Makita 18-Volt LXT 16-Gauge Cordless 2-1/2 in. Straight Finish Nailer REVIEW! (XNB02Z) #makita

7November 2021

what's up everyone so today we're taking
a look at the 18-volt lxt Makita two and a half inch great finish nailer 16
gauge for this can't wait to show you how it works let's check it out all right so we've done a lot of nailers
on this channel but today we're taking a look at a really cool and Makeda the lxt
this doesn't take any air it doesn't take any cartridges it just takes a
battery now this tool here the one I'm reviewing does not come with this set
but if you want you can buy the battery and the charger kit separately I'll put
the link in the description below along with this tool all you got to do is take
the battery which this is the – aah and slide it right down here and that's all
you need that and an else and you're ready to work what will you get in this
package you will get the nailer you will get some safety glasses and you will
also get a belt clip you can put it on the left or the right so if you're left
right-handed it doesn't really matter and it's a pretty good thing that they
give you the safety glasses considering what happened today let me show you
while we were recording guys Oh would you do that for oh you're trying to take
me out no before I take the shot I was putting on a new lens for you oh sorry
man I really hurt I saw oh sorry you were over to help you anymore
I just adjust the lighting before you go okay luckily he was wearing his
protective equipment didn't end up getting injured that's a good thing and
again here's where the belt clips can go on the side of the day for the testing
we were going to use the porter cable one and a half inch 16 gauge in this all
right so we're gonna talk about the specs first if you want to see this
thing in action you don't care about the specs just fast forward the video a
little bit alright let's take a look at the loader here I love this system very
easy to use all you're gonna do is slide that back it'll latch automatically it's
throw those nails in the back which I'll show you and then once you do that all
you're gonna do is hit the button and it will actually bring those nails or work
and lock them down into position I really think this makes it extremely
easy and quick to use again just take those nails pop them down in they'll
just slide right down in the front you can add a couple of different magazines
really nice and then again just hit that button when you hit that button after
you're done loading it it will pull those down tight and you don't have to
worry about them moving around on you check that out
very very simple now another nice thing about this the tallest nose design it's
easy to take it off if you have a jam just open that up like that pop your jam
out close it up again that's all you have to do so
you don't have to worry about any tools anything to get those up really really
quick really really simple now another thing you have right here your depth
adjustment has a larger knob so it's really easy to make those adjustments if
you want to bring that up a little bit so you don't have to sync those down too
for it you can adjust it this way or you can bring it all the way down where it
sinks it about a sixteenth of an inch into your wood if you forget which way
you need to go and make those adjustments don't worry they got the
picture right there on the side for you you also have a no more surface right
here it's almost like a rubbery plastic type of feel
feels pretty heavy-duty but you don't have to worry about damaging your
project or your wood while you're firing that gun now I really like this here
let's check this out simply by pushing this right here left
or right you can go into single shot mode or double shot or bump shot mode
really easy to select between the two modes and it has a protective casing on
the outside to prevent water from getting in now fYI the length of the
nail is you can go from one inch up to two and a half inch in the length and if
you're wondering how many now is you can fire on a charge with a 5.0 you're
looking at about a thousand finished nails
let's talk about weight real quick now I'm gonna be honest with you it's a
little bit bigger a little bit bulkier than what you're probably used to when
you're using pneumatic nailers for a finish nailer this thing is 9.50 that's
without the battery in it it is bigger it is bulkier it's balanced pretty well
believe it or not now at the end of the day is going to be up to you to decide
whether or not the size and the weight is a big enough deal to override the
portability of this unit alright let's take a look at this nailer in action and
we'll talk about more specs while we're doing it this is going to be a single
shot I will tell you one more thing when you go to use this gun it has to be
pushed down and have enough force on it to fire a shot if you don't put enough
force down on it it will leave the nail out like this almost flush you have to
make sure you apply enough pressure now we applied the depth adjustment all the
way down and applying the correct amount of pressure you can see
it fires those down about a sixteenth of an inch past the top all right let's
take a look at this this is not the mantra you never push down and then pull
the sugars each one of these actually fired almost perfectly then you have to
make sure you apply enough pressure just to let you know this is pine that we're
using that was all the way down and this is the farthest I was able to get them
to go down into the woods so I'm just letting you know let me show you what
happens if I don't flip out hard enough you'll see that they don't even always
go flush so you have to apply that pressure all right let's put the sump
pump fire what I like to call Rambo mode all right we're just gonna fire
continuously I'll let you hear it as it rubs up and how fast it is here's a
different angle for you for a battery-powered unit is pretty
impressive with how fast that actually revved up it's ready for the next shot
not as fast as pneumatic but it is really quick all right let's show you
another view I'll show them actually going down through the wood now this
also has an LED work light in front of this so that actually helps illuminate
the area for you a little bit better even though this is a larger gun the
contact center actually allows you to see what you're doing is fairly well so
it's not bad when it comes to the line of sight there
you go another view for you pretty much sinks I'm all evenly
do have a few little complaints about this nailer number one it's a little bit
heavy number two it's a little bit bulky number three it has a brushed motor so
this is not brushless and number four the depth it's a little touchy so if
you're not applying enough pressure it's going to either sink flush or just above
flush one of the things are really shine on this it's built like a freaking tank
and you can hold a hundred and ten nails it's balanced really well
we'll definitely hold on to any job site and the portability is great on this
thing not only that it's super quick and if you do get a gym it's really easy to
take that jam out this is how I see it I like the portability I would rather
deal with a little bit more weight and a little bit more bulk than dragging an
airline around with me and a compressor with me all day long I think once you
get used to applying the pressure and how you actually have to hold this nail
er you'll be ok with it I think it's gonna be a little bit of a learning
curve if you've never used one of these before though I actually really like
this gun but I'm curious to see what you all think so leave a comment in the
comment section below if you like this video thumbs up subscribe and check us
out at or of you zone comm we'll be back with more videos soon

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