Black + Decker Matrix Quick Connect System

11November 2021

What's up, YouTube Brian Pedersen here with Cloud Cat Media and today we're talking about the Black and Decker matrix quick connect drill system Here we have the drill body that comes standard with the 20 volt lithium ion drill system It comes the regular drill attachment But as you can see here They have eight attachments and craftsman also sells a hammer drill attachment for their bolt on series which is licensed through Black & Decker but also Black & Decker owns craftsman now, not sure how that will play out with the drills in the future, but as of right now these bolt on craftsman attachments do work Some people have had mixed reviews. I have had no no problems with this hammer drill attachment I've owned a few of these 20 volt lithium drills from Black & Decker.

I originally purchased this because it was the most affordable lithium drill That I could find at the time and it was around $55 then and it's still around $55 now which is quite amazing They have increased the battery life from the original drill series So that is a nice feature Also, they've added the LED light here on the bottom quite nice to be able to have that little extra light I know that's been on some of my other drills but all those demonstrates Were you some of these attachments so you can get a better feeling as to? what they can do I have a Regular one buy board here. It is painted, but that shouldn't change anything. So we'll start off with a Standard 3/4 inch drill bit and this has a keyless chuck. So that's nice as well Let's go ahead here and drill this three quarter inch hole There's so many attachments that's kind of cluttered because It's just such a versatile tool set here's the jigsaw So all these have quick-release blades and Chucks makes the series real easy to use squeezing that down lining this up with the wheel Sliding that blade right here To switch out the attachments you just press this button on top Hold the attachment off Slide it in here.

It's like that clicks right into place. Go ahead and we'll cut this Board here from the whole kind of demonstrating what it would be like to cut in a sink In a countertop or something like that So there you have jigsaw attachment next up we've got the cutoff tool that's a three and 3/8 inch blade carbide tips Right off the shelf. I haven't had to change this blade ever and this is at least four years old But it still cuts very accurately and and very quickly.

So here you can see The carbide tip blade my cutout tool is quite scratched up I've cut a lot of nail embedded wood and I'll show you right here Just how quickly and easily it does cut and like I said this blade is quite old But it does have all its teeth yet So to cut with this tool you pull out the safety catch right here and pull the trigger As you can see cuts nice and easily So that's the cut off tool for the Black and Decker matrix Quick Connect system Now here we have the detail sander handy to have in the tool bag For when you're cutting some trim off or you just need to smooth out an edge just see how this edge is kind of rough So there you have the detail sander for the matrix quick connect system Next we'll move on to the impact driver for the matrix quick connect system As you can see attachments just like any of the other attachments to insert the bit into the impact driver you just place the bit in the mouth of the driver and then you pull the collar forward and push the bit in at the Same time As you can see that's a very fast driver and it makes putting screws in very easy So that's the Black & Decker matrix quick connect system impact driver Now this does work great on lugnuts on cars and you know working on motors There's a socket attached but I do recommend using impact sockets with this It works very well When you're torquing down your car tire lug nuts Please be sure to use a torque wrench for that final torque setting so moving on we have the matrix Oscillating saw this is one of the most unique oscillating saws.

I've seen because of how quickly The blade connects press down the button So oscillating sounds work great when you're installing flooring and you need to trim around the edge We're just using three-quarter stock here, But you can imagine this would be a piece of laminate flooring up against the wall and you can trim that back real real easily So as you can see It works relatively quickly and easily you just pop your blade off before you put that away now Here we have the router. This is a nice router. It connects up the same as all the others Here's the router tool, it adjusts by pressing the button here on the side and you can spin that It does come with a wrench nice little router attachment Works great in a pinch. All right that leaves us with the reciprocating attachment which gives you the sawzall capabilities with your drill kit that we're using the Black & Decker workmate Workstations here and I don't work for Black & Decker if you're wondering, but I do enjoy their products So here we have the Reciprocating saw and I've got a pruning blade here.

It looks to be a 10-inch pruning blade and we're gonna go ahead and Stick that in here and cut this branch. First of all, let's not forget how nice these Quick-release blade Chuck's are on all their tools And there you go Securely locked in place. Now. This this attachment I have used it a lot. I've cut down Trees up to ten inches in diameter with it. You know, it's a very how to quit tool So anytime you need to be silent and get some trimming done.

This does the trick for sure There you go, clearly this blade is dull but we will try it again with another piece of stock here There you go Nice and easy, I guess I was wrong The oscillator is not the last tool but this inflator is, now I have to use this to pump up my car tires in the fall when the the cold air Causes the tires to go low, with this inflator, it's nice they have some tips stored right here in the head You've got a nozzle for blowing up inflatables.

You need inflate your Sports balls. We'll try this one right here for the inflatables So, I'm not sure what the actual spec is on this, but it seems to go up to a hundred psi Pretty easily you look here I'm sure it was pump up to 90. I know pump my car tires up to 35 pounds Relatively quickly, so that was all the tools for the matrix quick connect system This is my latest addition to my collection. Is this matrix Quick Connect bag It's got a hard plastic bottom all of my tool kit fits in here makes little easier to use the whole system, this thing fits two drills.

No problem all these attachments Also fit in here it's got pockets for your bits And blades so we got the two drills in their impact attachment hammer drill detail sander Fat Max Tape Measure, cutoff tool Drill attachment jigsaw Reciprocating saw, extra battery Oscillating saw router attachment and the inflator They all fit in there nicely it has a nice shoulder strap, makes it nice to carry Time for me get back to work. Thanks a lot guys. I'm Brian Pedersen with Cloud Cat Media..

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