FIRST LOOK at NEW Makita 40v MAX XGT Tools 2020

10November 2021

XGT is the brand new 40v platform from Makita. This is a single battery platform, featuring
a whole new range of power tools. Even though the new batteries have a larger
output, when you hold them in your hand side by side with the 18v existing battery they're
a similar size and weight. As are the new tools a similar weight to the
existing 18v tools. But using them is a very different experience. The new XGT grinder has seriously more power,
cutting this rebar 4 seconds faster than the LXT equivalent. Drilling 20mm x 100mm holes the XGT Rotary
Hammer did it in almost half the time.

And the new recipro is really impressive,
45 % faster cutting the plywood a similar result cutting stainless steel tube. The new XGT driver drill is really impressive. It's beefy, it's packed full of features. And the brand new XGT circular saw was ripping
46mm hardwood with ease. Between all these new tools and the XGT impact,
there is so much to talk about. Now with the batteries, they're available
in a 2.5Ah and 4Ah. Features include better protection around
the terminals internally, better shock protection and even beefier mount for industrial use. Even though they're a larger output batteries
they are comparable to the LXT batteries in terms of weight and size.

They're not huge they're not heavy they're
not a burden to use. With the new batteries comes a new rapid charger
now this charger will fully charge the new 4Ah battery in just 45mins. A great little feature its got a practical
charge indicator so you'll know when the battery is an 80% charged you can whip it out, finish
off the job you're doing and get yourself off site. Now, this is the LXT adapter, that will allow
you to charge a 6Ah 18v battery in just 40mins.

With the new XGT platform, you can expect
plenty of performance as well as an improved user experience but its not the end of the
LXT range at all. There's going to be plenty of new tools coming
out in both the XGT and LXT in the near future. So make sure you stay tuned to Sydney Tools
TV for all the latest news. Until next time, I'm Tim, thanks for watching..

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