Awoco Air Curtain Review

30July 2021

When it comes to air curtains, Awoco is the most popular brand. German electrical and HVAC engineering has influenced Awoco. They offer the most comprehensive selection of incredibly well-engineered models. From 36” residential air curtains to 72” residential air curtains, the greatest FM3509L/Y-M models are available.

The specifications, on the other hand, are what actually important. Awoco has achieved a high airflow curtain with minimal noise levels. The airflow is 907 CFM on the high setting, with a modest 52 dB noise level. As a result, it is both one of the most powerful and one of the quietest air curtains.

Not to be overlooked is the lower-than-average energy use. With only 300W of power, the strong Awoco motor produced 907 CFM airflow. That’s extremely impressive, and it also explains why the FM3509L/Y-M model is so quiet: it has a high-efficiency, well-oiled motor.

You can DIY Awoco air curtain installation or make the installer’s job easier using the magnetic door switch (included in the package):

awoco FM3509L/Y-M air door with magnetic switch for convenient installation

The greatest overall air curtain is the Awoco FM3509L/Y-M. It’s quiet, has a lot of airflow, uses very little energy, and has a magnetic easy-to-install door switch. It also available in pretty much any width.

For the warmest (or coldest) days, the high setting is ideal. Switching to the low setting, however, will save electricity while still providing 742 CFM airflow.

Awoco is incredibly easy to setup. It includes a unique magnetic switch that makes installation so simple that anyone with a toolbox can handle it. It is available in the following widths: 36”, 42”, 48”, 60”, and 72”.

The Awoco, in keeping with German technical standards, will run nonstop for 5,000 hours without issue. The fan wheels are composed of high-tech ABS material, and the motor is quite reliable. In a nutshell, this is a painstakingly constructed, specs-powerful, and easy-to-use air curtain that deserves to be ranked first.

Awoco 36″ Super Power 2 Speeds 1200CFM Commercial Indoor Air Curtain, UL Certified, 120V Unheated – Door Switch Included

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