a nice clean cut though for your silhouette, so if need be you can go with
a straight cut. Be very careful of loose cuts unless you're
a really large guy and you need that room there, but make sure you go with those dark
well-fitted jeans. Next stop, look to bring in a light blue check
shirt. Next stop, bring in a dark green shawl cardigan. Now, what I love about this color is it's
going to work really well with the blue suede shoes. But, let's say dark green isn't your thing,
well, then look to bring in a medium gray or dark gray. Next stop, throw in a navy leather belt. And finally, top the outfit off with a great
pair of shades, how about a pair of tortoise Wayfarers.

But remember, you're on a date so take the
shades off when you sit down to talk to her. So, with that last outfit you think if you
wear that you're going to get lucky? I know I would, but then, again, I'm a married
man. So, outfit number three, gentlemen, suited
and booted. So, these particular boots right here are
going to be — Chelseas in general dark brown like this, a very elegant design. This is something that you can dress up. So go — let's go ahead and let's look at
a casual suit combination. I'm looking at a light brown wool maybe a
tweed suit something that, yeah, is going to grab a little bit of attention. Now, to have fun with this, let's bring in
a navy turtleneck. Now, this may not be a combination a lot of
you guys think you could pull off, but the navy turtleneck is classic.

Next stop, let's bring in a burgundy patterned
pocket square. This is going to be the dash of color that
we're going to add to the outfit. Finally, let's top it off with a dark brown
leather belt. And outfit number four is the bad boy look. Got the Captain, remember that light-colored
pair of classic boots with the cap toe.Now, I'm assuming that you've been taking some
nice polish to these boots and you don't mind that when you walk in a room these things
command attention. Now, what to wear with these boots? Let's go ahead and bring in a pair of raw
selvage denim. Now, you're going to have a little bit of
fun, you may cuff this up, you may stack them, you are going to make this denim look great
with the outfit. Now, you're also going to bring in a white
button-down shirt. Now, you could bring in a Henley as well because
what we're going to look to put on top of that is a navy crew sweater.

Now, here's where you bring in the bad boy
image and it's going to work perfect with the boots, they're actually going to work
right off each other is a brown leather jacket, dark brown, medium brown, you can go with
something with a little bit of style here. But at the end of the day, this jacket with
the boot combination is going to be money. And to top the outfit off, gentlemen, you're
going to wear a pair of classic aviators. Outfit number five the rugged outdoorsman. So, guys remember those Alpine hiking boots
the Commanders, we're going to use those and we're going to build off of them starting
off with a pair of rugged jeans.

So, here you want to go with a pair of jeans
that just have an overall manly very strong type of feel. Again, fit is going to be key for the jeans. Next stop, we want to bring in a brown woven
leather belt. After that, we want to bring in either a gray
or white crew neck t-shirt. Now, you could bring in a V-neck t-shirt especially
if it complements your build and you just like V-necks, but I know some guys are going
to lean towards crews. But, at the end of the day we're going with
a simple t-shirt here, but fit is going to be key. Finally, you want to top it off with a waxed
cotton olive green jacket. Make sure it fits you properly in the shoulders
and the right sleeve length. So, guys, I'm really curious as to which outfit
is going to win, so I'm going to be down there in the comments engaging with you. And, if you like these boots, you like any
of the boots you saw on today's video go check out Thursday Boots.

I'm going to link to them down in the description. [0:10:02]
Like I said, price, durability, comfort, everything you need in a boot you're going to find over
at Thursday Boots. Like I said, for a year and a half I've been
wearing their boots. I love them they're a great company and I'm
proud to bring them to you. That's it guys. Take care. I'll see you in the next video
[Music] [0:10:36] End of Audio.

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