MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL™ 1/2 High Torque Impact Wrench w/Pin Kit Model# 2762

13December 2021

where I thought that there was no way
that I would have enough power to do what I needed it to do since I've had
the tool I haven't used my air impact anymore I've switched over to the
cordless and have been very happy haven't found a nutter a fastener that
it doesn't take off my first seen them I didn't think they would have the power
honestly but they've got more breakout power and you don't torque your wrist
near as bad as what a pneumatic one does you're not tripping over the cord that
you got laying there it's a lot safer to work around and it's less noisy I was
very impressed with them as opposed to other better coward impacts I've just
noticed that the fuel impact lasts much longer you don't need to constantly
recharge the battery or swap out the battery it has much more power than
anything else I've seen on the market we running down anchor bolts on all the
columns so we have quite a few of them here and I think we met have swapped out
maybe three batteries on all the anchors that we've done so far so and it seems
to have a lot of torque to run everything down nice and tight so far
for a battery operated impact is performing really well other cordless
impacts I've used before the batteries don't seem to last long and the torque
on the Milwaukee it's really good I mean I'll for my expectation increases
productivity well any road calls got to go out you got to start the compressor
on the truck get a cord out again that takes a lot of
time it's quick and it's strong durable it's what I like about the fuel line the
impression that we have of Milwaukee as a brand is durability and quality the
new impact definitely fits into that definitely impressed with the
performance and how old the tool just work so well

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