AKKU-Trockenbauschrauber CHALLENGE | Von 90 bis 400 Euro alles dabei und EINER STREIKT | + Verlosung

27November 2021

That rarely happens, I lied. I need a wig for my hair to wag. RATATATATa UPSI Yes, it has to be! Hello tool fans Welcome to Gotools TV my name is Sebastian and this is a drywall magazine screwdriver. Exactly. Today we're talking about nine drywall screwdrivers and eight drywall screwdrivers and a magazine screwdriver, because the other devices here are everything. I say conventional drywall screwdrivers, which you can convert into a magazine screwdriver with one hand movement. What advantages does it have, maybe also what disadvantages it has, We’ll have a look at that in a moment, definitely you can screw ultra fast with these devices. Interesting is but also, that we really are here have such a broad market field and look at it in its entirety today. How fast do they actually screw it? Does this make sense? No. Let's look at each other, of course. Of course, as always, there is something to be won.

And today the system from Bosch. I picked this because it's available in twelve and 18 volts and you can consider which one you want when you win. All you have to do is with us as always. Discuss in the comments which one do you think is best? In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the individual devices? I am excited. HAVE FUN with the video We all know the subject of drywall, we have a sheet of plasterboard here and have to screw them down somehow, how do we do that with the classic screws? Everyone knows them. And there are actually three classic ways of doing that. Once with a whole lot at once with a normal cordless screwdriver. Always a very cordless screwdriver pack in there and screw in. What should I do? I have to be careful every time that I stop at the right place so that the whole thing is not too deep or too far out, because I want it to be sunk slightly so that it can be smoothed out easily.

And before I go any further with drywall, first the hint Black Friday is running right now. When you see this video he has started at least and he will go until November 28th. at 11:59 p.m. 50 top offers. Among other things, you can also get the new 2022 calendar there but a very wide selection from Bosch, Milwaukee, DeWalt ….. and so on. You find all of that. Just have a look at this page.

But first watch the video through to the end, but then just take a look at the site. Maybe you will find the right one for you. Okay, that's still nothing with a cordless screwdriver. This of course also applies to the cordless screwdriver, including attachments. So that the whole thing is similar to here. Yes, that you have such a slightly countersunk point that the whole thing then then stops accordingly in the correct position. I see it this way and then it stops in the right position. Okay, this is for a cordless screwdriver. That works somehow, but it is also not an optimal solution, especially because you can't adjust it. And there are drywall screwdrivers like this one. These are devices that are only there to screw those screws. This means, they specialize in it and, above all, do the whole thing quickly.

You can adjust it again here. At least so you can adjust the depth so that you sit perfectly in it. There's tape right here in here, and then there's the stuff. The premier class, that's the magazine screwdrivers. These are devices that you can use to do interesting things, namely screw very quickly. And what I think is very nice is that it is from this screwdriver also gives the opportunity to rebuild the whole thing. That means like here, that you have a normal drywall screw here. This is now the essay and should be used here accordingly. And then you turn it into a magazine screwdriver to work even faster and I'll show you that very briefly and normal what do you take? You pack a screw in here, go over here and not look is not see everything and then let's go.

So then you take the next one. And the next one? Or you have a magazine makes the whole thing much faster. Actually do it yes all the same, namely screw this little screw into plasterboard. But they do it very differently, differently elegantly, differently fast and with varying degrees of ease of use. That's why, by the way, all devices in detail look, sometimes tweaking it a bit. Just for fun. Although it's only half the fun, because how smoothly you get one can screw after the other, that is very important. But first of all, what is the most important thing about a drywall screwdriver? Or from my point of view? And if you're into drywall, be sure to write in the comments. In your opinion, what is the most important thing about a drywall screwdriver? For me, the most important thing is that he puts screws in. Ok, but above all that I can adjust the whole thing well. And that is repeatable. Exactly. The screw is also countersunk accordingly. First of all, that is the most important of all.

