Milwaukee Electrical Tools – Electricians Showcase

20November 2021

in this video we're going to showcase a number 
of unique offerings from milwaukee specifically   designed for electricians and we're going to 
touch base with matt and tammy they're both   sparkies that use milwaukee tools on the daily 
let's start with these two here the m18 cable   stripper and the m18 185 millimeter crimper 
the cable stripper strips those cables fast   the bushings are sold separately but you simply 
insert the bushing that matches your cable size   into the tool then set the depth of how far along 
the cable you want it to strip and you're off to   the races it'll strip along the cable as far as 
76 millimeters or three inches and once you've   got your cable stripped you're ready to crimp on 
your fittings now i'm only crimping 95 millimeter   square cable here but this crimper can crimp up to 
300 millimeter square cable with six tons of force   just like the bushings for the cable stripper the 
dies for the crimper are sold separately and it's   as simple as matching the dies to the cable size 
you're working with then holding down the trigger   until that crimp cycle is complete both tools have 
a narrow head and a balanced design for working in   a tight or crowded panel or box if you're working 
with large cables on the daily you need a good   cable cutter and walkie really delivers with the 
m12 cordless cable cutter capable of cutting 300   millimeter square copper and aluminium cable you 
just position the cable squeeze the trigger until   that cut cycle is complete and with that auto 
release it's capable of cutting a lot of cables   back to back and again the design allows you to 
fit into a tight overcrowded panel or box now   when it comes to setting up distribution overhead 
in trays and conduits it's really common to be   cutting a lot of threaded rod here the m18 
threaded rod cutter is your lifeboat it'll   cut m6 to m12 threaded rod quickly and with a 
bur-free cut so you can throw the nut straight on   and that straight through design makes it ideal 
for working overhead but you can also lie down for   doing multiple cuts in quick succession the m18 
six-ton knockout tool can punch a swarf-free hole   in panels and boxes quickly and safely once you've 
established a thirteen-mil pilot hole you attach   the punch and pull it through the material with 
the knockout tool it'll punch a quick and clean   bur-free hole in no time at all in both mild 
steel and stainless the knockout tool comes in   a kit with a range of punches from 16mm up to 63 
millimeters there's also larger punches available   separately when it comes to chasing cables and 
pulling them through walls the new fish sticks   and tapes are where it's at with reinforced 
connections for strength and glow-in-the-dark   for easy location in the cavity or wall these fish 
sticks are really smart i really enjoy the fact   that you can just put different attachments on 
the ends of these hooks lights uh a thing called i   call a whisk so we used this the other day and it 
uh saved us so much time our job usually when you   put a rod in the roof or you're trying to reach 
across something it'll get stuck under the middle   this one just glides straight over it there's 
a couple of different options in flexibility or   you can get the whole lot in a combo kit with the 
various attachments to suit your application so   i've been using the milwaukee fish tapes for a few 
months now these are the polyester versions you   have a metal tip and then you also have a plastic 
part there which is great for getting around bends   so you'll get through 16 mil 20 mil 25 quite 
easily i'll be using these for many years to come   and it's just an overall great product with the 
fish tapes there's lots of options from polyester   to steel from 240 feet all the way down to 25 
feet there's also a powered tape option as well   sparkies have a reputation for not cleaning up 
after themselves on the job site whether that's   fair or not let us know in that comment section 
down below but it doesn't have to be the case the   m18 wet dry vac is an absolute ripper it's small 
it's compact but it still packs plenty of suck so   if you've got this vac there's really no excuse 
for leaving anything on site but a job well done   the m12 soldering iron and the m18 heat gun are 
ideal for those mobile connections where you're   working away from power you can both solder 
and shrink wrap no power no worries speaking   of no power nobody wants to get caught working 
in the dark so here's three lighting solutions   from milwaukee's huge lighting range that are 
ideal for sparkies firstly the headlamps got a   90 meter spot and a nice wide floodlight as well 
450 lumens of output and you can keep your hands   free it's magnetic floodlights awesome as well 
300 lumens of the output which is heaps and that   nice strong magnet means you can clip it onto 
the panel above where you're working or you can   use the clip to put it onto your belt or straps 
and if you ever need a bit of extra situational   light in a hard to reach space the milwaukee pen 
light is awesome 43 meters of range 100 lumens of   output and a very nice rubberized grip as well 
and getting all your gear on and off site is made   super easy with milwaukee's ever expanding 
pack out range tough mobile and completely   customizable to suit your needs you just start 
with a rolling toolbox and you build your set from   there including low profile organizers there's 
even the pack out backpack with loads of storage   ideal for those service jobs that require 
high mobility but not every tool in the truck   and the milwaukee electrician's pouch is 
really popular it's got 15 pockets it can   be worn on the belt over the shoulder but you 
can use it with the built-in handle to place   it down next to you while you work and it's 
really nicely built too and milwaukee makes   an 18 piece bi-metal hole saw kit it contains 
hole saws from 16 to 51 millimeters in diameter   and they're suitable for almost every material 
you're going to run into on the daily i really   like the extra holes they put around the sides for 
levering out the waste after you've been drilling   milky has a range of self-feeding auger bits 
that drill super fast through timber frames   for chasing don't forget the carbide tip 
sds bits for drilling your masonry as well   they really do have a really wide range from the 
little everyday accessories including non-contact   testers right through to the big equipment like 
the cable stripper and the crimper orgy's got   some great gear for electricians you'll be able 
to find more information on each of these pieces   at or go to your local sydney 
tools store and talk to the team if you've got any   questions don't be afraid to hit me up in that 
comment section down below a very special thank   you to sparkyvos and addictedtotools i've linked 
their socials in the description for this video   go give them a follow and until next time 
i'm tim thanks for watching sydney tools tv you

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