Martinez M1: The Hammer Everyone Is Talking About

15November 2021

scott brown here the martinez m1 hammer 
that's what today's exciting episode is about   i've been using for quite a few weeks 
now and uh i want to give you my thoughts so i've been using the vaughn deluge hammer 
i really like the hammer it's a good hammer   but when i saw on instagram and youtube a 
bunch of people using this then i got a bunch   of questions from people about what i think of 
this hammer well i thought i would try it out   it's different in that it's got a titanium handle 
but a steel head my vondeluge has a titanium head   with a timber handle and that changes 
the weight distribution quite a bit one area that this hammer is really good for 
is demolition and that's what we've been doing   here we've been knocking out old walls and 
framing and this ham has been great for that so one of the weaknesses of the vorn deluge is 
that see that there that's quite a wide open short   nail puller and that can be difficult to 
pull out some tough nails where the m1's   nail puller is longer and thinner at the end 
and it makes it a lot easier to pull out nails   and it also has the side nail puller here which 
i didn't really think i'd use it that much to   be honest but pulling out nails like this with 
the extra leverage on this renovation project   there's been a lot of these short nails sticking 
out of the framing and sucking and we've had   to pull them out using that side nail puller 
has been more handy than i would have guessed all right bottom plate piece bro 9 40.

So one one area where this hem is quite good is 
the grip if you know anything about the m1 you   know that these handles are pretty customizable 
you can actually unscrew it and take the grip off   and replace it if it gets damaged you can unscrew 
the head as well and replace that you can unscrew   the handle of this one as well see one issue that 
we've had with this one is the timber handle is   great for weight and you know lack of vibration 
but it's quite slippery one of the ways that you   can counter that is by putting tape over it 
um some people have carved it with notice i   think that's what you're going to do give it a 
go you're going to give it a go yeah um there's   solutions to that now one way that this handle has 
been kind of tricky for me is i've got this i've   got the hook on the back of this occidental so i'm 
always going like this and then when i pull it out   the rubber and the hook thing the base of the 
handle gets caught whereas when i use the vaughan no problems at all but um if you want 
a grippy handle this is a good one   and you can replace it it's great it's 
great so one of the main selling points   apart from the customizable head and handle 
for me is the dead blow feel of this hammer   when you whack a stud and the weight of the 
head of this hammer does the work for you but the main drawback for me is again the weight 
of the head anytime you're doing any type of   hammering that isn't straight down or any type 
of hammering that isn't side on where the weight   is swinging below you it's working against your 
wrist or if i'm trying to maneuver something in   or just gently tap something something slightly 
in an awkward position which happens a lot   that weight really pulls against you the balance 
of this hammer isn't as good as the balance of the   warm that i'm used to whenever i give this hammer 
to someone they're always surprised by how light   it feels the great thing about it is it's evenly 
weighted you've got just enough in the head there   to hammer a nail in but not as much as this one 
this one here is it's too heavy in the head and   your wrist pays the price for that that's been my 
main problem with this hammer now i know that they   have the m4 and the m4 i think is the 12 ounce 
and some people have said that you can because   they're customizable you can take it off there 
if you want the long handle you can put the 12   ounce one on there and perhaps that would be 
weighted better but yeah unless you're made   of money you're probably not going to buy two 
hammers just so you can have one ideal hammer   um or you could just buy the m4 but that's not 
what this review is about i've never used them   before um but yeah that's my main problem with 
the m1 is is that the weight in the head so the   positive and the negative is the weight of 
the head but keep in mind i'm a skinny guy   and my wrists aren't exactly i haven't got huge 
arms so it might be saying more about me than it   is about the hammer and that's what you gotta sort 
of take into account with any review that i do   is that this is just my experience with it you 
know maybe you've got this m1 you're like what   the heck is he talking about i love my hammer 
it's perfect great but for me the head's too heavy   but that's also it's positive because that's 
what gives you that dead blow feel that's what   does the work for you when you're hammering in 
certain situations so i think that's why i'll hold   on to it it's been a good demo hammer now that 
we're getting into the actual framing and putting   nogs in and doing tricky little things around 
this house i think i'll go back to my vaughn   or i'm gonna try the new thai bone three but i'll 
talk about that in a sec oh yeah also the head of   this one i didn't mention um this is a round one 
and i didn't even think about it when i ordered it   i bought this hammer no one gave it to me for 
free i didn't think about it um when i bought   it but i wish i ordered the flat top one which is 
kind of like what i'm used to here that is the way   to go in my opinion it lets you nail up to flat 
surfaces as close as you can possibly get whereas   if you try and do it with this one you've only got 
