Milwaukee M18 3-mode Drive Control

27November 2021

uh the different modes have helped me
every day on the job because I won't have to switch tools and switch tips or change
anything I can just take the gun and go drive control is nice because you can
switch between different functions without having to get another tool it's
nice to be able to use mode one to run door screws in the hinges you don't want to
Mar the finish on the head of the screw for a door hinge mode two was good for
running screws especially in metal framing it's not too much power but it's
more than enough to run screws Milwaukee tool has great speed and good control for
drywall sometimes you want a countersink sometimes you want to leave these
exposed it makes it easier to control the screw and what you're doing with it mode three would more or less be used for something that that needs more power the
drive speed is a lot higher noticeably different than any of the other tools
I've used drove those students in the wood like nothing this is definitely at
a top of the line very nice

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