FULL TES KEKUATAN!! Milwaukee impact driver 2853-20 M18 FUEL brushless

13November 2021

I love you welcome back to Indonesian citizens, okay for those of
you who just joined welcome God Bro, how is this channel always discussing powerful
and wood working so now Wow review and test the impact driver strength of working towards for
this type me in Vietnam and battery me in China Hi with an outfit of 128 RPM So it's quite easy to
control with a head v3500 respect yes passion. Hi there, it turned out to be 4 modes for 10 to
1900 speed 20 to 2810 30 to 3600.

Hi and the last mode is self-tapping
screw for iron x44in, rice motor, dimensions 12 cm weighing 1.7 kilos, the cake is very
good and suitable for heavy-duty legislative work hi hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
hey hey hey hey hey hey hey Hi array Okay,
so in conclusion, after doing some testing in terms of power, this is very or
very good, from convenience, it's also very compact, the design is small and after Endi also It doesn't have
some mode features, there are one, two, three and four, so we can adjust it to the job,
so it's easier to control in terms of price.

It is priced at 2.1 million yakutsk only. So if
you assume that your job is heavy, happy Duty is a contractor or like looking for a job.
the big power maybe this milwaukee product can be your option, yes, but there is one thing that I don't
like about this technology, namely the hexam, it likes to be released, sir. It's edited
quick release but sometimes it comes off maybe the drill bit collect system needs to be revised Yes,
and I've also seen reviews from outside as well, so it's a bit problematic,
yes, but for the others, from economical power, and so on, it's pretty good if you
ask about rewards.

I think it's worth it, if we really need it. great power okay in
the next video I will compare this 4D deflector with the reward if you want to see the recommendations tie your
own soul, you can check the video here , okay, guys, that's all for the rudet of strength
and thank you for watching my video, bye Hi Ho.

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