Milwaukee Framing Nailer: The One For You?

17November 2021

in today's exciting episode we are 
reviewing the milwaukee framing nailer so nail guns have been uh changing quite a 
lot over the last few years for years here in new   zealand we use passload which was a combination 
of battery and gas cartridges now over the last   few years we've been trying these battery ones 
so we started with the koki framing nailer that's   battery with like a compressed air chamber in the 
top here this is similar to the koki in that it's   battery but i think it's got nitrogen in the 
top may be wrong about that maybe comment below   if you know more than me it's extremely likely so 
we're getting more power out of these battery ones   and we're not worrying about gas cartridges and 
the bonus of a battery is that we've got these   anyway for our other battery tools these nail guns 
are fitting a lot nicer into our tool kit overall so the hakoki gun was my go-to and 
to be honest it still is my go-to and they're not country miles apart from 
one another they're pretty damn close   just a few minor things that i prefer with the 
hikoki so let's start with the positives what   i really like about this gun the power i would 
say it might have a bit more power than the koki   this isn't a scientific review i don't 
know the actual facts of this stuff   but it feels like it has a bit more punch to it 
but it's still very very close it's not different   enough to worry about the other thing i like 
about it is that milwaukee made it uh milwaukee   make a lot of tools so if you're on a milwaukee 
battery system this is a bit of a no-brainer for   you i also like the depth adjustment it's 
not complicated at all it's just turn that   in and turn that out also the tip on this i 
actually prefer over the hikoki it has a bit more   of a claw to it it's a bit wider so when you're 
putting it on an angle it doesn't slip as much um   another great benefit of the milwaukee and maybe 
the other ones do it but i'm not sure is you can   extend the magazine so you can add more strips 
of nails and you'd have to change them as much   now the areas where the nail guns do compare is 
two key areas number one that belt hook there if   you're a builder you'll probably see the problem 
already that magazine is in the way of that hook   so when you try and hook it onto your tool belt i 
mean i've dropped it off a ladder before it's not   this doesn't go directly in full comparison there 
we go see that freedom that hooks nicely on your   toolbar so hikoki do that right they don't have a 
rafter hook that comes automatically with the nail   gun you can buy a rafter hook and put it on the 
other side whereas milky they include the rafter   hook on the other side like that this rafter 
looks great that's not so great and the second   thing that makes me choose the hikoki over the 
milwaukee is the weight this is a bit lighter and   it seems to be balanced better i better give one 
of these spiders he's trying to nail some studs there it is there you go mate so the depth 
adjustment on the koki is kind of similar as well   but you can see that smaller nozzle at the top 
that's why i prefer the milwaukee nozzle we slip   a little bit more often when we're nailing on a 
45 degree angle with the koki but other than that   they're very comparable oh another key thing the 
milwaukee has longer standby time so what i mean   by that is once you've turned this on this will 
only stay on for a few minutes the milwaukee stays   on for longer so more often than not we have to 
turn this thing back on every time we go to nail oh yeah and this might be uh this 
might be a little bit trivial but   when we put the nail gun down this one stays up whereas with the milwaukee 
you put it down no matter how hard you try and   put it down no matter how carefully you put it 
down no matter how well you try and balance it   it tends to fall over what do you think of the 
milwaukee framing gun powder i like it though   it's good yeah yeah you're a fan it's pretty 
powerful yeah it's a little bit annoying this hook   about it yeah the weight to it yeah it's good for 
rich because it's got plenty of these batteries   that brings me on to my next point battery 
systems ultimately i mean you can probably tell   by the review ultimately the guns are pretty much 
the same and i'm sure as they work on the next   generations and they're only going to get better 
what it comes down to is your battery system   if you have to spend you know thousands of dollars 
on your tools you probably want to stick with one   battery system so if you're already on milwaukee 
i would suggest getting a milwaukee framing gun   and maybe you're on hikoki then get 
the hikoki framing gun i'm trying to   make my drop saw and my framing guns or one 
battery system so that's why i have this milwaukee   drop saw out here so for me that that's 
like an ideal system having a drop saw   and the framing gun all taking the same 
batteries and uh having multiple batteries   one cool thing uh is where they put the battery 
button here that's a bit better it's not in   there like the cookie i think if they put that on 
their next generation that would be a good idea the extension is all framed up so why do we 
stick with these battery guns you may ask   certainly if you're in new zealand there's a 
good chance that you don't use this framing gun   you might use this framing gun the paslo framing 
gun this is the gun that i use for maybe 10 years   the only reason i didn't use it from the start 
of my apprenticeship is because i had one   for four years as an apprentice and then it 
