Milwaukee M18 Cordless Cut-off Grinder Kit Review and Tool in Action Model 2680-22

24November 2021

Today I'm going to review and show you
the Milwaukee four and a half inch cut off grinder tool in action.
The kit is model 2680-22. It comes with the tool, one type 1 cut-off wheel for
metal and stainless, a charger two M18 XC high-capacity, redlithium, three amp hour
batteries, wrench, two guards, one type 1 and one type
27 for your wire brush wheels, instructions, the handle, and
the milwaukee contractor bag. Wowza! Does anyone say, "Wowza!" anymore? I guess I
just did.

Let's take a look at the tool. The handle can easily be mounted on
either side of the grinder here, here, or on top. And it simply just screws in. The
guards can easily be put on, adjusted, or removed without a tool. You know on
some grinders you can get lazy about positioning the guard properly because
it requires a tool to move it and that tool happens to be buried somewhere in
the basement or the garage? This grinder has a very easy to
assemble guard. You just line up these two arrows here, and then you have a
guard lock here where you adjust the position of the guard and can select
one of these five detents on the tool .So you get maximum protection. There's a
really nice paddle switch and switch lock off, and a nicely sized spindle lock
here so you can turn the flange nut and take things on and off.

Obviously you can
use the wrench if you want to get it super tight. The spindle thread is
five eighths of an inch eleven and the tool spins at ten thousand rpms. You
want to make sure you're using wheels and accessories that are rated at 10,000
rpm or higher. Max capacity is four and a half by a quarter-inch. Keep in
mind when mounting a wheel if it's greater than an eighth of an inch, you'll
need to flip this flange here over to make sure that the wheel is properly
secured. The tool is a nice weight and I was
cutting a metal cabinet earlier today. The tool cuts smoothly. There's very
little vibration and it starts up without jerking so it's super nice.
I'll show you that later.

The kit comes with one type 1 eighth of an inch
cutoff wheel suited for small cutoff and shallow notching of metal and stainless.
You can see I've been using this already. To use the tool to its full potential
you eventually need things like more grinding, cut-off wheels,
sanding discs with backing pads, and even wire brush wheels .What you need
obviously depends on the job and the materials your grinding, cutting, or
sanding. There are lots of options: There is aluminum oxide, aluminum
zirconia bi-cut, ceramic, and I could probably go on all day, but I won't.
Let's talk about the batteries and charger.
The kit includes 2 m18 XC, high-capacity, red lithium, which are basically
milwaukee's lithium ion, 3 amp hour batteries with fuel gauges that
allow you to see the power level. This one's fully charged. This one I was using
quite a bit so it's only got two lights left. Unlike NiCad batteries,
these batteries deliver full power until they just can't. Then they stop. The
batteries have built-in protection so if the power draw or temperature are too
much, the battery turns off and the fuel gauge lights flash or alternate
depending on the condition.

I found that each battery pack charged to 100% from
zero in about 40 to 45 minutes with the included charger. They don't have
memory, which is great, because I can charge them at my convenience or say top
them off before starting a job. The charger that comes with the kit not only
charges m18 batteries like this (these are at 3 amp hour), but also
my m18, 5 amp hour batteries for some of my other tools, and also
charges m12 batteries for my 12-volt tools. The contractor bag is nice and
roomy. Lots of room for everything that comes with the kit. It's got three
pockets on each side so you can store cutoff wheels in here (although I don't
really recommend it because you can damage the wheels), store your wrench as
well. The issues I have with these bags in general is you can't zipper them
with one hand, and when the bag is really full the
zippers can be pretty stressed out . The way they could remedy this is just
to add a second zipper.

Anyway, grab your safety goggles and let's see
the tool in action. Overall I really like this kit and
milwaukee's created another great tool for the toolbox. If this video has been
helpful, please do me a favor and like it, which helps other people to discover it.
And as always, thank you so much for grinding … did I just say grinding? <<laugh>> Thank you
so much for watching

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