Adam Savage’s Custom Tool Storage Stands

21November 2021

hey gang we're here and I'm shop to talk
about this yes we talked about on the podcast a few weeks ago people wanted
some more information about this yes again part of its one of the two things
one is I have talked about this before in relation to the tool boxes my ilm
tool boxes which the posters up now for the promo but I came up with a process
which I refer to as first order retrieve ability which is that I like my shop to
operate so they don't want to move anything out of the way to get to other
things so when you need to go get a battery for a cordless cordless you
appliance it's just right there you reach out grab it you know there's a
bigger arms not in a box it's not now I do have my sword of Moe's but that's
different because that's smaller materials and things like they're
consumables yes but then there's also the tool stacks and these are craftsman
tool stacks and I tend to find that as we said on the podcast drawers are where
things go to die drawers are evil yeah tool boxes drawers you put stuff in
there something else gets on top of them and then you never see it again or in
the case of drawers it goes back to the back of the thing and it's just gone and
and there are exceptions to this if you have a racing truck where you you know
upkeep the engine and the parts of a race car you know what tools you need so
you can laser cut and foam everything you need but this my shop is a moving
target I can't quite laser cut everything that needs to go in place it
doesn't have six or eight coping saws right so in the end I decided I called
it in the hell with drawers and we called it the F George George yes you
have and I started thinking I would like all of my pliers nippers grabbers
Clippers scissors and it's like a rivet gun down there it looks like no actually
I'll go through some get more esoteric tools here at a bit but I I started out
by laying all of my drawers full of these out on my tables and sort of
taking a look at them for a couple of weeks then I started taking some of
these hardwood slats I had and drilling holes to fit these in and started to
figure out how many I could get and I realized I could support them all on
this triangular sort of angled stand and have sort of like stadium seating
access to everything that I would view is on a figure out of tools yeah and
then I put a sorter up on top for all the stuff that that doesn't have an
easily identifiable place plastic fork you know I grabbed these plastic forks
from a catering thing because I actually really like that gunmetal chrome and
yeah they're little but they chose plastic chroming that they did one that
was really nice so I just wanted that that was for reference so when you were
pulling out tools let's start at the beginning yeah pulling out tools did you
kind of look at the stuff to use most frequently is that what you're thinking
about or mostly it was sorting by category I wanted to try and get as many
things into this as possible so obviously needlenose pliers
these are not a high use item for me but when I need them and when I need a
certain kind I need it right and sorting through a drawer full of diesels like I
can't see where anything is right now everything has its place and it's like I
reach out and I know whether I need the the serrated grabbers or the straight
job right or those long the super long or the these things bad guys that idea
that soldering um you know I use these Clippers nine pecks cutters these are
fantastic and cut piano wire all day long with these in each one supplies a
different use for a different type of thing that I'm cutting and I use these
constantly these are really really usually new you literally use them for
all sorts of things including maybe things that they've not necessarily
designed for oh I have yet to find the thing that these snipe X Clippers aren't
designed for they'll cut through freaking it okay I have a amazing pair
of pliers here this Wow a medical ortho scopic stapler Wow titanium jaws when
you pull the handle they they staple but here give me your fingernail get a
little else no I'm not so I'll show you if I put my fingernail in here and I
grab it I actually Wow I can't let go I can't let go I can't tell you how many
times this is saved my butt I use this maybe once a year for threading through
something grabbing it and pulling it back out oh yeah all right this imagine
like you need to hold a screw someplace to get it driven in it's perfect for
that that's amazing this is a wonderful wonderful piece of
hardware that I've had for years actually one of the designers of one of
the early Lucasfilm designers Neto Melo rotas Romero his wife is an operating
room nurse for surgery surgery she gave me that this is like medical tools
I love dental tools in general like the scrapers and the mirrors and all that
stuff incredibly useful when you're working in
small spaces very very very actually I also have a whole drawer full of
