Milwaukee Automotive Tools – Auto User Showcase

28November 2021

in this video we're going to showcase a number 
of unique offerings from milwaukee specifically   designed for automotive work now milwaukee's got 
a whole new range of mid-torque wrenches in coming   to australia right now and this half inch unit is 
one of them this is the new m18 fuel mid torque   impact wrench it's lighter more compact than 
its predecessor but boasting a lot more power   and a really good triple work light up the 
business end so no matter what attachment   you are using it won't cast a shadow on your 
work it also features four modes you can cycle   between and it packs 881 newton meters in 
that busting torque which is quite a wallup   and milwaukee's got an ever expanding range 
of lights to help you see what you're doing   while you work many of their smaller lights have 
magnet mounts which are great for working on cars   but one light that i really want to show you is 
the m12 led under hood light it features nice   padded mounts that you can adjust for under 
the hood or under the car it'll stay there   securely and pump out 1350 lumens of light 
from those trueview high definition leds   the m18 fuel extended anvil impact wrench nicely 
walks that balance of high torque output with   controlled delivery replacing pneumatic units 
which require hoses and compressors which get   in the way it also replaces the need for torque 
extension bars it's got four speed modes each with   a customizable torque range that you can adjust 
via the one key app on your phone to set it up   to suit your workshop and then just sit back and 
enjoy the torque 1016 newton meters of fastening   took 1491 newton meters of nut busting torque 
there's a couple of polishers in the milwaukee   range as well for auto detailers the m18 fuel 180 
millimeter variable speed polisher and the m12   cordless variable speed polisher and sander now 
the M18 polisher features 180 millimeter pad with   eight speed modes ranging from 360 to 2200 rpm 
and that brushless motor provides a constant speed   combine that with the rubber grips it gives you 
loads of control it's very nice polisher to use   while the m12 polisher sander has a pistol grip a 
range of two to three inch sanding and polishing   attachments and two speed modes polishing mode 
goes from zip to 2800 rpm while standing mode   goes all the way up to 8300 rpm for impacting 
power but in tight spaces check out the m12 fuel   right angle impact wrench again a small compact 
wrench but with increased reach it also has   four speed modes and up to 300 newton meters of 
nut busting torque which is really impressive   and when you don't need that colossal power of 
an impact wrench but you're still working in a   tight space and you want to reduce your elbow work 
check out the m12 fuel extended reach ratchet it's   got loads of reach 74 newton meters of max torque 
and that paddle switch gives you loads of control   as well it's a very nice bit of kit the bread and 
butter of automotive work are your socket sets and   Milwaukee make a really nice range of sockets as 
well the ratchets that come with them have just a   four degree arc which is perfect for tight spaces 
that's really tiny they feature both metric and   SAE sockets in a combination of deep well and 
standard design i also love the sockets have a   square form it's really handy because they won't 
go walkabout across your bench there are sets   suitable for quarter inch 3/8 inch and half inch 
drive make sure you check them out another great   bit of m12 kit replacing the pneumatic equivalent 
is the m12 fuel straight die grinder it's also   available in an angled die grinder as well the 
straight die grinder has three speed modes maxing   out at 21 000 rpm while the angle grinder has 
an extra speed mode and maxes out at 24 500 rpm   really impressive never underestimate the 
m12 platform the m12 stubby impact wrench   in particular for such a small compact and light 
wrench it still boasts 339 newton meters of nut   fastening and fastening torque or he's also got 15 
and seven piece combination spanner sets now these   spanners feature 144 tooth ratchet up the ring 
end with only a two and a half degree arc which is   super tiny they've got max bite on the open end 
for a really nice grip and just like the sockets   they've got a beautiful finish and really clear 
easy identifiable markings and there's loads more   automotive hand tools from milwaukee everything 
from priors to vice grips to c-clamps adjustable   spanners hook and pick sets in storage they've 
got some great trolleys and benches and don't   forget their pack out i've linked everything 
you can see here in the description below   but make sure you go check out the full range of and i would be amiss if i didn't   give an honorable mention to the m12 soldering 
iron when working on a car really comes into   its own whether inside or underneath no cord 
makes it a no-brainer i featured it recently   in our electrical range video from milwaukee make 
sure you go check that one out as well and if you   want to get hands-on or you want more information 
on any of these items in the milwaukee automotive   range make sure you drop into your local sydney 
tools store hit me up with any questions in that   comment section down below and until next time 
i'm tim thanks for watching sydney tools TV you

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