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11December 2021

[Music] when you think fluke you think rugged reliable and safe and this is across the total fluke tester measurement range now fluke has a new line of work tools and fluke hasn't compromised the ruggedness reliability and safety with their new hand tool range made in germany and have an insulation rating of a thousand volts ac and 1500 volts dc all the fluke hand tool range are very comfortable in hand great for those jobs where you're sitting all day in front of switchboards or banks and banks of io every termination and fit off will feel like the first one finger guards on the pliers to help prevent pinching and to make sure that your hand is in the right position for maximum performance and leverage with the handles being made of rubber and not plastic rest assured you will always have a tight comfortable grip when you own a nice set of hand tools you need somewhere safe to store them but why not have practicality also fluke has designed two great storage solutions for your new flue can tools first we have the cpac magnetic handling hanging tool pouch the fluke cpac hanging pouch keeps your hand tools organized and within easy reach the two magnet hanging strap attaches to the pouch to steel cabinet doors or any other steel fixtures then we have the fluke pack 30 built to stand up to rough on the job handling with durable high quality polyester and an injection molded waterproof plastic base the flute pack 30 has over 30 pockets in six main storage compartments allowing you to store your hand tools multimeters and test tools fluke calibration gear and much more this is truly the ultimate backpack for the electrical or mechanical trading on the go for more information on any of fluke's hand tools or their tool storage solutions contact us via our social platforms or contact one of our authorised fluke distributors until next time i'm damian from fluke australia see you out in the field

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