7 Reasons Why Boots Are The Best Shoes A Man Can Own

7December 2021

here's the situation gents you wake up and the house is on fire you got to make a decision am i going to save my shoe collection or am i going to save my boot collection well in today's video gents i'm going to make the case for boots and why they're the best shoes a man can have in his wardrobe first up let's talk durability and to illustrate this point i took a pair of boots i took a pair of shoes and i cut them in half now these are well-built dress shoes when i look at the design right here i look at the upper we're using a quality leather we've actually got three layers so we've got an ear lining i'm looking here at the sole we've got multiple layers of the sole they use the blade stitch to bring it all together overall a good build now that being said when i come over and look at the build of the boot i immediately notice this is built to be more durable so right here the upper it's about 25 thicker they're using a heavier leather right here on the upper part of the sole and that inside insulating layer is also going to be thicker so overall we've got a thicker upper then i go look at the sole i see we actually have a cork lining here so that's extra we didn't see that on the dress shoes in addition we've got this nice rubber extra lining in here with a goodyear welt construction so goodyear welt is going to be more durable than a blade stitch both of them are great construction but blake stitch is going to be more for dress shoes you want to make sure on your boots that you're getting a goodyear welt construction next up we look at the thickness of that right heel right there that is a thick heel i can see it's done right with multiple layers this is what i'm looking for in a durable build all that being said the proof is in the pudding when it comes to durability and what are the shoes that i default to especially when you've got inclement weather during the entire fall winter and even spring season guys for me it's boots this pair right here i've had for four years and yes i need to do some work on them i could probably get some edge dressing on this point being is that these things are durable they've held up to multiple seasons to snow to sleet terrain and that's what i love about boots you're looking for boots that are going to have that durable thick upper that's going to be able to resist salt damage be able to resist water damage because you take care of it but also because the leather is built to withstand this now gents all the boots and all the shoes you're going to see in today's video are brought to you by today's sponsor thursday boots guys i've been talking about thursday boots for years because i love what these guys do they bring you versatile durable well-built boots at an affordable price now gents i've got over 30 pairs of thursday boots here i love their designs i love their styles and i wear these boots this pair right here i've had for over four seasons it's a great pair of boots what i love about it it's a classic design and they keep improving upon their classic designs this right here very similar in design but they made a few modifications a few changes notice the color that steel color this is going to separate you from the crowd at the same time you're going to wear a style that you really like maybe you want the zipper right here where a lot of you guys don't want to be tying untying your shoelaces all the time you want something simple you can slip off and slip on boom you got the zipper right there just a really nice pair this pair of chelseas right here absolutely love the design the look of the upper slip on easy comfortable and look at that sole look at that traction if you need something that's gonna be able to get traction during the winter something whenever the weather yeah is getting pretty bad this is going to be a great pair for you you can be able to wear this with jeans maybe a pair of odd trousers and look great style that i'm absolutely loving this fall and winter is the president in mahogany now the president line's been around for a long time they've been putting this thing out but they're always coming out with new colors new designs so if you haven't been to the website go check out all the new looks this pair right here is going to work great whether we're light colored odd trousers or if i decide maybe with a pair of gray flannels or i could wear this with jeans colors like this incredibly versatile and that's what i love about thursday boots they stick with the classic designs now if that's too boring for you want something a little bit more fashion forward check out these joe dippers right here in olive green weather resistant suede and that weather resistance is key because if you're going to wear suede on your shoes you want something that can deal with the mud the grime the dirt the snow so right here i've had these for over two years absolutely love the style and the look and like i said thursday always coming out with new designs new look maybe you want something suede you want something casual but if you're going to be wearing it let's say with odd trousers gray flannels this would be a great option right here just beautiful open lacing system pair of bleachers in that weather resistant suede or if you want something you can wear with jeans and you're going to be dealing with really bad inclement whether you live in the midwest like i do you get mud you get sleet you get rain look at that traction right here at the bottom you got that heavier lacing system so these will work great with jeans but yeah just whatever you're looking for you can find it when it comes to shoes and boots over at thursday boots gents i'm linking to thursday boots down in the description