Milwaukee® CHEATER Aluminum Adaptable Pipe Wrench

7November 2021

with a new innovative design milwaukee delivers 
the cheater aluminum adaptable pipe wrench this pipe wrench is the most adaptable delivering 
unmatched productivity to access tight spaces   and perform high leverage applications with a 
multi-link design up to 24 inches the cheater's   lightweight body and all-in-one handle deliver 
added convenience and eliminates the need to carry   multiple wrenches or handle extensions to keep you 
productive on the job the easy to use quick slide   handle adjusts and locks at your desired length 
the overbite jaw has the largest gripping surface   of two and a half inches to prevent slipping and 
delivers the confidence you need to complete the   most demanding applications the cheater stands up 
to challenging job sites with maximum durability   and provides added security when working 
at height with a tether ready lanyard hole   the milwaukee cheater aluminum adaptable 
pipe wrench most adaptable all in one

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