Milwaukee 2736-21HD M18 FUEL 8-1/4″ Table Saw With One-Key 12Ah HD Kit

27December 2021

What's up everybody Phillip Bridges here
and on today I'm super excited we're going to talk about the Milwaukee M 18
fuel cordless eight and a quarter table saw and this comes with the twelve
point old battery and it comes with a rapid charger for $499 go look up and
see how much our regular twelve twelve point old battery puss and you're gonna
realize that this is a really good deal because these batteries are not cheap so
we're gonna do talk about this if this this table saw delivers the power of
fifteen amp table saw and it has a 24 and a half rip capacity and the blade
speed on this is fifty eight hundred rpms now 58 hundred rpms is ridiculous
for a cordless table saw if you know ten fifteen years ago if someone told me
that they were gonna come out with the cordless table saw it would have been
like yeah they're they're joking there's no way but this puts out of more rpms in
a regular corded table saw like a corded on the wall or a Ryobi or you know the
hypoxia I think I think like theirs is like thirty hundred rpms or around there
for a coordinate one now well the wall makes a cordless a cordless table saw to
now they come what they they come will also come with it it also comes with a
cord so you can plug it in when you don't want to use your battery and I
asked a Milwaukee representative that when I was when before this table sock
came out I asked him I go whoa why is more he gonna have a corded table saw to
where they can also burn in a or and/or a battery and he goes why
why would why would you do that and I go well you know just if you you don't want
to you just want to plug in and just you know not use your Milwaukee battery goes
well Milwaukee pretty much stand behind their
batteries 100% so why why would you want to have a cord running into it so if you
have a portrait if you give a cord option that kind of kind of basically
site if you have if you give them the court option you're not standing behind
their batteries and I write that I totally agreed with them more he's
standing 100% behind the power of their batteries that it will get the job done
and you will not need a cord for your project and so like you know I thought
that was really cool that you know baby that's why they pretty much didn't do
that so this table saw has an electric brake on it too so I'm gonna take this
guard off because it just for when I'm showing stuff so this has a electric
brake on it and I will show you that so we're down and we'll flip it on and it
stops really fast it stops faster than some corded table
saws with brace so I'm gonna take the battery back up don't want the battery
on just in case so the blade height on this let's get it all the way up let's
measure the blade height so the blade height you can get you can do a lot of 2
inch 2 and 3/4 cut deep you got to do a rip this to a 3/4 in depth you can you
can pretty much do that so this thing has some storage on it where
you can pretty much store all of the tools that you're gonna need for this
table saw the phenx card the the miter the miter jig and it also has a few
other cool Bionic tooth so the fence on this has a lock hey when I first got
this I was like ah this the the fence you know it to adjust it it's it's
really hard well it has a little lock on the side a little lover and you flip
that up here I'll show you if you flip that up right there on the
side that'll that'll unlock it and you can move this back and forth now wire
it's not moving right now is because the fence is stored underneath and so that
stopped it so you there's a clip on this side and a clip on this side so you're
gonna pop these on and that's gonna keep out the sex and so now this can move
freely can move all the way up to 24 and a half inches and so that's your rip
capacity that you have for this table top what we do is put it on backwards we'll put our fence on and you'll look
these levers up and just pop it right down and there's also there's these
little clips that slide right into this jig and it just clicked right down then
you can move this to wherever you need it it's really really really nice has a push push guard so when you're you
push pushing those small small rips you use this the clips right in on the fence
right there on the side so it's right there whenever you need it so that's
really cool I'm gonna walk this so the flip this on its end it has on the back
it'll have a two and a half an inch dust port so you can plug in that Milwaukee
backpack vacuum or yeah even a regular sapphic and so it'll you can a dust
collector or anything that you need and it'll it should suffice for it and it's
a really really nice desk collector okay but anyways on the back you'll have your
spot for your wrench got your blade now I noticed with these Milwaukee blades
they have on this table saw it's a lot thinner than any other table the table
saw blade and I wonder why they did that I think that they why I think they did
that is because it it's a less weight and so you know it's less less strain on
the motor and you know it does a better cut job I think okay so this is where
your miter box why it is oh how did that slide so this is where your little miter and jig sits and it slides right in
there and what I like about this is you know
some some miters thing you they just basically just step right down in the
trap this one actually has to slide right in so you know you're not
accidentally gonna pop this out of the track while you're making your cut so
this just clip right here just like this right back into its little home and it
flips right in I forgot cooked right in I kept pulling on it for something I
wasn't thinking properly now this comes with what I like is it comes with the
one key stop that Milwaukee has it and what's really cool is the one he stopped
a put on put a link or a website in the description at Milwaukee and it tells
you a lot more about the one key stop what would it can all do it can do a lot
of stuff but the one cool thing is that you can block you can lock this up with
the one key stop so basically you even an even if someone you know if someone
happens to steal this or take it or even if you you just have it sitting in your
shop and your kids are around and your kid walks up grabs a batter it puts it
in and puts the battery in and goes and flips on the switch it's like I'm gonna
play with the SOB goes and flits it nothing happens you can lock this saw so
nobody nobody can mess with it nobody can turn it on you can't if you once you
lock this saw with the one key stop you can't you can't use it it's the saw is
worthless until you unlock it again and so that's a really cool thing to uh I
thought that one did with Milwaukee's tools and like I
said before I put her a link in the description you can go to the one-cup
waukee's one key stop and it'll tell you all about it it does a lot of other
things too and it also binds your tools or and everything like that so I'm gonna
take this car dog excellently the guard over we're gonna move to guard over slides down it's really hard to do this
on a t-bolt wouldn't I have it up really high you're on your regular table table
saw now this is just piece of scrap plywood
it's only half inch but it'll it'll be 3/4 all day long
we'll rip this one and I think I got are you putting a piece of record let's just
use a piece of 3/4 because all right we got this piece of 3/4 and safety first
and also this has a 45 and a half it can bevel 45 hurt more than 45 degrees it
can it can double this can beveled 47 degrees so you can know he goes past 45
it's a nice little bubble but anyways here we're gonna put this on and it stops just like that give it a
really nice clean cut that's awesome I kind of don't like this table saw up
this I wish I had it on a stand but I don't have it on a stand right now
Milwaukee makes a stand and kind of disappointed in their stand because they
don't make it very mobile it just kind of folds up and you set this on it and I
really wish that they would make one that was rolling stand that you can
really mount this to because you know picking this up it has the handle and I
a really nice handle on the type does have a really nice handle but this thing
weighs that same weighs like 44 pounds it's heavy so you know I really wish
they made a rolling stand for it that's that's probably my main complaint about
it and it's not even about the table saw
it's about you know the mobility of the table saw and everything like that so now with this storage it's really easy
you get everything will store on this you just put everything back to the push
cart you'll slip right back in this pops out that donor card pops out we slide
this out actually we don't slide it out we slide it in and we make sure that
it's even on both sides and then we flip this around you have to flip the guard
around to get it into its spot there's there's a hole like a clip that sticks
out on inside and you put you line up the clip with the hole and
it should pop right in just like that and then you take your clip on the back
and lock it in all right so the fence is in and then this can't go anywhere so
what we do is you just take the fence lock and we lock it down now that's not
going anywhere all right this is fuel one key cordless eight and a quarter
chainsaw and you get two blade the battery and the charger all for $499
that is a great deal if you liked this video hit the like button if you aren't
subscribed subscribe down below and if you have any comments just leave a
comment do you think this saw is worth $499 I personally think it does go and
try and buy a a table saw for around that price that has all these features
on it and so I'm Philip bridges and not thanks for watching

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