Whether you now do with a magazine or with a normal normal attachment, that's your business for now, because you can use all of the devices to buy the Makita in both versions. Once as a version here with a normal drywall screwdriver or as a magazine screwdriver. By the way at AEG, here also in the 12 and 18 volt version. At least the second, how well it can be adjusted.

The third thing for me is definitely weight, if you screw the drywall and look very often times 100, 200, 500,000, 2000 screws a day and then every gram decides that we'll look at each other too the weight of each device and I'll tell you there are huge differences and you really have to decide for yourself. How high do you rate the subject of weight? The last point I have to make a relatively strong distinction is the issue of volume. If all day so let's put this in the ceiling, out or in front if you like and he yells at all the time, then you can do that too be an important point. So that means, these points look at us and of course last point, depending on how you understand it, the subject of handling. They are very different there too. I give you each now the price with the magazine, of course the whole thing is also available without, if you want to know all prices or the prices without. Just take a look below in the picture description, as always, you will find the honest price comparison. Here in the twelve volt version we are together at around 170 €.

Even if you don't suspect that the Makita 18 volt device is so complete here. The second cheapest device with around 190 € with all the bells and whistles at € 200 at 18 volts from DeWalt at € 210. With the 18 volt device from Bosch, we are at around € 270. With the 18 volt eig we are also at around 270 €, even with AEG 18 volts around 270 €. With the 18 V Milwaukee, we have around € 280 at Festool.

FINE we are already at around 350 €. We have just looked at the prices. You see, we already have relatively different price levels of around … without a magazine of less than 100 € with magazine here up to 350 almost 400 €. And also here with these devices, I would like to anticipate this this time, it is that the high-priced devices are also the best devices. And here it is clearly so, from my point of view is clearly the best device and that's why I want to do it a little differently today. I would like to first show you the best device here today and then we look at all the other devices compared to so that you already know what the other devices don't have.

Now we have a problem, let's find out, you first to the side and take a look at the following, and we also have it with us And I gave it all, gave it all I gave everything. The device here did not work. The problem is simply that we are here at the point to be able to introduce the magazine, yes, I don't even want to do it now, because that's not elegant either, it works a bit here you have to fumble through this and so on and so forth.

And in the end it is like that here in front the bit looks so far out, that I can't use this magazine. Everyone else goes with this STANDARD magazine. I We couldn't do it with Fein. End of Mickey Mouse. It just doesn't work and that's why we can actually show you today. Don't test. For whatever reason. So that means we'll see each other first on, then all other devices and at Fein we just have to pass. So let's get to chair and I'm not saying it was the best device. That’s definitely on it. Or because it's green or or or. You could well assume that it's just that there are two, three, four things here who are special and who are best in relation to everyone else. From my point of view it is very important Please values ​​that everything is most important to you as it is.

Because one thing is certain if you need it here professionally or commercially, then play for example the price of the festival doesn't matter at all. It doesn't matter whether he has 250 or 350. Because if you have that in your hand every day, then that's another cent Amounts per day. What is it about? And then simply rely on the best device that can be bought. Let's start from the beginning with the weight. We have an 18 volt device with a four hour battery and weigh 2.15 kilos. It's not exactly easy, but not really difficult either, how we stand in weight. We'll see about other devices in a moment. Here we come but on one of the main topics where I say I think that's great. First of all! These are magazine screwdrivers. To do this, I have to introduce the magazine, which, by the way, is really easy to solve here.

I just feel it here and partake of this in here. And then I already heard What. Yes, now so naked, then it's hooked here. And now the following point is I have now screwed a little, screwed and there are certainly reasons that the magazine wants to withdraw, when it's back down at What we can normally do now is this The magazine put this out, put this back in here push this back in here and you don't want to do that every time.

And accordingly it is the case that this is the only device that has a function. I can release the lock down here, down here and can do the whole thing not only I can see all the way up, but then I can also pull it back. No other device has that. For example, it only has this one device and I think that's really great. The closest thing is what the device has. By the way, we can just pull it off here and it'll look like this Accordingly, this is the extension that we can use to use the magazine.

