Does The All New Milwaukee Tools High Output Battery Really Have 50% More Power? Full Review!

19December 2021

what's up everyone so today we're taking
a look at the all-new Milwaukee M18 volt high output CPP 3.08
battery delivers 50% more power and runs 50% cooler than your regular m18 well
we're gonna beat the hell out of it let's get started just hit the market the 3.0 not only
that they come out with the bigger batteries are gonna be hitting the
stores here pretty soon the 8.0 they're gonna have a 6.0 pretty nice where this
thing is going to shine is on your impacts and your drill drivers and all
those types of tools the hand tools what we're gonna do though is we're going to
put it up against the 508 H we have two of each of the exact same impacts and
drill drivers these are the gen 3 models we're gonna see if it can stack up
against a regular m18 redlithium XC 5.0 and we're gonna try to put it in a table
saw and we're also going to try to use it on the all-new quick lock weed eater
to see how it does do have a two year battery warranty on this it does come
with the red link intelligence outer indicator right here got the four bars
we're gonna see how well that holds up it will work in any m18 fuel will see
compared to a regular M 18 red lycium it is the exact same width but it's a
little bit longer the length on it probably got up on an inch longer than
your regular ma teens now the 5.0 is a little bit heavier than the 3.0 and the
reason why they're so close in weight is because the 3.0 is a little bit longer
but on all you can definitely tell the difference when you have that drill in
your hand you know I want to tell you before I forget is that this thing
charges very quickly on the rapid charge you're looking at 15 20 minutes to get a
full charge on this battery after it was completely depleted so really quick on
that rapid charge charger so what we're gonna do is we got some paddle bits here
we got a couple sockets the exact same sockets as some lags down with those we
went out and bought the exact same half inch impact socket adapters
we're gonna use them on the exact same tools I want to see what this battery
can do compared to the 5.0 again everything is the exact same all right
let's do the lags first the 3.0 is on the right the 5h on the left let's see
what it does so we went a little bit deeper down with the 3.0 let's take them
out so faster on the 3.0 then the 5.0 that's pretty impressive
I was not pushing down on any of those and they had the exact same setting they
were both on setting 3 let's try the drill/driver now we're going to use some
one-inch spades on the tree native 4×4 and this is a little hard to do on the
left here we have the 3.0 and then on the right we have the 5.0 let's try this
and this treated 4×4 is very wet now here's what I found strange about this
the 3.0 went all the way down through and I'll show you a different setting
here the 3.0 went all the way down through and the regular 18 volt actually
stopped here's another look at it for yourself
the 5.0 actually stopped when we almost went through and the 3.0 high output
literally went all the way down through I want to tell you again I was not
pushing down on either one of these and to be honest with you I don't have a dog
in this fight I could really care less which one wins but it seems to be that
the 3.0 is beating the 5.0 let's try it again so that wasn't perfectly straight but
the speed one on both of these it looks like the 5.0 was just a hair faster on
it again I was not pushing down on either one of
these I'm letting the actual paddle bits do the work for me all right let's try
to drill/driver here we're just gonna go with the one because I know there is
nothing fair check this out no way she's going down through that concrete I definitely like that
thinner battery on the drill driver just because it's balanced a lot more even if
you ask me it's not as bulky on the bottom end now I can tell you nobody is
going to use these on a table saw and if you are well you shouldn't they're going
to be coming out with the a point oh I just wanted to see if it would work yeah didn't think so
but what about the all-new kwik-lok weed eater you haven't seen that review I'll
put a card right up here we got some nasty stuff right here I threw this in
and I haven't recharged this battery at all you can also see that the grass is
very wet so going through like a champ that's pretty impressive for such a big
task you know a smaller 3.0 being able to cut this down and I'll show you the
battery life after we go through a little bit more of this now just to let
you know I have been using this battery before I even shot this video I have
about 3/4 of an acre and I had some really thick grass that I had to take
care of I went through that entire 3/4 area the border area with this and I
still had two bars left not only that I edged all of my sidewalks including the
driveway and I still had two battery bars now a 5.0 versus a 3.0 battery I
will tell you that I am impressed that in most cases this is actually faster
and more powerful that I've seen then the regular 5.0 battery now they will be
coming out with the larger batteries very soon that you can use in your miter
saws and your cable saws there and even though we tested this on the table saw
you can see it didn't work and the quick lock system the weed eater I would still
definitely recommend a larger battery to operate those pieces of equipment these
are great for the the smaller tools but the larger tools you're definitely gonna
wait for those 6.0 sand those 8.0 s to hit the market but with all that I can
definitely tell a huge difference with this smaller battery when it comes to
power is actually really impressive and not only is it able to stand up to the
larger 5.0 it actually beat the 5.0 and a lot of the applications that I have
been putting it through so that right there is very cool I will put a link for
these batteries in the comment section below and the description if you like
this video thumbs up subscribe check us out at or you zone calm and
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