All new Milwaukee QUIK-LOK multi-tool attachment system review (WITH ALL ATTACHMENTS!) 2825-20ST

28November 2021

what's up everyone so today we're taking
a look at probably one of the coolest tools that I've been able to review in
quite some time we'll take a look at the all-new Milwaukee quik lok attachment
system we have every one of the attachments here we're gonna take a look
at each one we're also going to run it off in 9.0 aah battery we will go over
all the specs I'll show you how easy it is to use how powerful this thing is and
it is awesome let's get the review started this Libby's Lee this thing is so
freakin awesome so so light look at this thing you could take all of
the different attachments throw it on here and just go to town they're gearing
this for the professional landscaper I'll tell you what it'll hold up so
you're probably looking at this and saying well they've already had this out
for how long now but no this is different
this one here takes a bunch of different attachments I'll show you all of those
but check this out you hit the button you can go in slow or high very nice and
controlled or you can save on that battery just by clicking that button to
start this all you got to do the battery in the back you push this little safety
lever down right here pull the trigger and it is ready to go just to let you to
know it is a variable speed trigger really simple to put these attachments
on take them out are you gonna do is push that release button right here
you're gonna untighten the locking mechanism slide that in you don't even
got to push that down when you're putting them in just when you're taking
it out but just make sure our clicks in there tighten it down then when you want
to take it out rotate that loose push the button again pull out now we're
gonna put the strength trimmer or the weed eater weed whacker what I call it
on the back check out that guard though the guard does a really good job keeping
that debris from kicking back at you but real simple all you got to do is tap
that off the bottom of the ground and it will spit up more align very heavy duty
on the bottom they're happy with that as well the only thing you got to do to put
this together is you add the handle attachment and you throw the guard on
couple screws that's it all right here some specs to linked on
this thing seventy three point six inches the weight on it twelve point
three pounds really not that bad again it is to bump be the RPM on this 4900 on
slow up to 6200 on high destroy that battery right on the back right there
the cutting swaths 14 inches to 16 inches but that battery placement on the
back there everything is really balanced out it is really long I like that but I
really do like you can push this safety button down
that trigger and it'll actually stay on you don't have to hold that safety lock
on but again variable-speed I'll tell you what when you pull that trigger it
kicks on Amelia I mean now with I really like that as far as it goes with the
bill very heavy-duty really comfortable and still well everything on this other
than the casing is metal now just to give you a closer look of the head here
I mean it's quite man ah love it yeah I mean it turns on quick also
really happy that this is a bump feed I don't like those automatic feeders I
just like these a lot better but yeah does a really great job so let me show
you how this thing actually works if I can find some grass considering it's the
middle of winter so I guess it was a good thing I was slacking last fall and
I didn't really hit around the decking area all that well so it worked out in
our favor now I'm gonna let you hear this here in a bit but again the bump
speed it's great the power on this even though this is not that high I mean it's
just really really powerful and I will tell you I have many different gas weed
whackers and I'll put this through some heavier stuff it is probably more
powerful than the gas ones that I have I really like that longer reach as well
I'm gonna let you hear it now here we go now another thing that I had noticed
with this is that when you are down towards the ground that base is a little
bit bigger so it doesn't cut out big brown spots in the lawn it doesn't you
know go to dirt it actually kind of place or supports that up a little bit
and that's really nice if you get a really close cut and you don't have to
worry about you know this drawing good your longer and again that reads I'm 6
foot tall does a really nice job I don't have to bend down it's just very
comfortable really nice and balanced alright let's do a couple more swaps
here see what we can do and if you wanted to go in an angle does a really
good job you know getting lower if you need to but yes see it doesn't take that
much off you can get very close without burning that grass all right a little
bit more here all right real nice let's take this over
to some nasty stuff here and see how it does I have other battery power than either
of the officers it's just impressive it is very very powerful let's do a little
bit more here when we want to next attachment now really one of the only
issues I'd noticed is when you're dealing with really heavy thick stuff is
that it will sometimes get a wrapped around the top of the wheel eater itself
but I gotta be honest with you this thing is extremely powerful to feed the
bumpy works great the guarding is really nice really house protect you real
simple to actually take this off too if you need to put more line in there and
you need to take that cap off all you got to do is push in those two taps pull
it out and that is it it tells you which way it needs to go back on very simple
all right let's move on to the edger attachment I'll tell you what before we
do though I really am excited about how well this worked so excited I gotta be
honest I love the Milwaukee quick walk so much I just had to make this video
look at it just hang it out so easy to use it makes me wonder game
so powered so many different attachments that 9/8 batter is just so beastly sorry
about that alright let's move it on to the edger
attachment again just loosening out of that push the button and out it comes so
simple so easy to do and the edge attachment really said about that
because the gas-powered enter I have well I don't like you very much so I'm
hoping that this is as powerful or even close to being as powerful as a gas