Original heard here also an essay so that it can also be used without a magazine. Yes, of course it works the same way. But what we have here is exactly this switch. We have the auto function here. That means we can screw automatically or we can here too you can see that screwing it manually and so to the left. So we can do it manually too. But we now have the automatic function and then we do the following We take the whole and when we perform then it starts and that is how you can achieve the following You don't even have to press the switch here, but what for but you do the following when you start, so when pressure is applied, he works. And if there is no pressure then it starts because then it stops. Then you can just do it take as follows: I've loaded it here now, so to speak. And now let's see this and I think that's great. I didn't even hope I saw that moved my thumb on it, but kept screwing one by one.

And I think that's super elegant. That means, if you're into drywall, then you can just do it. We don't prepare it at all. And here we have it now. Our wall is in. That is a huge advantage from the device none of the other subsequent devices has. So do not wonder. We keep taking that out of the fact that we can work better on it. And now there is one thing that I also find very good. And that is here is the deep mind and everyone has a deep mind but none is as simple and simple as this one.

And look here, you have one inside, an advertisement. Depending on how you turn it is it still in there or so turning. It's farther out and you want the screws to go flush. We have that in here, and it's beautifully big. Fits in here exactly. You can also do it here, as you can see, with two hands here. Wonderful. And then one last thing that we can adjust here when it's our turn. Hopefully here we see 25, 30, 35, they screw longer. You can just press the button on top here and then here Adjust the screw length from 25 to 55 it just clicks into place. Made nice and simple. Works great guns area drywall I think relatively important. It's a good clip too, that's the topic here. So we can also do wonderfully here on the belt.

There's one more thing I don't quite understand. And what is this here? So I understand why this is there? I can put it on the ladder like that, but it's made of plastic. So and this here. So i want it provoke here do not show but this doesn't stop my first day at work. So this is gone in minutes and I think I can confirm that. That doesn't do anything. So otherwise great device that can do everything, but of course also has its price. And now let's just go backwards or forwards. It was best to go backwards, just before. Now take a look at all the other devices in detail, beforehand. You just look at the data table for us now, As always, the data table is nice and large and there is one thing that is very crucial, even for screws.

And that is the speed of the device. Do over 1000 spins and go here. I think up to 3000 down at Bosch twelve volts. This is a very important factor for me. All other dates I just said Bosch already said we will continue at Bosch. We come to Bosch twelve volts. A very obvious topic, of course. You have that, the twelve volt system is also extremely widespread and we also have a device here with a really low price and under 100 €. That’s madness. Here again too. Now first of all the commitment to the magazine. And now we have our magazine on it. That is just put on top of it.

But it's relatively solid connection. That doesn't fall off either. It works. Then we have our magazine. As with all other devices, we can introduce the whole thing here. And it's a bit, a bit hungrier. But it works like this! It's not quite like fast food in any case, you can say that so okay, now we have filled our magazine and can go screwing and screwing, then I'll tell you the rest of the device. So. I think it has to go deeper, so we'll do it right. Have a look here. We can adjust the depth here, we have the industrial region and set the whole thing to low.

Maximum depth. Let's see what's up. Here in front we can also adjust the lengths of the screws again and that can not be set properly. Or is it? 35 Here you can see an arrow and it has to point to the time, where we're at. Here we have right, left, right, left Start and that's it. You won't find anything else here in the device, except for a battery indicator. So, let's go. Oh it was my fault. Warped. So see, that works wonderfully around for the price point if that's crazy, I don't think that's bad. And by the way the same magazine that you have here, you can also just lose weight. I also find it to lose weight very quickly and we can also use it on the 18 volt device here. Then we just take the same thing again.

