Milwaukee- 1/4″ Ratchet Kit

4December 2021

introducing the milwaukee m12 cordless
quarter inch and three-eighths inch wretches the most compact and powerful
ratchets in their class the low-profile three-quarter inch head design allows
easy access to tight workspaces or engine bays these powerful tools produce
up to 35 foot pounds of torque at 250 rpm for superior fascinating speeds the
variable speed metal trigger gives maximum control while the recessed
forward reverse knob prevents accidental actuation in tight spaces the tools
rugged steel reinforced housing provides maximum durability features include an
LED light and the battery fuel gauge the tool is compatible with the red lithium
compact or XE high-capacity battery for increased productivity for maximum power
and tight spaces check out the compact milwaukee m12 cordless quarter inch and
three-eighths inch ratchets powered by red lithium

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