of today's video with the best deal you're going to find out there on the web use that link go check out thursday boots absolutely love this company every time i'm in new york i go visit these guys they're the real deal an amazing company that is helping you get quality boots at an affordable price if you're looking for boots you want to go check out thursday seriously one of my favorite companies and they just make great quality footwear which i'm proud to bring to you next up let's talk about build and i alluded to it when i started talking about a goodyear construction versus a blake stitch but let's go into this in a bit more detail so why do i love the goodyear welt because the goodyear wealth basically has an extra part in here it's called the welt and it basically connects that upper to the lower and it makes the shoe a bit water resistant it's also going to be one of the more expensive ways to basically manufacture boots so that's why the price knocks up on goodyear wealth now blake stitch we're going to see this commonly in dress shoes that's where the stitching is done on the inside and there isn't a weld basically the upper is directly connected to the lower part of the sole this is a decent construction but it's not going to be as weather resistant now what about glue chews should you always avoid them the answer is actually no and this may surprise some of you guys because yes i'm going to say most boots and most dress shoes you want to avoid it but there are certain types of shoes where you want a glued construction overall it's going to be relatively much more lightweight and with shoes that maybe you only want to keep for 500 miles of running yeah you want to go for a glued construction now there are certain boot designs that actually work better with a type of glue in here and what you're looking for is something that's going to give you bounce going to be relatively lightweight my point here is to understand the different types of build and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of construction when you understand that you can find the right boots for you every time now besides the way the upper is connected to the lower how else can you tell if this is a quality made boot so immediately i'm going to look at the sole the sole is where the rubber meets the road literally on this pair of shoes right here so i'm going to look at that heel and i'm going to notice oh great they've got tax this is an old sign of quality it adds an additional step and it's great most shoes they're going to have multiple layers here in the heel that's another great sign you don't want to have a solid piece you want to have multiple layers that are glued together most shoe companies are going to stop there but what i like to look for are those tacks what it does is help to reinforce that heel in case the glue were to fail next up let's look at the construction of the upper and the first thing i'm going to look at is the stitching how is the stitching how many basically stitches per inch do we have i like to see at least eight and what this tells me is that they went through with the machine relatively slow they were going through i want to make sure they're all straight lines if you see stitching all over the place and it's not meant to be zigzag that is a bad sign i like to see single stitching occasionally you will see double stitching especially around the edges that's fine when people go through with that double stitch to reinforce point being is pay attention to loose threats look at that stitching it's a small thing that most people don't even pick up on and there are some companies they save money just by going with one layer of leather on the upper you want to go for a company that's got a liner on the inside even if they're relatively warm weather shoes why because that liner right there is designed to absorb a bit of sweat everyone's feet sweat whenever they're wearing their shoes and you want to make sure that it's not going right into the one part the full part of the upper that over time can actually cause the upper to crack and to degrade sooner than it should next up let's talk about hardware the metal pieces right here on the boot one of the easiest ways to tell if it's a quality boot or not is if they've got this eyelet right over here that curves around if you can bend that with your finger that's not a great sign it should be a little bit thicker heavier of a metal one that's relatively resistant to bending because hey you don't want this thing to bend and break off you know a couple months after you buy the boots other hardware details to pay attention to especially boots with a little bit more flash on them just make sure okay how is this coated do you see any of the coating coming off if they've got a zipper you not only want to make sure the zipper goes up and down but i like it when the zipper has an inside protective lining so it doesn't catch on anything and basically it's going to extend the life of the zipper and protect your feet next up gents let's talk about height and boots have the advantage over shoes when it comes to height yeah shoes will make you a little bit taller boots two to three inches depending on the height of the heel why do you want to be taller because it's just going to make you more attractive it's going to make you appear to be a leader is that fair no but it's the way that things are why not use it to your advantage so this old story of russell crowe being at a party early in his career he was trying to get a role and he was an important director there important people he had to meet and he's walking around without his shoes on and the guy that you know his friends like hey get your boots back on you just looked at the roll now you i'm