Milwaukee M18 Cordless Circular Saw (6-1/2″ Version)

12December 2021

Hey, guys. It’s a beautiful day in Pittsburgh.
We’re going to be taking a look at Milwaukee’s M18 6 ½” circular saw.
The model number is 2730-20, and you only get the tool with this model. All right, let’s
open this up and see what’s inside the box. You get your directions. You get a saw blade.
Here’s the saw. The blade size for this saw is 6 ½” and
the arbor is 5/8”. The total cut in depth in 90° is 2 3/16”. The total depth of cut
at 45° is 1 5/8”. The no-load rpm on this is 5,000. You put the M18 battery in the back
like so until you hear the click. It uses any M18 battery, whether it’s 2.0 or 5.0
Ah battery. You can also use the high demand battery. The lock-off button needs to be pressed
down in order to activate the trigger. There is a nice beefy rafter hook right here.

is pretty cool; you can hang the saw on any rafter or 2×4. There is also a rubberized
grip on the front of the tool. I like this big, lower guard handle right here; it’s
nice and beefy, so you can pull up on the guard and see where you’re cutting into
the material. This is the rip fence slot, but you need to
buy that separately. But it goes into the shoe right at this point.

These sight lines
are very clear to see; that’s a good thing. They’re made out of metal as is the shoe.
This is the bevel adjustment knob; you turn it counter-clockwise to adjust your bevel,
and the scale goes from 0 to 50 in increments of 5°. To tighten it down you just turn it
clockwise. This is the depth adjustment lever; pull up
on it to adjust your depth. Like on most circular saws, you can look at the depth on the back
of the guard here. They put an Allen wrench on the side of the
saw, which you use to swap out the blade.

The spindle lock button is in the front here.
So you just press down on this, then you turn the bolt clockwise to loosen it. Take this
top flange off. Line up the arrow on the blade with the arrow on the tool. Slide in the blade.
Put your flange on and then your bolt. Turn the bolt counter-clockwise to tighten down
on it, and just tighten it down with your Allen wrench.
The total length of this saw is 13 ½” and the weight is 6 ½ lbs without the battery.
When you put the battery in, it’s probably a few extra pounds. But overall, it’s a
very compact saw. And let’s give it a shot; let’s try it out.
So remember, the total depth of cut at 90° is 2 3/16”.

The total depth of cut at 45°
is 1 5/8”. So you can see I’, trying to cut through this 2x material here, and because
the depth of cut at 45° is only 1 5/8”, it didn’t go all the way through.
I like the fact that the saw has an electronic break. The blade immediately stops when you
take your finger off the trigger, which is a great safety feature. It’s a little bit
hard to see, but there’s an LED light right here, and this turns on and off whenever you
hit the trigger. All right, so what is the price of this saw?
It’s $199 without the battery. If you do get a battery, you’re going to have to spend
probably $100, $150 for the battery and the charger. Now, I want to show you something.
If you don’t already have a Milwaukee charger, I would recommend that you get the RapidCharge
charger because it charges batteries 40% faster than their traditional M18 charger. The cost
for this is about $79. If you throw in a battery, it’s going to be upwards of over $100.
This saw has plenty of power.

I was using the 5.0 Ah battery. It charged right through
the 2x material. That first 2x material that I was cutting was pressurized treated lumber,
and that was a 2×12. The 2×4 is not pressurized treated lumber, so it definitely went through
that with no problem. If you’re cutting sheet goods, this is definitely a great saw.
The LED light will light up the work space for you, and you won’t run out of power
with it. Now, all that being said, I would recommend
that you check this out if you need a new circular saw and you’re in the Milwaukee
universe or you’re using Milwaukee tools. I do want to tell you though that the handle
on this is on the right-hand side because the blade is on the left. I didn’t necessarily
like the fact that I had to reach over the blade and hold it with my left hand. But if
you’re left-handed, no problem; you can do that all day long.
All right.

Thanks so much for watching this video, and we’ll see you in the next one..

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