First of all, I think that many people know that when they open a and let's go. It's still set. I am excited. And i bet you heard one thing, this is a lot faster. The other one just has to have a look, this one has 3000 revolutions, here we have 4200 revolutions. Is a completely different house number. Accordingly, we can also screw much faster. For drywall construction, however, the device has a huge advantage here. It's slower, of course, but much easier. We only have 1.2 kilos in the complete package here, so in the complete package that we are now seeing here. 1.2 kilos. It's incredibly easy. So you can really work for a long time, whereas you've ever used 18 volts with the small Premiere Pro choir already at 1.8 kilos. But it's still a lot lighter than here at Westwall. And that's what I meant. You have to think for yourself, what are the important things? We have no retreat here.

We cannot withdraw the whole thing here with either machine. We also can't adjust it quite so nicely that which is pretty stupid now. It is not this nice arrangement from the beginning and we don't have an automatic system either, we have to do it every time to press the button. But it's not bad either and would work. The question is, what if we don't keep pushing the button? We'll just try it out. Goes, goes. While it is now running around somehow weird too. So what is that exactly what I meant? It's not that elegant.

The question I have got a couple of screws here do with it. I. You must be guilty but you can now see how it works and how nicely the devices work. So if it's top, we'll keep looking. We're doing Milwaukee now. Let's get to Milwaukee. We weigh around two kilos here. You don't think so. We have a sizeable five down here, underneath and just that. Now I have to take a look. That alone weighs 750 grams. So this is really a lightweight. The court. The device itself. What we. What we have above all devices. We screw. What is the screw missing. The whole thing fitted in down here. Super easy. We don't have a retreat function, but it's super easy here. We do not have a retreat function and otherwise it's pretty much one on one.

The same as with almost all other devices. Let's take a look here. We have the option to set the whole thing here, also here from the depths. But what I'm missing here is this ad. I'm missing that. Here at Bosch we had the ad that shows this. How deep are we tuned and which direction is that moving? I find it visually very, very valuable. I don't have here. Here I just set it. It's not that bad now either. Then I press two or two levers here and pull them out. But that's actually only a slight help. Is it just like that? But I can just pull it out like that. As I said, this is just a little help. So there's not much to say here. We also have the option to set it lower here.

That means I can solve the whole thing here, then I can do the same here. Here is the display, can set this a little deeper here. There is actually nothing more to say about the rest except I have right left on it and so I already had it real Afraid that I was wrong now and that I want to. But here I have at least half an Autostadt. You have to hold down the button and then it is that he then starts by itself when you start it. I hold down all the time but the machine doesn't run. Amazing or interesting what? What? Yes what the device can do. And the interesting thing is, we really looked at it for a long time for us every device up, down, in, out, everything looked at. But here is really another function that has been neglected. Lucky again what you saw so you've heard a bit like this is this The device is really quiet from all the devices we have here.

Festool for comparison what a. And that's, you listen to me, Milwaukee very significantly quieter, it significantly quieter. Yes, it's a bit loud now, also because I turned it up, but also almost is hollow because a bit louder just an extreme want to have a quiet device, this can be exactly your thing, if you can do without the other functions here. Wait a minute before moving on. I still have to screw it up. Let's see what's going on in terms of speed. I now try really fast and I recently made a video about the cordless nailers Then it was already that I had a huge party and the whole thing here, although it is quite quiet I'm curious.

Look, we come to the AEG. Here we also have two devices, one 18 volt shows that right away 18 volt device and we have our twelve volt device. At twelve volts we're talking about 1.6 kilos. Here we are at 2.1 kilos. So we have the same weight class again, roughly as with 18 Volt devices. Okay, one thing I forgot about you guys earlier to show is the following with all devices we had before. Is there another way you can put the magazine in here? You can just pull it off and then adjust it at an angle and then work that way.

The magazine comes from the side, if you've got something down here, or can also put the magazine completely upwards or or or. I can do it with all devices that we looked at in front of us, including with one or two. But come on, it's like that with everyone is the whole time on and sometimes stay at twelve volts device. There on the device itself nothing to watch out for, except right left low to down forwards back to orange, then we can use it here accordingly. Also on here again.

