Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light 2351-20 Review

21November 2021

Hey guys what's up my name's Javier and
today were going to take a look at milwaukee's m12 12-volt LED stick light model 2351-20 right here I have a m12 LED light which
is an excellent flashlight you get 160 lumens of brightness
and it runs off milwaukee's 12 volt m12 batteries. So what makes the new
LED stick light great? first off it include three high quality
LED's and that brings it up to 220 luminous, so it's
noticeably brighter. Instead of being a spotlight it lights up a wide area perfect for lighting
up a wall. I thought the old LED light had a nice even light distribution but the stick light is completely even. There
are no hot spots or dim spots. It is a solid blanket of
light. The light itself is more of a natural tone instead of the pale white light of the
single LED light. The LED stick light works best upclose even though it is
much brighter than the LED flashlight it doesn't project the light that far away like
the flashlight does this video was taken at night on a trail
with the LED stick light and as you can see it is very bright but
it only works best upclose after several yards the light wasn't
very bright.

Here we have my familiar background being lit by the stick light notice the wide even light distribution.
Now lets compare it to the m12 flashlight. The flashlight is bright but it doesn't
light up the wall like the LED stick light so you can see here how the LED stick light shines at lighting up large areas, and covering those 3 LED's is an impact resistant lens plate
durable enough to withstand serious abuse and if it ever gets damaged no worries there
as it is removable and replaceable.

You simply remove the
four screws on the front and replace the lens plate. It's that easy! The
stick light also includes a battery fuel gauge which was missing on the single LED
light model. This is great to have as it sucked not knowing if my batteries were full
or if they're going to die soon on the old flashlight another big feature is the added multi position stainless steel hook it comes stowed away on top and can be
unlocked to hang it vertically or pulled back and locked into place so you can hang it on something and have it face downwards you can tell milwaukee put a lot of thought
and effort into this light also on the back of the light is a
threaded accessory port for use with the optional magnet, the
magnet is one of the best features of the original LED light as you can stick it on a metallic

The accessory port is also great for attaching this LED light to a tripod the m12 LED stick light comes by itself as a baretool only so no battery or charger included. It can
take any m12 battery from the compact to the extra capacity packs the stick light is rated for four hours
or more of runtime. I'm assuming its four hours on the smallest capacity battery
packs so expect to get longer run times on larger
capacity batteries. It measures about 2 inches at its width for a nice solid grip with plenty of rubber overmold and is 9-7/8 inches at its length. It weighs
just over half a pound without a battery so it's very light.
Now onto what I don't like about it Unlike the flashlight it doesn't have
a pivoting head I really like that feature on the
flashlight as I can place it anywhere and angle the light beam where I want it.

can't do that with the LED stick light it doesn't include the magnet. I think it
should be included for the price you pay and the last featured is when using extra capacity batteries, that the hook will not stay in the horizontal position, but I feel most people will be using compact batteries so this isn't going to be a problem for
most of you, with that being said the brightness and the quality the light
output more than make up for its downsides and will really be a lifesaver in
certain situations. Alright people I hope you enjoyed my review of the Milwaukee
m12 LED stick light. Make sure to like this video and subscribe to my youtube channel. Thanks for watching.

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