Garage Storage Solutions – Adding Milkwaukee Tool M18 hangers to my shelf

16December 2021

hey everybody welcome back it's 
been a while since my last video   i've been working on the garage insulating it i 
also took a little vacation and went to cancun i pulled everything away from the walls and i 
insulated and then i put everything back i did not   do drywall because i do not plan on keeping this 
garage for that long i just wanted to be warm so   i could do stuff in the winter right now it's 60 
degrees in here and it's about 20 degrees outside   and there's a lot of snow everywhere and 
as you can tell it is already cold out   we got about 12 inches of snow the other night 
and i don't think it's gonna melt until spring   i'll just give a little tour over here i have 
those wheels that are set up i have some more   wheels that i have to organize uh then i have 
shelves in the back here i've got a parts washer   and i'm gonna have my sanding my bench sander 
thing over there i'm gonna make a new bench   for the bikes and then over here i have more 
storage that i have to organize and then i redid   my workbench and i put these horizontal filing 
cabinets underneath it which are really nice i'm going to reorganize these but 
they are in pretty good condition i have my tools my mini lathe and then i moved my 
drill press up here and i had that big press that   i used earlier and actually chopped that down and 
made a little bit smaller i do need to level it   still but that's kind of my new layout one thing i 
found annoying was that whenever i needed a drill   or an impact i'd have to reach into my tool box 
and get it and so i wanted to install these little   brackets that would hold up my m18 tools i 
was going to have my buddy at moped factory   3d print me some but it turned out i could 
buy them on amazon for really cheap i got   five for 10 bucks shipped so i'm gonna install 
some of these i'll post a link for these below   but feel free to buy them wherever 
you want these clip right in i want these right about here uh thanks again for watching everybody this was super 
easy to install them and i highly recommend it   stay tuned for more little videos and for me 
to finish organizing the rest of the garage   thanks don't forget to like and subscribe

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