ALL NEW RIDGID OCTANE Cordless JobMax REVIEW! (R862105B) #ridgidtools #OCTANE #toolreviews

4November 2021

looky what we got here cannot wait to
show you guys is the all-new rigid octane job Max brushless
multi tool with a free head I'll put a link in the description below let's get
the review started yes this is the all-new rigid octane ja
max 18 volt man this tool is so freakin awesome
I cannot wait to get started we're gonna slice we're gonna dice we're gonna do
some sand I'm gonna show you how this thing works we'll go over some of the
specs of course this is your home for the octane tools usually seeing here
first I know some of the other guys I'd like to post pic to something but we get
the tools here for you to actually see in use now you will not get the battery
with this tool it's the tool only but you will get this free oscillating head
really simply use and what I really like about the rigid tools is they think
about ergonomics instead of the head being faced down all the time you can
rotate it to the left or right up or down
really really nice for economics simple to do you can see it clips in right here
all you got to do is push down on that push down on the other button underneath
take that head off flip it to the position that you want it and now it is
ready to go now another thing I really like is how easy it is to put on your
attachments so all you're going to do is take this open it up flip it back and
you can see the head pops off you're gonna have a little arbor right here
that you're gonna snap in there's a magnet actually there's two magnets so
hold this in place and now you're able to put on your different attachments
your oscillating attachments very easy to do so we're gonna throw that on I'll
show you a closer look check it out it's not going anywhere that magnet really
strong now you can just throw this on like so and what that little clip will
do will actually hold down your pieces so if we were going to throw the sander
on there which is velcro just push that over like this and then you're just
going to close it off flip it back push it in and that is it locks in tight now
if I wanted to take this off I would do the exact opposite I'll just slide this
out let's release pull that back loosens it up I'm just going to flip this right
here and once I flip it or the other way pop it off and that's it that's how fast
and easy it is to change out different blades your oscillating tools whatever
you need to do and closer look for you stays in there real nice and FYI even
though rigid does have their own line oscillating blades you can use the
dremel without the attachment I'm sure that's going to be one of the questions
there's your answer for it now as for to fill this this thing
probably only weights like three or four pounds it's extremely light very slim
very easy to hold on to and again everything when it comes to operation
extremely easy to do I already told you it was 18 volts the oscillations per
minute on this up to 20,000 the oscillation angle for a degrees now
another question you might have is will my old attachments from my quarter tool
fit on the all-new rigid octane version yes it will right here we have the metal
shears this what we're putting on again is the job max shear head model number
four this is our 8 2 2 3 4 1 1 V I'll also put that in the description below
we're gonna cut through some metal with this bad boy but check out that LED
light very bright all you gotta do is pull the trigger lights that led up the
only thing I will say is it does shine a little bit more behind than it actually
does in front so you will cast a little bit of shadow but again the comfort on
this tool is just awesome and the variable speed trigger real real
nice on this check this out you can definitely go as fast or as slow as you
want lot more control on there yeah I really like that alright let's do some
cutting here I get this piece right here I always bust my legs on it and cut it
down and again no bogging down on this it got
the octane smart batteries to go with this or you can use a regular 18 volt
rigid battery it doesn't really matter but those octane batteries definitely
going to give you a lot more performance than your regular 18 volt and again I
really really like the trigger I really like how you can adjust that speed
really nice let's do some sanding here we're going to go to a 60 grit that's
the pad real simple to put on velcro and let's get some wood with some stain on
there let's see if we can take her off and if I was starting to go around
corner so if I want to be a little bit more careful I can just repeat that
trick a little bit and it would slow down on me oh so smooth yeah just really nice really really nice
so sleep just so easy to get in there and do the job I really like this a lot
alright now we're gonna switch it up to the shear head this is really nice too
you can adjust this if you want different thicknesses different gauges
you know you've got this back lay here you can screw in we're not going to use
that though and just a closer look again screw that right in there fits in
tighten it down not really worried about that we are going to cut some metal and
we're gonna see how the stuff just pop it right on the top like so
there's your LED light again you can go as fast or as slow as you wish because
of this variable speed trigger now unfortunately I forgot to turn my volume
back on the camera but this is extremely quiet really quiet a lot more quiet than
I thought it would be especially for cutting metal but yeah check it out so
quick so quick and again you can adjust that if you want and again because this
thing is so sleek so thin you can get into those really tight areas and not
have to worry about it taking up too much room or getting in the way of
anything so if you're doing fabrication if you're a bodywork using sheet metal
you know construction whatever you're doing man I'm telling you check this out
I really do like this head again I don't think I really have to keep showing you
I mean I think you get the point just how quick this is
you know because it's running off the 18 boat the octane 18 volt and I think that
3.0 really works great with this tool you know you can go with the 6.0 if you
wanted to you can even go with the 9.0 but I like the 3.0 with it you know it
just really does a good job everything is balanced out really well real
comfortable got a really nice grip you know slip resistant you know you do get
these attachments you also get a belt clip in this case just a super tool
really happy they came out with the cordless a lot of people have been
asking for it and here it is now the only two small negatives that I found
about that says one it you know I don't have anything else I'm a nail biter and
I here in the comments section all the time sorry but it's a little bit hard to
actually push those tabs in you got one on each
side and they don't stick up very high so that's one issue that I have with
this yep definitely gonna stop chewing those nails and the other little issue
is even though the release lever works very well if you don't pull that all the
way back and lock it in it's like a little mousetrap and it'll snap your
finger so make sure that you go all the way back in because if not you'll get
nailed in the knuckle I did it hurt other than that extremely versatile tool
you can see right here on the front all the different attachments different
heads that it takes definitely definitely check this out again once
this is released I will put it in the description below for you guys to check
out I'll also put the cutting head in there
you know it's a good tool because I'm using my good backing track for it other
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also let me know what you think about this tool and look for the future rigid
giveaway that we're going to be having very soon on our Channel thanks for
stopping by we'll be back with more reviews soon

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