sculpting tools that's that is fine because of the way that I use those it's
fine for those to go into a drawer I have some cool scissors here this is
actually this is the exact make and model of scissors taken with the Apollo
astronauts as part of their medical kit Wow which is funny to me because it was
how heavy it is yeah they're pretty yeah you'd think you'd go with the lemon I'm
wondering when it's when it's $500 per ounce or whatever it was you need
scissors though yeah I think it's good you know they're they're they're safe
edge so you can cut up against the cloth right exactly exactly now I also
realized I had all this extra space so I put my balls and my gift pen wrench
there nice I've got some vice grips your clamps down tub of ice more vice grips
on the side and clamps now on the back well I most frequently used items
cyanoacrylate glue yeah and the kicker plus all blades exacto blades and stuff
in this we haven't talked about the kicker and I don't think a lot of people
don't I don't think a lot of people don't know about this serious we might
have talked about it off and on but it's worth mentioning again okay um it's
called in sassette it's called yeah and it's a it's
effectively an instant set for cyanoacrylate glue so if I take
cyanoacrylate glue and I glue that and you spray that right there okay so we
just let that send for probably 15 or 20 seconds and you can do something similar
with baking soda is that right yeah baking soda is actually my preferred
because it provides a little oh oh go ahead
yep okay okay smells nice too yeah there are some model makers I know who can't
stand that smell now this is a lot of leverage to put on the crazy glue
but it come on come on there you go look at
that yeah so it instantly sets Krazy Glue now I use baking soda as well there
are people who don't like the smell of this solvent and that's totally
reasonable because while it's a little bit sweet its cloying yeah baking soda
also instantly kicks cyanoacrylate glue but it adds material so i've used it
extensively in styrene and cyanoacrylate construction as gusset oh so if you want
to have like a little bit of a panicle yeah mechanical edge and can to help
with something that needs a little more strength for long throws or something
like that and then on the bottom here and you buy
glue in bulk because it dries up it does I used to buy the big bottles of CA glue
and that's a terrible way to buy it almost no one uses enough of it fast
enough to justify the two and three and four ounce bottle size so I buy it in
the smallest bottles I can weirdly hard to find on Amazon it's
often sold for fly-tying right and these quarter ounce bottles is
this quarter ounce yeah half ounce those are lovely size
and they have a nice applicator tip quarter ounce is my favorite yeah that
is because again yeah it's a single-use it's not really gotta last me for a
couple of weeks right but it won't dry out and then on the bottom this comes
from coming on I wanted a renewable power source for
the recirculate er for my cooling suit in the 2001 suits so I went with these
Makeda lithium ion 12-volt batteries and that meant in order to make the suits
work I had to buy a couple of cheap Makita drills and cut off the receiver
for the battery when I ordered this because it's not that expensive there
are a hundred bucks for an impact driver and a drill and two batteries yeah
charger I I like the system so much I ended up investing in the full system I
came over here and used them and I ended up buying the exact same set that that
angle-angle batteries that is the smallest profile right angle drill I've
yet found that's super useful this is a lovely lovely reciprocating saw saw
also I will say that this Makita impact driver not incredibly powerful right it
definitely has a limit and I've hit that limit in this shop a bunch it's not
gonna drive a three inch screw into a 2×4 no but if you're putting drywall
screws in something that's it's absolutely perfect for that and they're
really nice and lightweight the DeWalt system i have i mean i'm fully invested
in the 18-volt Dewalt system but this is a really nice sensitive model making set
of drills a little more delicate yeah finer tool for more yeah and then up
here yo right this is something that a lot of people haven't necessarily seen
these are made for doing duct work but it's basically a Clint it's a metal
brake but it's a handled metal brake for Oh neat yeah so you can do the bends
no that's super cool I've never seen that before yeah and they make many
different kinds there's I think they've that's a yes that's straight that's a
slight angle there's heavier angles um how do you control the angle you just
eyeball it or you put it up against oh no no sorry I just mean that like that
goes over right yeah so you just you clamp it in here and then you make the
fold at the exact a but it's for for bending metal and doing again since this