the very top of the round head things to consider but i'm still going back to this this is uh the vaughn that i've been 
talking about this was my first hammer   it's actually putters but i had the exact same 
one and i think the main thing to consider if   you don't know much about titanium hammers and 
steel hammers is it's a weight thing but it's   also a vibration thing the steel that runs all the 
way through this hammer through the rubber here   that leads to a lot of vibration going to 
your elbow to your joints to your wrist   it's a lump of steel exactly it's a lump of steel 
essentially all the way down so that's what made   me spend all the money on this titanium hammer 
and the timber handle helps with vibration as   well as the titanium so i've been really enjoying 
that and again they've done it again with this one   here titanium handle steelhead for that extra 
power strength um i think that's what lets you   get a better claw in it as well i think if they 
tried to do that with the titanium head this might   split i think that's what's happened here i might 
be wrong comment below if you if you know more   about this than than i do i think they try to make 
this skinny like this that will probably snap i've   got another hammer in the van as soon as richard 
gets back i'll pull that out i'm going to try   that for the next few weeks that is the thai bone 
three and full disclosure i bought this one here   this is mine cost me a million billion dollars and 
this is the same i bought this a million billion   dollars and i did it for youtube i did it so i 
could try it out and answer the questions that   people already had for me but the thai bone 
three was given to me by the guys who were in   stiletto here in new zealand and they gave me 
a few other things so let's go check that out   because i felt like a complete muppet of 
place makers trying to tie these it's a   completely different system to how i do you got 
the package yeah yeah i got the i got the stash so here is the very popular stiletto titanium head 
with the timber handle this is a 10 ounce kinda   like a finishing version so i don't know if i'll 
use that for framing but it's cool to see it wow   that's nice and this here is the thai bone three 
15 ounce now the difference between this and   the martinez is it has a steel head but only on 
the face here everything else is titanium has a   similar shaped skinny nail puller as well so it's 
gonna be interesting to use that and see how it   holds up and we'll try that for the next few weeks 
see how it compares and it also has changeable   heads so this is the smooth face head and what's 
on it right now is that waffle face head so that's   the waffle face there i'm almost tempted to 
take that off now and put the smooth face on   so i don't destroy my fingers but i'll give it a 
shot um that tie bone that's nice it's light hey   hmm yeah quite a bit lighter than them in one 
and yeah you don't get that full-on heavy head   i still like that grip 
better on the knees but yeah ah no pressure what do you think of it bro is 
that your one no that's your one   all right second hand mine's better what would 
your review of the uh m1 hammer be richard uh   so when i got it i kinda i don't know why i 
was expecting it to be lighter than it was   yeah but uh and then when i grabbed out of the box 
and i was like oh i think i've just spent a lot of   money on a hammer that's not really gonna yeah 
do what i needed because i've got elbow issues   yeah but after a week of swinging it i was quite 
surprised that that it does absorb the shock like   you don't get that same my elbow was feeling 
a lot better after a week of using it and then   because it's such got such a good grip on it 
i don't have to squeeze as tight especially   and that's where my my elbow issues come from 
tennis and golf elbow and that's from one of   the problems yeah that's squeezing and really 
overworking those muscles so for me yes it's   heavy i probably in hindsight if i'd had a 
chance to pick up the m1 and the m4 but we   don't have these in new zealand yet but if i had 
a chance to go in the store and pick up the m1   and the m4 i probably would have gone the m4 bit 
lighter yeah just for that lightness is it shorter   as well yeah it's shorter i mean you can always 
just like choke it a little bit when you're just   doing some of that smaller stuff so that's fine 
yeah but it's not like we do a lot of hammering i   haven't yeah you know i've only had it for about a 
month and geez we've only really done demo so far   yeah but a little bit of hammering so i haven't 
had heaps of time to put it through its paces   but there we go yeah different check on 
the m1 and of course the magnetic see i   didn't mention that all these hammers have the 
magnetic that lets you start the nail like that yeah look at that waffle 
thing on the frame though yeah i don't focus on the price too much because 
all these titanium hammers are pretty expensive   and and the prices are a similar amount so 
that's why i don't focus on them too much if   you don't have a titanium hammer already and 
you're a builder and you use a ham every day   i would highly recommend that you get a 
titanium hammer which one you get is up to you oh in case you're um in case you're new to 
my channel uh the timber is pink because all   timber that we use here in new zealand is 
treated and is treated to varying degrees   and the color is kind of like a color code 
we had a big leaky building crisis here   in new zealand and pink is the lowest grade 
we can use you can't go any lower than that the stand fell apart there just like a little bit yeah they stand it send it 
to shape but you don't want to take out too much   obviously so that's your thumb gripper like so um you

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