M18 Random Orbit Sander from Milwaukee

20November 2021

How you going? This is the brand-new M18 Random Orbital Sander from Milwaukee. The sander has a 5-inch disc and adjustable speed
from 7,000 all the way up to 12,000 oscillations per minute. It's also compatible with all of
Milwaukee M18 battery range the worst part of any sanding job is always
the dust well this unit comes with a pretty handy dust catcher that I found
really effective. The system also comes with the universal dust extraction adapter so
you can plug in your existing dust extraction system in your workshop even
though it looks kind of small it has the power to get the job done it fits in
your hand well. It gives you a lot of control so it won't wander around your
job with a mind of its own like some sanders do.

If you're excited about
Milwaukee's new M18 random orbital sander give us a thumbs up if you've got
any questions don't hesitate to hit me up in that comment section below and
until next time I'm Tim and you're watching Sydney Tools TV.

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