Yes, so an important thing. With others, you never get irritated. He could solve it. It's not like that here, and here we have an up button here. So, and then we can solve that accordingly. Without turning. You can't push it. What else is special about the machine or both machines We have a kind of endurance run. That means we can push on here and we can do that. So we can turn that on the machine and then they just stay if it has not been heard, then it just keeps going on all the time. Of course we can go here again adjust the depth as we are used to.

With ad a little heavier, but also very good. It works now the whole thing like with the function. So I'm turning on now! We have just seen how quickly it all works with twelve volts. Now we're going to do it again at 18! I would say we just take it here too the function, right? All, all. I was a bit overzealous then. But you can definitely see how fast you can such a bar here. Whether or not you were made aware of the Milwaukee incident have you taken a closer look at that and yes, we have one here too Audio function, just like with Milwaukee. That means take a look down here, we have here too a switch to turn on at 18 volts device turns on or off.

Here it is now, I push the switch. Nothing happens, but I can screw. Let's get to DeWalt and that's really a device that looks a bit like a gun or something rattert. As I know little boy but it really looks a bit like that, doesn't it? We have a weight of only 1.8 kilos with the two hour battery. And here again the note. At D we have a compatibility to the 54 volts. Works here for now. But we deliberately have a nice big 54 volt sitting here the one here now. Oh yes, that works too. You just have a slightly different weight and when in doubt just a little bit more power. Sure. I don't know how much.

How many screws can it work with? 2000 2003? Longing. But as I said, this is of course relatively difficult. one kilo do we have even about the lightest device in the test and of course you can vary it a bit. Bosch also has a 1.5 ampere, for example or 1.5 and two hours battery. I think it is too a bit lighter than the Premiere Pro and so on and so forth. But first Having a clue for you is a special feature of the device. Here you can also set up the whole thing here, but only on two ways and point once around and once around. You don't have the position to the side here. Threading is just as easy as with any other. Just take it. Feathers in here and in here. If it is with all devices, so that you have a nice grid.

You really hear a click too. Click. Click where you are doing this wonderfully. Then we have the deep settings here again, here it is already adjusted to the 35 millimeter screws that we have here. Then here we also have the display of how deep the whole thing is, can adjust that here now. Now I set it to a maximum of low, which I think is a bit of a shame.

This is a little shaky overall. So this is so the others are all a little firmer, but that's really relevant. Yes, that is the point in the right place then is good and there I have yes, now I have exactly the problem. I pressed it once now a screw has already gone up here. Exactly. Is not so between position. I've lost it for myself now. I pull it through again and find it all over again. At Festo, I could now move backwards. I don't have an auto start here That means it really doesn't work. Really really. I swear is not there. But we were able to set a continuous run here. Otherwise there is nothing further to it. Right, left on it and that's it. The problem is over times a goes. Not surprising that the screws here are very strong, i.e.

Countersunk. Exactly. I have now set it correspondingly low. You can really fine-tune this here as you need it. And now we're doing an endurance run, let's see again. now let's get to more. Right at the beginning there was no car. No, no, no, no, no, no car. And I don't even think so. But we already have that with endurance run, with endurance run.

Here it is so that we put the whole thing back on top. And here, too, that we can start again in any direction. fumble a bit is that to be pretended now? I noticed that earlier. But that's how it works here again too. The magazine goes in wonderfully. What I think is nice here is the whole thing is made of metal and it is relatively stable. So look here, I can't move this that much.

Now here is all I can do. This is also very tight here, although it is only populated. Well, that's pretty firm, you really can't say that Well, otherwise we have the opportunity here again as normal to introduce the whole thing, to pull it up here accordingly. We can't go through with it, but we can keep it here. Take a look we can hold it that way and then start here, start, start. I think that's very cleverly done with other devices. I do not know. For example AC here and I can't touch it, but there's something inside. So I could be here now I have to do it with one hand, I have to do it with one hand This is the case with all devices here, so I looked for the magazine. It just doesn't work. I find that really very pleasant. You can work accordingly. Ok, we can stop the whole thing here. At this point in front of the right length we have already done it here.