got stolen and then i had that one ever since   until fairly recently when i got this one and 
then this one appeared as well the air bow   so why do i not continue to use the peso 
well basically it's a strength thing and   this gas cartridges as soon as you buy a box 
of nails that has gas cartridges in it you pay   i have to double check but it's probably an 
extra fifty dollars for the box and nails   much cheaper to buy collated nails without 
a gas cartridge to power this you don't need   gas cartridges you just need the battery 
like i said earlier in the video the koki's   exactly the same and the airbo well you don't 
need a battery you don't need a gas cartridge   you don't need anything except for a large 
air compressor that you have to take to site   every time you need to fill 
this tank up with compressed air   and you may be able to tell that i have not been 
using it there's this this is the air compressor this is the air compressor here so the elbow story 
is a bit of an unfortunate story they decided to   pack up and stop making nail guns they're still 
making the nail gun technology though and last i   heard they were in talks to license the technology 
i don't know much more than that but i do know   that they stopped making guns this is a concrete 
gun for concrete nails no gun powder no just air   so the inconvenience of the air bow and the air 
compressor that you need to take around with you   was the reason i stopped using that the 
reason i stopped using the pass load   was the gas cartridge and a lack of strength   so here are a few pieces of timber that we're 
likely to use here in new zealand the middle   stuff is pine pink timber you'll probably see 
in some of my videos and if you're wondering   what the pink is it is treatment it's 
basically the lowest grade of treatment   and it's color-coded pink so the inspector 
knows that it's pink and not green stuff   which is more treated anyway occasionally very 
occasionally i've only done it once in this video   in a recent episode is alveolar timber laminated 
veneer lumber layers of glue and pine usually   and it forms quite a strong timber and notoriously 
hard to nail into this is rimu this is a native   timber here in new zealand quite tough to 
nail into so up first the pink pine walkie no problem and they're cookie 
oh we got a flashing battery so the pass flow has a lot less power but generally speaking it gets through the pinup 
but generally speaking the pine is not a problem   for the pass load it gets through it laminated 
veneer lumber on the other hand milwaukee no problems no no the battery   i've only got one battery for the hikoki and 
it's uh it's currently flat the rest are at   the job trust me when i say that the hakoki 
shoots about as good as the milwaukee it   shoots into the lvl and also shoots into the 
native timber so now the pass load into lvl that's the dip set all the way in now 
a very important thing to mention and i   should have mentioned it at the start of this 
comparison this isn't the latest pesto again   like i said i've had this many years the 
new ones probably have more power um from   what i've heard they still struggle with things 
like lvr so take this with a big grain of salt   then let's test it with some 
native timber for a life oh not too bad look at that go on pesload now the milwaukee see the difference in the recoil i must have had an old soft piece of remo not the   hard workers that peso did the 
job usually it really struggles like i said uh my review isn't very scientific 
um that battery is running a bit flat there it's   an older model of passload and um my koki hikoki 
battery went flat but you get the idea there's a   bit more strength than those battery-only nail 
guns that the uh the gas ones don't really uh   don't really compare with the pastel is 
far more comfortable far easier in the hand   and i think that's why they're still a favorite 
here in new zealand yeah so light and another   thing that i don't miss about using the gas nail 
guns like this one is the maintenance between   the gas and the natural wood dust on a standard 
work site there's a lot of residue that builds up   inside the motor so far and i've only had this 
six months so far this has been okay the guys   at hikoki in particular said that they go a long 
time without needing to needing to service it and   they're completely serviceable i can't speak for 
the milwaukee i don't know enough yet and that's   the difficult thing about reviewing tools is that 
you know a tool is good after years not months   so this is it's almost like a first impressions 
video because yeah it takes a good few years for   a tool to really show itself and show how good 
it is you uh buy this in new zealand there's   a good chance you'll get one of these boxes with 
it that's that's what i got and inside the box uh   it comes with a little rubber tip and that clips 
over the nozzle so it's like a noma tip if you're   nailing into something that you don't want 
extra dents in you clip that on the end there look at that if anyone from milwaukee is 
listening keep doing that that's a great idea   free noma tip inside the box so who 
should buy a milwaukee framing game   well if you're a builder like me um i would 
recommend it if you are on milwaukee tools   if you have milky impact drivers 
circular saws and all the rest of it   um and you just want one battery great nail gun 
if you want to buy a nail gun purely just for the   nail gun you don't mind what system it's on what 
battery it uses then my preference is the hikoki   for the reasons i said before but in terms of 
a few months of usage they're pretty comparable   you

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