Extrémny TEST 135Nm vŕtačky z príklepom Milwaukee M18 ONEPD2-502X . Čo dokáže ?

1January 2022

Hi. Welcome to the FOR WORK AND FUN channels. In today's video, we are launching a series of professional tool reviews from Milwaukee. There is a significant cooperation that was offered to me and I did not refuse. Because I'm a Milwaukee fan. In my reviews you have already seen in previous videos a review of my tools that I bought for my own money it is an angle grinder from Milwaukee M18 CAG 125 then I have a saw SAWZALL which I could also see one of my reviews then I own another tool from Milwaukee and I've had enough of it for Christmas I bought a small impact wrench Milwaukee M18 FID 2 with a maximum force of up to 226 Nm and Milwaukee covered me with consumables you can see I got various discs drill bits for steel for impact wrenches drills for concrete and also steel drills various cobalt drills punching machines and also forsner drill which is I think special because its diameter is 65 mm also such a punching machine BIG HAWG and various other accessories that you will be able to watch in a series of reviews will advise Milwaukee in other reviews this consumable I got me very pleased because I really like to use these consumables from the Milwaukee brand you can see the bits in any of my videos and reviews that I show below, we will also show such tree drills and of course I personally missed the battery High Output 5.5 Ah, which is its performance somewhere else until the battery can get the maximum performance from Milwaukee machines and we also look occasionally at some news offer such a leaflet in which you will learn the news from their products they have there now laser and other tools that may be provided to me in today's review I got from the manufacturer Milwaukee their flagship drill it's a drill from 18 V system M18ONEPD 2Gen is a doorbell that has One Key technology and is powerful, its maximum power is up to 135 Nm, it has a compact, extremely powerful, it is available in a zero version or in a version with two 5 Ah batteries and also with a fast charger that can charge this 5 Ah battery.

In 59 minutes the drill is already a two-handed machine because with its maximum force of 135 Nm it is really necessary to be careful when holding the machine and the whole thing is sold in such an HD case which is a system case there is a fixed and precise chuck for clamping the tool from 1.5 to 13 mm the chuck has a locking function therefore if you insert the tool it is necessary to tighten it firmly and then one step back then it is chuck locked Chuck accuracy. we find here 14 power settings on the clutch which is electronic one drilling mode on which the maximum force is up to 135 Nm if a 5 Ah battery is used if the HIGH OUTPUT battery is used higher performance is achieved one drilling mode with a hammer which has a maximum number of strokes up to 32000 you can see it is already a two-handed machine if you need it and you want to make a small compact drill with it is not a problem to assemble the auxiliary handle assemble down it is a toolless system at the first speed there is zero to 550 rpm at the second speed 0 to 2000 rpm is equipped without carbon engine and Fuel system is an electronic system that regulates the machine's performance based on load saves energy and also battery life combination without carbon engine system fuel red lithium battery ensures unrivaled machine performance we find here the button to start the drill right and left run middle position the possibility of locking the button against accidental start-up the ergonomics of the machine is at an excellent level outside also weight if used 2 Ah batteries is unrivaled from the side here we find a loop for hanging on the belt from behind there is a possibility of hanging on the wrist on the other side is a bit holder which is fixed still unchanged battery 18 V system REDLITHIUM-ION offer in its compatibility of 18V battery from 2 Ah to 12 Ah battery with HIGH OUTPUT series of batteries the drill also has advanced ONE KEY technology which works via bluetooth and it is not a problem to download it via google play or app store there are 3 modes that can be fully can also be fully configured kick kick function I have already prepared various consumables for testing the maximum power of the drill, I also have various 2Ah battery tips here , it is recommended to use a 5Ah battery as standard and also a 5.5Ah HIGH OUTPUT battery.

I will start by screwing various screws up to 10x300mm I will use drills which I use as standard in reviews Ø20 twist drill Ø28 Forstner drill Ø 35 Twist drill Ø 16 x200 Twist drill from Milwaukee HOLE DOZER Ø57 mm Special Forstner drill Ø 65 Milwaukee can be exchanged SWITCH BLAD -3 euros. The drill remained stuck. The battery does not work. I will replace the battery with a classic HIGH OUTPUT and we will continue working. Nothing will stop the drill even from such demanding operations as at 2000 rpm EXTREME hole Ø 65 mm I continue by drilling into concrete and aerated concrete. I continue drilling into steel with a Milwaukee taper drill. Milwaukee RED COBALT Premium drills RED COBALT has a triangular shank and sharpening 135 ° composition HSS + proportion Co Ø12 mm I continue with drills containing Titanium and is also designed for impact wrenches. Milwaukee RED HEX drills are also suitable for use in impact wrenches. They have a SHOCK WAVE function. The packaging is in plastic. The package contains a 19-piece set of returns that are composed of TITANIUM content.

Drills from 2 mm up to 10 mm. And there are also half measures, for example 8.5 mm. The drill has a 6-sided 6.35mm shank and is ideal for use in an impact wrench. The sharpening is 135 ° and has a special tip to precisely start drilling the hole. Now I will show you the REDHEX Ø10 mm drill in an impact wrench. For the extreme test I have a twist drill Ø 36×500 mm. No problem The whole drill bit is inside the soft spruce wood. Now I also try 2 speeds of 2000 rpm . The flagship of the M18 ONEPD Gen 2 drill is, in my opinion, incredibly executed. You may have seen the drill on various tools. The big advantage is that the drill is still from the M18 category. It is therefore fully compatible with all M18 batteries.

A HIGH OUTPUT battery of up to 12Ah can also be used. with this battery it achieves even better performance. it is also a great advantage that it is small and compact with only 175 mm and if a 2Ah battery is used. weight only 1900g this is definitely excellent because Compact Brushless drills are almost identical in size but the performance is incomparably higher with ONEPD Gen 2 Hammer drilling is also very good for it, I tried it for drilling in concrete and I can say that the hammer is very mechanical good.

Drilling into steel goes very well, I tried it on various tools from Milwaukee, but I did not have a 16 mm drill available because the drill is also designed for such extremes. For those who like and want the maximum from their tool, I definitely recommend the drill despite the high purchase price, which is from 500-600 euros from 2x 5Ah batteries. The only thing I would stick out with the drill is it heats up during use, but it does not limit the operation at work.

I hope you enjoyed today's video and collaboration from Milwaukee. If you want to financially support me below in the description, I put a link to PAYPAL DONATE. From me, that's all for today. If you liked the video, give a thumbs up, confirm the subscription and the bell so that you don't miss another video. Hi..

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