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21October 2021

Hi, I'm Julie with All-Spec Industries and I'd
like to show you Megapro Multi-Bit Screwdrivers. Each multi-bit Megapro driver comes with double ended bits
which all fit tightly in the driver's handle. Each bit is securely held in the screwdriver
shaft with a spring loaded ball bearing. Other helpful features include the rotating end cap which allows you to turn
the driver while putting pressure on the end without blistering your palm. Plus a rotating collar allows for more control to help you drive straight. We carry 7 different Megapro drivers, each with their own features. Here's the original 15-in-1 driver. It comes with seven double-ended
bits in the most common sizes and styles. Plus the shaft opening can also serve as a 1/4 inch hex driver.

This is the stainless steel version of the original Megapro driver. The shaft
is stainless steel and the 7 double ended bits are nickel plated. The stainless steel driver is ideal for outdoor
use such as boating, camping and hiking. Here's Megapro's SHAFTLOK driver. The bits are locked in and can only be
pulled out when the yellow button on the shaft is pushed. Locking shaft extensions in 6 and 10 inch lengths are available for this driver. The Megapro Hex driver contains 7 double ended hex bits in
the most common standard hex and metric hex sizes.

This is Megapro's Tamperproof driver which contains 7 double
ended bits in several different tamperproof styles including hex pin bits, spanner bits and torx bits. Megapro's MegaLok driver is a lockable and quick change driver. The locking
quick change chuck accepts all 1/4 inch hex-shank power groove accessories. The Megapro Ratcheting screwdriver holds 6 double ended bits and features a precision
28 tooth ratchet design to make driving fasteners both easier and quicker. Last but not least, here's the Megalite. The Megalite is a
clip-on LED light that fits on all Megapro driver shafts. So those are the Megapro multi-bit screwdrivers. Thanks for watching and be sure to check out more videos on or our YouTube channel..

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