Milwaukee M12 lithium-ion (Soldering Iron)

14December 2021

The Milwaukee M12 soldering gun this
tool I was supposed to have this like a year year-and-a-half ago I ordered it
and supposedly with our company that we ordered it from the shipment or order
never really got filed so it was back and forth thing and then they were out
and then they were backordered so I was like you know what forget it whatever
and then one day our Milwaukee guy came up to me he goes hey got your soldering
gun here you go you know Merry Christmas why did you a
review on it and unboxing whatever and you know I wanted to do that like a year
ago but you know patience I guess so this is m12 soldering gun so we're gonna
open it and see what this is all about I mainly wanted to get this because I'll
do LED strip lights and stuff in kitchens and I wanted to solder the lead
the leads on to the LEDs just so it has a better connection and less of a chance
of anything happening to them but then I got to thinking of all the other stuff I
could do with it and you know the wheels returning so then I was like well I can
use it for my guitar stuff because I do some guitar repairs here and there and
it's going to be great for that for soldering pickups and other things and
then even doing some auto repair around you know the shop so this thing weighs
about a half a pound and it will reach about 750 degrees not too sure but we
will try that and it has a 90 watt heater on it so this will run off any of
your m12 batteries they say it'll do about 40 minutes on just your basic
Milwaukee m12 and sure it'll go a lot longer on your
bigger m12 batteries like the 2.0 is over 4.0 versions of the xes so you get
a chisel tip and then you also will get a pointy tip for it and so the point
grab a battery here and so to turn it on you just you just when you turn it on oh I had it in the on position already so
it actually when I put the battery in that's kind of a little safety feature
if you do put the battery in and it's already on the on position it won't kick
on let's try that again let's double check just to make sure that was what it
was okay I'm gonna put the battery in nothing happens that's good I like that
safety feature already so you just don't put the battery in and you're just
sitting around and all of a sudden oh I'm gonna use it well it's already hot
so alright so I'm gonna put it in the off position now and then I'm gonna flip
it back on and into the on position maybe it won't do it because I have to
maybe let's put the battery out and let's do it again okay yeah you got to
take the battery out and reinsert it while it's in the off position that is a
really good safety feature I like that good job Milwaukee on that I noticed
that it has a little LED work light that that could come in handy so now we got a
green light the green light is blinking and so when the green light is
completely on its reached optimal temperature now you saw me put the
battery in and Milwaukee says it takes about 30 to 40 seconds to reach optimal
temperature the green light has already been on for at least the last 15 seconds
so it took maybe 10 15 seconds for this battery or for it to kick on to optimal
temperature so ah this has a three-point pivoting
system so you can really get into tight spots you know I kind of like that
especially when I'm doing guitar work and I just got to get that right angle
on you know soldering that pickup together that's going to come in handy
so now we got the pointy tip on there I don't want this tip on there so I
actually wanted to have the flat tip on there the chisel tip so we are going to
shut it off and now we shut it off the red light comes on so that means that we
do not touch it we do touch the tip and when the red light goes off it will be
safe to change out the tip all right so I said that the rut the the heat up time
was 3040 seconds or whatever actually Milwaukee says that it will heat up in
about 18 seconds which it still still heated up faster I'm pretty sure it did
that's awesome maybe it was because is a bigger red
lithium battery but I don't think so I think it's just mainly the bigger the
battery the longer the output of work time you're gonna have I don't think
that it's really going to affect too much of the heating because I'm sure
that there is a sensor though I'm sure that is there is a sensor in there that
will only allows it to reach the 750 degree temperature no down cooling wise
this is taking a white a bit of time to you know I'm not going to touch the edge
but yes taking quite a bit of time to you know cool off which you know it is
what it is safety is key and you know we don't want to burn our fingers should we
touch it should we touch it let's touch it because it's hot and we don't want it
you're not supposed to touch it but I did and it is still hot very hot because
why don't touch the stove but what do we do anyways we touched the stove because
we want to all right now that we're waiting for that to cool off I just
want to kind of go over since the soldering gun that I was using before
this thing it has a cord two cords actually you plug one in you can you
could set the dial I do like that you could set the dial on to this to how the
temperature wise but you have this little you have this cord you can't
really you don't have free range very much and it gets in the way you know
you're trying to get into a certain spot and the cord just starts wrapping around
you so being free of a cord is going to be great I can't wait to try this out
I'm very excited and I wish I wouldn't have flipped it on and changed out the
right tip because you know I really want to test it but you know I would rather I
would for 82 dollars at Home Depot this is eighty two dollars you can get it for
ninety seven on Amazon – you know whichever you prefer doesn't matter you
can also look at Home Depot Home Depot's loves to put bundles together they love
doing little kits you can probably get one of these free in a kit that you get
off a home depot so I'll put links in the description below and you can go
through that and find the kit you're looking for or even just the tool itself
that you want to use but you know this is a time saver this is gonna be a time
saver you don't I don't have to deal with this I'm probably just you know
just throw this out or you know keep it for a rainy day if I you know one day
lose a battery or something I may use it but you know and that takes forever to
heat up that takes forever to heat up I know that I'll vouch for that is just
like I come back like ten minutes later and it would just be just starting to
heat up and you know if I think that that would that was like 40 bucks I'm
not even 40 bucks on Amazon but still this 18 seconds all right so it's taken
probably about 10 minutes for this to cool off so changing out the tips all
you do is you unscrew the tip take out take out this take off the tip install
the new chip the chisel tip reinstall the cap and just screw it back on that's
all you have to do it's pretty simple okay so now let's test this out all
right I'm going to flip it on as you can see it's blinking and my autofocus is not picking up there
we go okay it's got a green light it's ready
to go sorry autofocus went crazy all right we're
ready to go all right so now all we have to do is we can heat up what we're
working on and then you can just solder it we gotta let it heat it I'm not a
very good solder just so you know but I try I make up in my efforts but okay so
there we go no it's going you know it's going all right there we go so that was that's pretty easy how that
is then we can take the clamp off you know and then we've got a pretty nice
solder I don't know if you can see that but we have a pretty nice solder on the
end of the wire now this m12 soldering iron does come with Milwaukee's
five-year warranty so this is a great tool you know I really like how you can
it even has a little stand on the bottom it's just really nice for so you can lay
it down flat I like I like how the you know 2.0 batteries for the m12 are you
can stand it straight up in a second or fall over this is the m12 soldering iron
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