MILWAUKEE M12 FUEL 1/4In Hex Impact Driver Kit Model# 2453-22

18November 2021

the m12 fuel definitely has all the
torque and power as their larger 18 volt drill less weight if I didn't know is the 12
volt I would guess isn't anything they're tough drills they're brushless so you
don't have the burning that you would have gotten with older drills the
fact that it hasn't happened is a testament to the power that it has is
the hammer drill on the job site I expected it to give away after you know
three or four holes and it lasts half the day the durability of the m12 fuel
drill was it was incredible there was no performance issues in the cold weather
after dropping it continued to work just as it did before on them12 fuel impact
it has a drive control that I found useful rather than that two different so
the dual speed on the impacts really nice i love the fuel gauge saves me time
and it lets me know when i need to charge my battery the only difference
we have ever noticed between competitors 18 volts and the m12 fuel
is the weight i mean that's the best part about it i would say the m12 fuel
lasts at least twice as long compared to other 12 volts that i've used when I can
go most of my day without having to recharge the battery and putting it to
good heavy use it's pretty impressive if I have a
choice the m12 fuel will be on my cart anytime and i'll be using it

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