How To Prevent Creases in Air Force 1’s (BEST WAY!)

23December 2021

what's going on everybody welcome back
to my channel I'm some except eientei's video on Bashir I can make it out sneaky
shields for your speakers I've got them in the speaker right here actually been
seen you concerned about big nuts a sneaker shield I do have like an actual
actual sneaker shield but it works it's not really shielded anything like I had
to use tape the tape oh so it doesn't work so I was like let me go ahead and
try I made my own and it worked like you can see this sneaker shield is in there
like it's barely like any Betty Chris I'm gonna show you where test after I
show you how to make them so make sure you stay tuned yeah I'm just gonna show
you how you can make them from using stuff from around your house before I
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Jewish master from superb now let's get straight into the video so to make your
own sneaker shoot you're going to need to use a piece of paper a pen a plastic
cover folder and if it fit and plastic and convinced it will do a pair of
scissors and you're also going to need the shoes that go into making this sneaker
shields for in this case I'm using a white pair of Nike Air Force one Lowe's
getting straight into it the first thing you're going to want to do is put your
piece of paper over the top of the front of the shoe take your pen and draw
around the toe box use the top of the souls as a guideline and just draw along
it going all the way around whilst you do this you want to make sure that the
piece of paper is flat you don't want to get or like crease up with stuff because
this is a stencil that we're going to be laying on top of the plastic later on so
you want to make sure that it was like even and as accurate as possible then once you've drawn a van toe box you
want to go ahead and just cut that shape out of the paper which you've done that
you want to lay the cutout on the front of the shoe this time though we're going
to be making a little like cutter on the very top where the af1 tag is we're
gonna do this so that the stickers Jochen crease and just see a lot more
comfortably on the inside of the shoes when you wear them so once you've done that you want to go
ahead and just cut it out now the stencils cut out and it's completely
done you want to lay it on top of the plastic and just start cutting around it
I would recommend using like a textbook or like a folder cardboard wouldn't work
at all so like if you like trying to use like a a cardboard box or whatever or a
cereal box it won't work because like your shoes get hot and stuff which means
the cob was gonna get hot and they don't lose become like soft and it won't have
like the same effect or like a piece of plastic will have if you use plastic the
sneaker shoes won't lose its shape it won't mind getting hot Aoife it's just
like much more easier to use plastic because it's going last a lot longer
than a piece of cardboard would because the cardboard will get affected if you
wear them all day because your shoes get hot which means the piece of cardboard
also gonna get hot but if you use plastic you're going to be fine because
the plastic is not going to get hot I melt like a piece of cardboard once you've done that once the sneaker
show is completely done you want to go ahead test it and just push it into the
foot of the shoe to do this you want to make sure that the sneaker shield is
basically touching the top of the inside of the shoe and it's at the very very
foot of the shoe to get the best results and then you're completely done as you
can see the shoes are not creasing like whatsoever right you can see the
pressure I'm putting on like they're just like now like we've got a sneaker
shield which in and we're not going anywhere we're not gonna crease
they look good now like you feel me look they're just not like Crisium whatsoever
so that is how to make your own sneaker shields at home now I'm going to show
you what they look like on feet and do a quick little wear test as well
so I'm gonna do a wet test now me white shoe has this sneaker shield in as you
can see that red thing on the inside of the shoe
that's the sneaker shield so the white shoe has the sneaker shield in and the
left shoe doesn't as you can see so I'm just going to go ahead and put them on
I'm just showing you like the difference that it makes having the sneaker shield
in I'll put the left shoe on and put the right shoe on so I'm going to wear test
this is for educational purposes only I don't want to crease the word tall but
I do want to show you that like it actually works like the UM the homemade
sneaker shields to do work so the left shoe doesn't have the sneaker shoot in
and the work she does if I show the left shoe I like I crease them oh my gosh
okay I don't want to crease them but it's for the video so like as you can
see like they crease up badly because like there's no snicker shoot in there
if I show you if the white shoe now with the sneaker shield look at that like my
foot is literally coming out of the shoe it freezes a little bit but obviously
it's not I don't really see if I want too much but it's nothing compared to
those creases there see what I mean it does work really really really well the
thing is as well is that you can barely feel the sneaker shield in your shoe
like as I'm like moving my foot around the stuff you can barely feel that it's
there because the plastic so thin so it's not uncomfortable either and my
feet don't feel too hot although I barely had them on for like not a long
time at all but like you know they don't feel hot and I reckon if the sneaker
shields do get a little bit too hot for you you could probably poke holes
through the plastic bit maybe that would work but yeah actually go see the
sneaker shorts do work the left shoe creased the right shoe crease but barely
barely at all compared to the left shoe that didn't have it didn't have the
sneaker shield in a barely crease so yeah that was a wear test and the
sneaker shields the homemade sneaker shields so that was how to make it
always sneaker shields at home you can just like stuff you could file from
around your house and they work pretty well actually saw
in like the little like my where test a reason why I like Chris or whatever some
I banish your like poor like they would acquitted Air Force I'm like yeah but I
really didn't want to I just want to assure you like how like it can work
really well like this one has his sneaker shield in and it works like it's
better cruising around at her box so do work pretty well if you do do this
leopard if you do like make it make sure to let me know in the comments how it
works for you I know a lot of people use like cardboard so they would use these
unlike cut around them with stuff I used to do that but like when you think it
hot it kind of makes the cardboard soft and then it doesn't really do what it's
supposed to do because the plastic is hard it means that like it's putting
pressure on the shoe around the toe box so like because like the plastic is
going from other side to the other side is putting pressure on like on either
side so it means that the shoe comment bend as easy as it usually would that's
how like it kind of works so using cardboard can work front the first like
few minutes and the cardboard will just get like soft because like you think it
hot and stuff in your shoes and then it won't work so yeah I definitely
recommend use it plastic and if it works you let me know in the comment section
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