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7December 2021

hey guys grant with nick's handmade boots today 
we're going to be talking about your broken boots in this video we're going to be talking about 
some of the common defects or things that are   broken about the boots you're excited to get 
your first pair of nicks you open the box   you immediately hold it in your hand you scan the 
sole you scan the upper and then you find it today   we're going to be talking about what those things 
are and what to expect with a new boot and even   a boot that's about one month old two months or 
three months old problem number one sock liners   peeling or rolling here at nyx handmade boots 
we use industry standard adhesives for our boots   some people however if they sweat quite a bit that 
can cause delamination and as you pull your foot   out of the boot this will start curling up this is 
not a defect this is a known issue we can't really   control how much you sweat in boots or how much 
moisture is in the boots this is a very simple   fix with over-the-counter contact cement or barge 
cement you just apply a little bit of glue to the   raised area and you push it back down flat problem 
number two delamination or when the rubber begins   to slightly separate from the leather because 
we call this cosmetic delamination your boots   not falling apart but you are going to see some 
slight separation especially in the shank area   sometimes at the toe and sometimes at the heel 
cap or where the heel cap meets the heel base this   is common especially if you're working in boots 
anytime you have a leather joining with a rubber   and the leather starts to shrink or expand you're 
going to see some slight cosmetic delamination   no need to panic it's totally normal your 
boots not going to fall apart here's a great   example this boot is in for a kneaded resole 
as you can see he's wearing some tread here   as you can see there's a lot of cosmetic 
delamination on the boot but this boot is a   hundred percent intact it's not falling apart and 
this guy is still working hard on these boots he   just needs a little tread potential problem number 
three is what we call the edge dressing or the ink   we have natural veg tan midsoles and 
natural vegetan heel stacks on our boots   the ink is naturally going to come off with 
wear sometimes water just abrasion or just   overall wear is going to cause this ink to come 
off it's not a problem it doesn't impact the   durability of the boot the good news is you can 
buy some of our ink on our website and you can put   the ink right back on the boot issue number four 
this is probably not a right out of the box issue   but maybe something that you're going to see 
as you wear the boots for two to three months   we call it mushrooming or muffin topping this is 
where the leather starts to mold to your foot and   you start to see that the leather might even be 
coming or stretching over the outsole of the boot   this is perfectly normal the boots are designed 
to mold to the foot the boot is taking the shape   of your foot just because you can't see the 
outsole looking straight down in some cases   it doesn't mean that the boot is defective it 
doesn't mean that the boot is sized improperly   it just simply means that the boot has finally 
taken the shape of your foot issue number five is   midsole shelf rollover as you can see on a brand 
new pair of boots our sanders are trained to sand   this really nice logger profile that leaves a 
bit of an edge or a point here it doesn't take   much and i'm talking a week of just driving 
in the car to see this midsole start to push   and start to roll in causing a little bit of 
delamination here this is perfectly normal   the boots not falling apart if you want to 
keep this as is and you don't want it to be   rolled in or pushed in you probably shouldn't 
wear the boots it's gonna happen but it's not   a defect issue number six loose sewing thread 
you're excited to get your boots you've been   waiting for a long time you open the box and right 
out of the box you see oh we've got a loose thread   this is just part of the sewing process there's 
a lot of back stitches in these boots that's   how we reinforce the thread those back stitches 
need to be cut or terminated if we miss one or   two or one's a little more pronounced than you 
like it to be just take a pair of scissors and   snip it or take a lighter and you can burn it and 
you're good to go issue number seven is the laces   not actually fitting in the hooks sometimes these 
laces are cut a little bit wide sometimes you have   to fight them into that hook sometimes it doesn't 
feel like they fit into the hook at all you give   us a call and say i got the wrong set of laces our 
priority is to have the toughest laces therefore   it might take some break-in or it might take 
some work for these laces to fit into the hooks   issue number eight lumpy or bumpy insoles when you 
get your new pair of nicks you put them on for the   first time they feel pretty good but you notice 
that there's maybe some bumps on your insole   that's really just a byproduct of the number of 
clinch nails that are coming through your boot   think of a clinch nail as a rivet it's going all 
the way through hitting the bottom of a metal   last and clinching over that will cause a bit of a 
ripple or it can cause some bumps don't panic it's   all part of the break-in as you wear the boots and 
the insole wears in all those humps and bumps are   going to go away just through wear and pressure 
of your body weight on the insole issue number   nine creasing on the upper even on a new pair 
of boots you might see what the beginnings of   creasing on the upper as you wear the boot those 
creases are going to enhance they're mostly going   to be around the ankle because that's where you're 
flexing and they're going to be on top of the foot   because that's where you're flexing as well 
this is all part of the break-in period   uh actually the more crease the boot is the 
more comfortable it's probably going to be   so don't panic if you see some creasing on a new 
boot you're going to get it's going to get even   more creased as you wear the boot issue number 
10 my new boots look nothing like my old boots   this is a very common reaction for somebody 
that's got a really well used pair of boots   and then they buy a new pair of nicks maybe six to 
ten years later the boots are indeed the same size   the old boot is gonna look wider it's gonna 
have a little bit of that muffin topping that   we talked about this boot has fully molded and 
fully broken into your foot the new pair hasn't   just because it doesn't look the same doesn't mean 
it's not the right size again these are the top 10   most brought up topics when people buy our boots 
or they're in the process of breaking in our boots   we hope that you understand now a 
bit more about the handmade process   and also the normal break-in process of 
a boot if you have any more questions   feel free to reach out to us our customer 
service team is here to answer your questions   if you found this video helpful go ahead and like 
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