Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Precision Rotary Tool!

1December 2021

hey guys Adam Savage from here in my
secret bunker cave under quarantine when another tool tip another tool I think
that every maker should have in their kit is a rotary tool the most common
brand in America is the dremel there's an expensive a long cable driven version
called a Fordham and both of these are excellent tools and I've used them for
decades to great effect but I recently came across a new rotary tool and I'm
really digging it and I thought you should know about it
it's called procs on procs on this is a non American maker it is a very
lightweight rotary tool which I dig it runs on a 12 volt system which means you
need to actually purchase a power supply with it apparently you can hook up 12
volts directly to it and it will work but you won't get the speed control here
and the fact is the speed control is really nice I really like the
sensitivity of this I used one of these at wet a workshop when I was down there
a few weeks ago and I took note of it and took pictures of it because I really
liked its feel they clearly had a lot of respect for the tool instead of the
standard eight inch collet that a journal comes with this has a little
locking truck which actually to my fingers feels like a nicely manufacturer
a bit of kit and it's got three jaws that go down to what looks like a zero
so you could run the tiniest drill bits you have in this and frankly the
lightness of the cord and the thinness of the body and the sensitivity that you
get with this makes it all a tool that I am really glad I have added to my tool
roster this transformer is the small one they actually sell a bigger one proxxon
makes an entire series of miniature maker tools from finger Sanders to
larger rotary tools to little table saws and lathes and all sorts of stuff I
don't know how good all of those different products are
I'm here to sing the praises of this one specifically but I don't think this is
the last props on product I will be purchasing this transformer comes with a
handy little carriage there although I think I may actually have this thing
live on my workbench a little thing and I'll build a little shelf underneath for
this transformer because I use rotary tools that often it's time to make it
part of the actual bench this is not the cheapest rotary tool out there the
transformer and this cost something north of 90 bucks I recognize that that
is you know that there are lots of less expensive options and to be sure for the
most part if you're getting your first rotary tool go get the cheapest one you
can go get yourself the one that's at the local hardware store that's totally
going to serve you fine after decades of using these there are certain things I
want out of these under different circumstances there are times I want the
raw crazy speed of a dremel there are other times I want the sensitivity of
being able to hold on to something with a very light touch and be able to really
get in there and carve away something with great sensitivity and this proxxon
fills that niche handily thanks for joining me there will be more tool tips
in the future we're ramping up Adams self-filming escapades so keep looking
for them and if you have some other props on tools you have used that you
love and you think that I should know about well I'd love to know about them
as for what I did for my finger well there's a link below you can follow and
find out what happened there as well well thank you guys for joining me see
you next time

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