35 Here we can adjust the depth again, we have no display. Yes, but what you see, you can see a few spoons here, that we do that. Yes, that's far the way here or closer now. That was actually also on the device itself, you can see here, there is nothing but right left, believe i just say. Free beforehand. Very, very powerful device puts the screw and did not interest him. Never mind, we don't want to waste anything here either. As you can see, you can get along really well with the device here. Can work really fast and I think it's nice that it's made of aluminum. Somehow I have a lot of faith in it. Oh, you can adjust it that way and it would be even easier.

Oh, it doesn't work so nicely here anymore. So that's the metal. Now we come to our, I believe the last representative. And here. Now it's getting interesting because now we come to Makita, if you forget one thing, it's weight. Let's take a look now, we have a total of 1.8 kilos. The normal midfield that we generally have with everyone. If at the latest now I have a certain Association with this device, then I don't know. The last thing to do is the Makita device and they have a special feature.

First, the device is reasonably priced. It is 18 cloudy with all the trimmings and I think it's one of the cheapest here in the test. But what we also have we can not remodel the thing, but screw normal drywall. That means we cannot take the magazine off and work with the short tip. By the way, for those who didn't really have that on their minds, what does it look like and what does it look like? This is what drywall screws look like from all of them. So you can take this off in front and then it looks like this. Then you can put on the long tip and so on and so forth. This is what everyone looks like when you work without magazines. Rather not. But what you have just heard is that it is very loud. You can't dismantle this here, it isn't what one. What is beautiful here is the following: You can do the whole thing assemble quite compact. So, if you want it to be even more compact, you take out the battery.

And then here we actually have a very nice little one compact walk that can also be stowed away nicely. So we see here we have a little fat one, around 2.4 kilos, So around 200 grams, even more than Festool Yes, okay, but unfortunately what I'm doing right now I said something wrong Yes, you can already dismantle that up here. I liked it too. We take it off but that doesn't help, because you can't do anything with it. So you can dismantle here for cleaning or whatever. But you can't screw like that. Somehow, but that doesn't make any sense at all. So up again, with it it's screwing so nicely.

Everything very valuable. Do you have to have which device? And nothing moves or wobbles here. That absolutely firmly. And now I'm missing the whole thing again. It's nice and simple that she can see how easy it is. Just pull it through here. So nice that thing in there and I heard the click. Heel, heel, heel. So so and can believe I'm screwing again. But what we have just heard is very loud. This is a loud device. He's already saying it out loud Hello, is by the way also not a brushless device, like everyone else, I don't believe in brushing either ….. loose devices are …….

If not .. is in the data table 🙂 So here it is like everyone else. We can adjust the depth here, so we can adjust the length of the screw. This is set accordingly. You can also adjust the depth here. Yes, bigger, smaller you also have no ad, which is not the worst for you now. You do it once, the whole thing works and that's all we have. We still have the switch on the left on the right. And very important The device does not have an auto-stop either. So when in doubt, you have to push through our time here. Which is still a good question. When in doubt, it's really like that to be seen again. We have here too no endurance run works, but you really have to keep pressing. If in doubt, you just have to hold the whole thing down. We'll just try it! I. Whether you. Yes, it has to be. Of course you would never do that because your not so be joyful like me. Of course she wouldn't screw like that either.

