Amazing Test on MILWAUKEE Fuel M18 1/2″ Impact Gun VS. Rusty trailer

17November 2021

you know what this half-inch impact
reminds me of a little pit bull No a midget a little muscular midget if
you're watching this video and you haven't subscribed to my channel yet
please hit the subscribe button now in the part 1 video of buying a $400 tandem
axle trailer we went over how rusty the whole trailer was including the studs
and lug nuts, so I sprayed them down but I still couldn't get them to budge with
just a four-way, so I found this big bar in the back of the trailer and used it
for leverage and it was everything I could do to bust these loose But even after breaking them loose and
spraying them all down again it still took me about 20 minutes to unthread
them with the four-way passed all the rust. and today I'm going to unbox this
Milwaukee half-inch impact and we're going to see if we can get these lug
nuts off.

The first wheel I could barely get off just by hand.. this is brand new
straight out of the box she's a beauty Im using the Milwaukee 5.0 lithium
battery, its got a full charge, hasn't been on the charger for about a month
though, its starting to rain so I'm trying to hurry up & do this…… wow I cannot believe
this that one's really rusty!! that took them off they're like nothing!!! I can't even turn this one by hand it's still on they're so tight this thing has some serious power!!! alright guys there you have it
the Milwaukee half-inch fuel impact works awesome I am so glad I bought this!!!
I think I paid 250 for this that was without the battery too lonely but I
already had the battery so I just used one from one of my other drills I'm
using the m18 redlithium XC 5.0 battery and it was more than enough for this I
was kind of worried about that thinking I needed one of the bigger batteries
like the 9.0 or the 12-point oh but I did it
that worked great still still on full charge it didn't even faze this gun I am
I am truthfully amazed at how well this worked for a battery operated impact and
out here where I'm working today on this trailer there is no power and nowhere to
run anything I would have had to bring a generator and a compressor and air hose
and extension cords and so much stuff and this just one tool all I needed
performs great I'll put the link in the description and you guys can check this
out but I'm glad I'm getting this apart it's starting to rain it was very fast
with the Milwaukee impact and I can look at this and see what parts I need to get
them this week start getting some work done to this trailer so stay tuned for
part three on this and if you want to check out the first part I'll put the
link in the description for it too one thing I do ask of you guys is to please
subscribe to my channel I'll be doing Milwaukee reviews on different Milwaukee
tools maybe we can even do something like take a vote on what tool you guys
want me to do a next review of I think that would be fun to do and give
everybody a chance to see how these tools are at my expense
I'm not endorsed by Milwaukee and anyway this is totally out of my pocket and I
just really like Milwaukee tools and I would like to see what they do too you

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