little model work yeah this is it's just nothing better than well and even if you
just need to hold something flat like it seems like it would be good for that
yeah these are these are really really wonderful with Wi SS makes these and I
recently invested in in these two and I've already used them about half dozen
times you have some all's up here all's I have a this it's called a brayer this
is further ooh you know no no it's for rollin blue and yeah exactly okay
finally I think if you help you get bubbles out of things it does absolutely
and then lots of my tweezers yes and the small files do you you yeah it looks
like you have a mix of like clockmakers tweezers and normal grabbing tweezers on
all of it having all of it accessible and one thing this has become incredibly
useful to me glass cutter glass cutter yes a this has already become a valued
member of the shop did we talk about the enormous bin of exact toes backwards you
can never have too many exactly not yes exactly right now just to give a
precursor to this yes damn bad I'll pull this one out so this is again
one of my early first-order retrieve ability carts this is all these saya
drill dispensers for my drill bits but again I put up top all the things that I
regularly use calipers Allen wrenches my jewelers are all the different kinds pin
vices small Allen's Forstner bits Yoona beds countersunk bits this again I'm
able to work so much faster because all the stuff is out instead of having to go
to a drawer find it pull it out use it put it back and you can see it when you
can see it all that it means you may be thinking about the problem a little bit
differently so you might think oh I need the Forstner bit for this then you
actually get over here and you can see something that's gonna work even better
totally and and it's also clear when something's not back in its place it's
just the prison rules that what's prisoner you know they have the yeah
exactly yeah so and oh I just knocked the pen off the glue that we glued on it
wasn't permanent yeah so this is this is this is part of just the ever going
project of making the shop more efficient there's probably gonna end up
being another one of these and I've managed to this building this yeah I was
able to eliminate an entire I was five foot tall stacked that was my next
question or so yeah one of those whole craftsman things it's not all the way
empty but almost the point away oh yeah yeah there was a it was a candle stack
and I gave it to my shop assistant oh there you go they took it home that's
fantast are we happy about it so more of those are coming you think this is the
final version of this are you feeling pretty good about this there's going I
think I'm going to end up utilizing some of that open space in there a little bit
more efficiently again I've got to see how I use it in order to see how to
modify it and how to augment and it looks it doesn't look like something you
spent a ton of time putting together I spent more time thinking about it than I
did putting together making it and took about three or four hours but I spent
several weeks sort of staring at all these on a row on my workbench to kind
of get the feel so one thing I noticed is you didn't leave a lot of room for
expansion I assume that means if you're gonna bring new tools and you'll
probably take some out yeah I might and certainly some of these could go away
it's like some of my parallel Joel pliers are a little bit broken and could
be fixed if I do end up replacing something it's replaced with something
of a better kind comparable or better exactly
okay so FF drawers F drawers they can go to hell that's where stuff goes today
when I built this I actually found a knife that I had been missing for three
it's all that it was on the table during the top of the stolen title for a couple
of weeks yeah it's amazing so get rid of your drawers put these things oh we
didn't talk about the casters the casters he put it on casters right put a
lot of stuff on caster I do and one of the things I've discovered is that you
can buy non-marking casters often in Lots on eBay 16 20 24 at a time for a
really great price price per caster yes yeah if you go to the hardware store
they're just gonna have those black rubber casters there they're fine but I
like I you know I want higher quality if I can get it big industrial ones are
gonna be better than the ones you go to the hardware so widely and so this these
red ones were part of a lot I bought of 24 and several things I have in here are
on the red casters and they're just there end up being what like five or ten
bucks each when you buy them that is I think even less than yeah I think maybe
four bucks apiece for these which are at satellite usually 20 bucks if you bought
them at mcmaster-carr oh yeah more so that's it F drawers we will have more
untested real students you guys later thanks guys bye you

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