looking down on you so point being is boots matter when it comes to adding on hide it's just physically going to make you look a little bit more masking a little bit more taller and why not again if they can do it yeah and they're comfortable go for it next up let's talk about protection these boots right here notice how high they go up why is this this was based off a combat jump boot design you know you guys jumped out of an airplane yeah whenever you jump out especially with the military they don't give you the best parachutes you're coming down really quick and you're supposed to have that multiple what is it like that five-point roll we know that that doesn't happen enough hitting your head get knocked all over the place and many of you guys know how dangerous it can be on your ankles and your feet whenever you're coming in for a hard landing point being is boots have been designed over time and over history to give more support to the ankles an ankle injury can knock a guy out whenever you need to be able to go on a forced march so you're a little bit older or you're dealing with poor ankle support you don't have the strongest ankles yes you want to work on exercises that can make them stronger but you might as well wear boots that are going to protect your ankles now are most people going to need that no but day-to-day boot wearing i would say you know from splashes from grime from any type of you know inclement weather getting in and down into your socks a higher up heel is going to provide protection now for the average guy does he need that much support probably not but it's still nice to be able to have that support even in a mid-sized cut boot right here we've got a classic chukka design so the chocolate comes out of the desert boot again lightweight you're still going to give yourself a little bit of ankle support so what i like about boots like this versus shoes that are cut down so you're walking around you're getting sand you're getting rocks you're getting pebbles you're maybe getting you know a little bit of snow you don't want to get that onto your socks a pair of boots like this is going to provide just enough protection for your day-to-day walking around most time you're not going through you know two or three feet of snow and even if you do this right here is going to have that coverage with the shoe so we'll do a decent job of keeping it out but if you've got a pair of shoes they're cut so low yeah you're going to get stuff all over your socks so these do still provide a lot more protection than a pair of shoes next up let's talk about all the different style options some of you guys may argue okay that's not a huge advantage over shoes i don't know you got a little bit more surface area here so you could actually argue yeah you've got more style options and pretty much any style of shoe you can almost see it in boots so right here we've got the moccasin style i've talked about this before what i love about moccasin style boots is the size of the toe box this is going to make it a more comfortable type of boot especially for guys that spend you know 16 hours a day on their feet you're doing a construction job you want a pair that's going to be able to give you traction on the sole and at the same time be able to give your feet room to expand you got wider feet look for a moccasin style but what if you're a businessman you're a traveler you're a commuter you want something you don't have to think about something you can easily just wear go to get the job done utilitarian look to a pair of chelseas right here in black what i like about this low maintenance yes you'll have to polish every other day clean off every day after you wear it but if you're going to be going through sleet you're going to be going through snow you're going to be on an airplane you want to be able to slip off going through security this right here is a perfect design or maybe you want something in a classic style at the same time you want a bit more style with it look for broguing broguing as you know probably the history this goes back to when shoes were worn in marshes and the idea was the water could go in and go out because it's going to go in anyway point being is modern brogues don't have holes that go all the way through the broguing is there more for design for aesthetic purposes and these are beautiful at the same time they're a classic design so if you got already a pair of classic boots but you want something with a little bit yeah a little bit more style look to a pair of brogues but what if you're just getting into boots you're not sure about so much leather going that far up your ankles maybe you want to look for actually a mid ankle boot right here repair scout design this right here and really it's very similar to a pair of shoes except maybe about an inch it's going higher it's going to provide just a bit of support a lot more protection right here but this is a good transition for a guy that really doesn't own too much if any pairs of boots and he wants to try something out at the same time something that's familiar something that's going to be similar to his shoes now gents i know you've got an opinion i want to hear from you down in the comments did i make a decent case for why you should choose boots over shoes or i miss the mark let me know i want to hear from you down in the comments next up gents let's talk about sex appeal the ladies love boots don't believe me go check out this video right here i go into great detail talk about some of the data some of the information and i lay out all the points on why women love boots yeah you wear boots you're good yeah the ladies love them click on this video right here to find out why

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