First Year Apprentice? Get These Tools!

29November 2021

it's got brown hair in today's video we're 
going to talk about the tools you will need   if you are studying your apprenticeship so 
basically the first thing you need is a tool   bar and all the things that are in earth 
2 about such as a hammer you don't have to   spend three hundred sixty dollars on a hammer 
it's not really necessary for the first year a   speed square I would recommend either this 
or a combination square but this is pretty   handy for when you're first starting out and 
you don't know how to cut you can put that   in put something like that and it gives you 
a straight line to cut to so if you're just   starting out and you're not really good at 
the skill saw that could be a handy thing   to have now punch knife a folding ruler and a 
tape you definitely need a measuring tape and   also for all the mistakes you make you need a 
nail puller it's just a part of building and   also these two these are very handy for pulling 
smaller nails out that you can't quite get too when I started building 14 years ago in 2004 the 
company I was working with had a little program   where they would give you that buy few the main 
tools that you needed and it was pretty much a   nail gun that's Bill saw a level and the tools 
in your tool belt that was pretty much a battery   tools are pretty average at the time it was an 
electric skillet or so you had a lead as well   after about a year that was when you get a like 
a drill 19 bolt drove and that was pretty much   it for the first year as an apprentice but now 
it's a little bit different if I was gonna have   someone work for me and I were you know in their 
first year these are the things I would expect the   framing gun here in New Zealand is very crucial 
Dick's like this is quite a common job when you   first start out especially in residential we've 
got the pest load we don't have air guns in New   Zealand I know over in the States that's still 
really popular the pneumatic guns but I think all   the hoses and air compressors left the building 
site before I even started building so we've just   been on gas ever since so it's got the gas thingy 
so if you think about staying building consider   investing one of these they're not cheap but um 
might be worth looking at we might get away with   it depends who you work for you might get away 
with not having one moving on to the electric a   skill so nowadays skill saws are good enough to 
be battery-powered so I would recommend like a   skill saw and drill combo to get you started 
18 volt batteries and two drills and a skill   saw would probably cost you around about maybe 
$800 the reason you need two drills is because   one will give you a pilot hole and the second 
one will put the screw in for you so this will   drive the score a lot better and I know I'm pretty 
sure in some countries like that didn't even let   the apprentices use power tools philosophy right 
so they just get good at cutting stuff with the   hand sewer and doing it the old way just so 
they can like you know know how to hammer a   nail right yeah being shooters you know another 
tool you need if you're just starting out as a   builder is a handsaw it doesn't have to be a 
funky looking Japanese Hansel like this but I   do recommend this I'd never learned with these 
these are quite new I've been using it for like   three years but they they're like a razor cut and 
a super thin blade and they work on the pool the   reason you want a sort of work on the pool is 
because steel is strong and tension but it's   weak in compression so if you ever try to cut 
something with a regular old with and saw and   you get in like a snag or something it just bends 
like that where as well the forceful cutting that   you're doing with this is on the pool so the blade 
is constantly in tension and you don't get that   you don't get that Bend and last but not least 
the level so you know that all the work you're   doing is either straight or level or plumb very 
crucial and it's good for marking stuff it's good   for making sure you're [ __ ] straight good for 
making sure your decking screws are good sticking   you got to get your dicks Joe no one likes a 
crooked dick oh what's got you need these you   need to protect and a mask and glasses you need 
to protect yourself from day one like we didn't   do and then boots and you guys should know the 
starfish and have to saw this so maybe if you   want to know what you should have further into 
your apprenticeship let me know in the comments   and perhaps I'll make another video but yeah 
that's it for today's episode I'll see you guys   next week we will continue with this beautiful 
dick that we're working on saluton grant yeah as   long as they can like drill holes cut wood 
yeah major thanks yeah that's basically it he's gonna film a part but then I felt 
like a duck holding the camera they gave up

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