Milwaukee- Force Logic Press Tool System

11November 2021

from the world leader in cordless
innovation Milwaukee introduces the force logic press tool system the
smallest most intelligent press tools on the market it's fine to install
half-inch 24 inch copper fittings and is compatible with all major fitting
manufacturers as a plumber know though a lot of different tools the Milwaukee
School is very lightweight very durable the Milwaukee tools are more user
friendly to us plumbers they've been engineered to get nice tight spots the
cylindrical shape alright with no extra appendages at right angles allowed our
technician to get straight in clamp the job pressive and he's done having the
force logic in all the different crimping bands it makes it very
versatile we've been able to interchange between brands and still have had the
jaws in the system work 100% when you're soldering fittings together
there's always that worry is there going to be a pinhole leak with the force
logic tool you crimp it and it's done I've know I made a consistent and secure
joint with the force logic tool by listening to the operation the Machine
and then verifying with the green light on the trigger if it's not set right it
won't work which is like the old ones it'll just press whatever in the
freshman pipe with this technology Milwaukee's using you know it's very
good if you don't put it on the right way it'll stop and it'll save you a lot
of headaches red lithium batteries outlast other batteries that we've used
and they hold their charge a long time with the Milwaukee we can use one
battery for three different tools and not waste time taking batteries looking
for different charges and stuff like that one set up done I think was a home
run I jumped on it soon as I saw it I said I'm gonna buy this one

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