So when you work then you would work in such a wall, then you would also don't brake a screw like this every 15 millimeters, because the whole thing got stuck, because one screw on one screw just have to hang. Again briefly on the subject of fine, Unfortunately, I don't have a magazine now that fits or something else is wrong here and I'm really excited what you say, what we are doing wrong here and what we are thinking wrong. Please create university comments, maybe I am too or if you want to know, have a look at the comments. Something is strange here. In any case, here is the note again that this is not firmly locked in place. I thought, that we are firmly locked but it is not either. This is not firmly irritated. But you have to put in you want to see that every time. It's such a hacking So okay And then you have to press it really hard. You have two switches here, two buttons where you pull it off easily can, can be pulled off more easily, but that it can also be done so easily.

Yes, sit on it. Then another hint. Of course, I can do the same thing with this unanimously in all other devices, but I don't have one here no car and i have a permanent one Endurance run is there, but they are nice autostart which I have at Festool, for example, but not and not even at all at least the auto start that I have at AEG AC or Milwaukee, for example. I don't know for the price. I'm looking forward to your opinion. Does that somehow fit together? No idea. So I don't know. I would probably rather for. But there are definitely and therefore the drywallers among you. Anyone who uses the FEIN will be happy to write to me. Why is this a really great device? We couldn't figure it out and found out, but there will be reasons for that. First there are video, I saw how much screwed up.

But we've also done a lot of work. We screwed some more and screwed and screwed even more. And it's really fun. And I really wish what I told you earlier when I was doing drywall in my house back then. I have a whole floor, I worked out with drywall on my own. uiuiui I only did it in the cordless screwdriver, that stupid attachment. So if I did that again today, no chance. I would buy one of the devices and definitely would have a lot more fun. By the way, again the note if you are interested in the devices would be to look at the prices again. That's all Below in the video description how to do the honest price comparisons as short as you can to classify or first ask you what is your life, what goes which of you look best please below in the comments.

I would really be very interested. Very briefly the feedback from me or What is my perspective on the devices? First of all, I see the device in the front of the battery system in which you are, because there is not a bad device here. Yes, I don't know. Whether it's good or bad I could try it, but it will work. In this respect, there is not a bad device included. Everyone is doing their job. Period. Yes, first of all, very clearly. Of course it is that some devices stand out here because of their properties. That's why I asked you earlier Always take this as a reference and compare the others. Point number one We have twelve here at Bosch Volt device, here with the magazine together by far the lightest device. Yes, it screws more slowly. Yes, the battery won't last that long, of course, but when weight matters but AG was again a lot harder.

And if it's been a bit difficult when weight matters. Just think of the following Let's assume you want to do a normal screwdriver day and you have the following: You screw 1000 screws that day and then you have 300 200 grams. Perhaps in the case of the one to the big one you even have a kilo. And so if you arrest him, for example as a reference everyone else weighed 0.006 kilos more. The rest is about a kilo more here, 1.2 kilos to 18 volts, 1.8 kilos. If now a kilo, take 1000, then you lift 1000 pounds more. That means, she goes there, screwing, screwing, screwing, screwing. That every time she has to move a kilo more. So a ton on the day that you basically lift. You have to pay attention to that and that would also be in the comment. That is why the subject of twelve volts should not be underestimated. So you can't say Oh, little power so far. No, no, no, that is absolutely his right to exist.

It's always number one around the corner. It was also quite easy, but not that easy. Then point number two alone were not talking about weight. You saw something similar. All fine. Then it definitely is from my point of view when Festool arrives, the best is still of all. Of course, it also has a price if you use the devices every day.

100 € more or less does not matter. But if you are now relevant to Saxony price, then of course this group is interesting for you. We still have two devices with Auto Start here and the one from the Autostadt is very pleasant. So that's booming, booming, roel all the time the battery goes dead, it is loud and so on. So as long as the two devices have Autostadt, I thought it was great. All the other animals we have have also done their job. Worked wonderfully, you can't say. I also saw how it zack zack, zack, zack, zack, how fast and how much fun the screws were in there. So there is clearly no loser here, only winners.

You won that you hopefully saw a nice video. I won, but I had a lot of fun and I think we sunk some 100 screws here today and I want to have the fun of reading your comments first and now I say go to the tools first and see you next time..

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