Grout Removal Tool Selection for Bathrooms (Quick Tips)

6December 2021

Grout removal tools—what are your options;
when should you use the handheld tools; and when should you upgrade to a more powerful
version? This is one type of grout removal tool. This is by Kobalt. You don’t necessarily have to get this brand. But it’s just a handheld grout removal tool. It comes with a carbide saw on it, right here. And how you use it is you just put it in the
grout joint and start doing your thing.

So you would place this blade right here and
just saw away at the grout. Now this grout is somewhat fresh and easy
to remove. As you can see here, this is also a clay-based
tile. So you kind of run the risk with a clay-based
tile of ruining it with this type of saw blade. So you have to be a little bit careful when
you use it, but it definitely will work. The second type of handheld grout removal
tool is this one here. Again, this is by Kobalt. No particular reason why; I just had it. It has a little carbide triangular blade on
it. Same principle applies when you use this. You would just place it in the grout joint,
like so, and move it back and forth. These two handheld grout removal tools are
great for small jobs. But what tool should you use if you need to
remove all of the grout, where you have a bigger job? For that type of situation, I would recommend
a multi-tool like this one here. This is the MultiTalent by Fein.

It’s a cordless oscillating multi-tool. And if you’re going to be using an oscillating
multi-tool like this one, you need a special grout removal blade that looks like this. This is a carbide grout removal accessory
meant for the MultiTalent or the Fein MultiMaster. This isn’t a very thick accessory, so it
can remove grout that’s in a 1/16” or larger grout joint. What you do to install this in the MultiTalent
is very simple. You just flip up on this lever and you stick
the accessory in until this clicks in place. Then you turn it on. I would recommend using this in conjunction
with a Shop-Vac. So just have the Shop-Vac sucking all the
old grout out of the joint whenever you’re removing the grout with this tool. That way you’re going to cut down on dust. And I would also you wear a respirator. Again, you want to be very, very careful not
to ruin any of the adjacent tile, but this will make short order of the grout.

You can see how quickly this tool works versus
the handheld tool. Handheld grout removal tools are great for
small pieces of grout that you need to remove. The mechanized or motorized oscillating multi-tool
is great for removing huge sections of a grout. And whatever oscillating multi-tool you get,
make sure you get the grout removal accessory that goes along with it. Again, this is the Fein MultiTalent. It’s cordless. I love it. It’s great. You can also get the Fein MultiMaster. It’s not cordless, but it is super powerful
and definitely would make short order of any grout. If you are doing a bathroom remodel or anything
associated with the bathroom remodel, like putting in tile on your shower surround, check
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We’ve got great courses for you to make
your life a lot easier, and I encourage you to take a look at them. Thanks so much for watching today’s video. If I missed a grout removal tool, tell me
down in the comments. That way we can all learn from your experience. Thanks so much. Take care. We’ll talk to you soon..

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