How To Choose the Right Shoe Insoles for You

3January 2022

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In the world of insoles there are many types to choose from. Today we're going to help
you pick which one is right for you. Before we begin it is important for you to
identify both your type of foot or any foot conditions you may suffer from, and based
on that information it will be much easier for you to select an insole that best suits
your needs. When most people think of replacement insoles
they generally think of add cushioning. Cushion insoles are primarily flat and provide padding
across the entire foot aimed to relieve pressure and soften impact as you move. Now, since
most original insoles are thin they typically provide minimal padding. Adding a replacement
cushion insole could greatly improve the comfort in your shoes and provide pain relief all

These are best used for those who are on their feet for extended periods of time
or for those work on hard surfaces. Going a step beyond cushion insoles are the
arch cushions providing all the comfort of a standard cushion insole, the arch cushion
also adds a bit of arch support. Now these are still very soft and flexible, but they
also help support the arch to provide relief for those who suffer from less severe problems
or for those who have trouble getting used to an orthotic insert. These insoles are a
great way to transition into orthotic arch supports, which we'll discuss next.

One of the most popular types of insoles are
the orthotic arch supports. Typically these are arch specific but can also include metatarsal
support and heel control. These insoles are both rigid and semi rigid and not only provide
support but proper foot alignment and motion control. Due to these insoles being more rigid
and stiff it's natural for them to feel uncomfortable or even strange at first, but after a short
break-in period you wouldn't want to go a day without them. In selecting an orthotic
arch support it's important to know your foot type. More specifically, your arch type. Be
sure to check out our "know your arch" video to help you find your arch type. A link will
be provided in the description below. Remember, proper medical advice should always be sought
before self-prescribing orthotics. Finally we have specialty insoles. Now this
category covers a wide range of insoles. From wool, leather, diabetics, sports, big and
tall, and even ones for high heels. Specialty insoles are specifically designed for particular
use and include both cushion insoles and orthotic arch supports.

Choosing the right insole cans sometimes seem
overwhelming. Again, remember it's best to be seen by your doctor prior to self-prescribing
insoles. This will help you pick the RIGHT insole the FIRST time, saving you TIME, MONEY,
and more importantly getting you the relief you need as soon as possible. When ordering your replacement insoles, be
sure to check the sizing charts. We also provide measurements for each of our products so that
you can ensure a proper fit prior to purchasing. Also note that many of our insoles come in
a 3/4 length. Now these are for those who need a little extra room in the toe area or
for shoes with non removable insoles. Many of our brands also carry a thin version, also
for shoes with non-removable insoles. In addition, almost all full length insoles
are made to be trimmed to perfectly fit your shoes. You can view our "Trim To Fit" video
for step by step instructions once you receive your insoles. A link will be in the description
below. Now that you know which insoles are right
for you, be sure to head on over to The Insole where you can find exactly what
you need from our top brands.

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