we're gonna see how it works but you can adjust that well simple or just by
loosening that up that's going to adjust your depth up and down and then once you
find the perfect sweet spot it's tight you're back again and it's ready to go
alright so again I will put this in the link below but here are some of the
specs the blade size 8 inches the RPM 3900 the length 38 inches in the weight
is 5.25 pounds everything on here is metal the casing except for the wheels
the wheels are plastic but yeah all that guarding everything it's all metal feels
pretty solid if you ask me again slide her in lock it down tighten her and
that's it that's all you have to do with these attachments it's very quick very
easy now before we go out and slice and dice in the middle of winter my
neighbors think I'm nuts let me show you this here again variable speed real
simple to use me likes check it out let's see this go straight I'll tell you
hit that button that is it it is ready to chomp a munch to eat that freaking
grass I'm excited alright let me show you what it does outside in the yard now
again I'll turn this up here in a bit but this has been compact and ran over
with the car a few times over the winter and it's a little muddy but it is going
right through a lake and nothing at all and again the length on this really
really nice and just to show you the line here yeah it's solid man it is some
nice crisp sharp line that's in the mud and the nastiness
compacted yeah now I'll be honest with you you have to get used to not having
those back wheels for support that you do on the bad sectors then you get the
hang of it set that out real quick pretty impressive and again here's
another shot of the line and what's nice about this is I don't have to constantly
pull a freaking cord over and over again on that gas edger like I think every
single spring all right awesome stuff now we're gonna move on
we're gonna use some attachments just to let you know you do have an extension
pole right here it does come with the strap is for the pole saw and the shares
and all like this stuff those straps so they're heavy duty they're not cheap
straps but yep there's your extension I will put that in the link as well good
stuff all right now let's take a look at the
articulating hedge trimmer this thing is also really nice not only that it's
really well-thought-out 270 degrees of rotation you also get the strap this is
what you can use that 3 foot pole extension on check this out really
simple to rotate that all you gotta do is pull off the lever and that's it
you've got the positive stops right there but what happen you want to extend
it all the way out you can again really saw it bill 20 inch blade trims the more
material in a single pass yeah it's just really simple to do that extremely heavy
duty right here metal really like it you do have a guard right here
but again all the way out here really nice just slide that out now I will tell
you when you're doing this there's a protective plastic handle in the back
wasn't paying attention those blades are extremely sharp how do I know
well I cut myself but be careful with those check those out cut capacity on
these bad boys one-inch yeah they are just in soo nice man I'll tell you what
check it out we're elbow speed trigger on this also
really nice pull that trigger it is ready to cut real quick on that I
love how there's almost absolutely no delay
so I think what we're gonna do in the summertime in springtime is really
really sick we're gonna take these out we're gonna do some water streams on
this and that we're just gonna show ya I took it out some of these shrubs that
just weren't ready but the stuff that I was able to cut it went through like
nothing and again without reach on there and that three-foot extension pole you
can really get some high high area so just another fantastic attachment super
easy to use really built well and really allows a lot of versatility and a lot of
reach because of this and again extremely powerful so let's move it over
to the pole saw now link for this will also be put in the description below for
you to check this out it is a 10 inch hole saw and right here you're looking
at 150 cuts per charge a three-foot attachment will also work very well with
this 4600 rpm for this saw now this also comes with a wrench you can make all of
your own adjustments right here this is where you're gonna put your barn
chain oil right here just open that up throw in there
tighten it up pretty nice sized tank so you don't really have to worry about
constantly refilling all the time real light ice trap especially when you have
the three-foot extension definitely come in handy with this again slide her in
walk it tighten her down now the pole saw is ready to go so literally seconds
to change out these attachments here's a close-up look for you again that trigger
right there with the variable speed real nice and of course I forgot to turn my
volume on but that being said it's really a very quiet saw I mean because
it's battery operated I mean all of your hearing really is a chain going around
and maybe the shaft on the inside but that's it I mean what's really nice
about these tools is you don't have to worry about this thing constantly
running as you're you know moving around or walking around trying to get to the
next job and then the 10 inch oregon saw i'll tell you what it is it is very very
sharp very powerful it's a lot of power in
this pool really something else so at the end of the day I am absolutely blown
away but not only how powerful this tool is but how easy it is to change out
those attachments and all the different attachments this comes with to be able
to go out and do what you need to do with one tool I think that is fantastic
and again it probably not only rivals but beats most of the gas powered
equipment that I have the 9.0 battery that we use in this it was really
powerful it really did what it needed to do but you throw a 12 point O in this
bad boy not only do you have a little bit more power but you got longer
runtime I truly do not think that there is anything else on the market that even
comes close to competing with this at this time it is absolutely 100%
excellent I want to know what you think leave a comment in the comment section
below if you liked this video a thumbs up subscribe check us out at or user
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