Milwaukee® M18 FUEL ™ 1” High Torque Impact Wrench w One Key™

4January 2022

[Applause] [Music] [Music] I've been using the one inch high effect or transferred tightening up one inch bolt we get up to you like into five eighths thoughts on travel I didn't feel like there is any shortage power at all as light as it was it hit really really hard compared to any other quarter tools that I've used that one inch high torque impact wrench has 1800 foot-pounds that's more than adequate for what we're doing it had a huge punch and it brought all the power lay the handle when you've done something lightweight and still powerful enough I could do this all day and not have a T problem with my arms or anything like that it's easier on my shoulder easier on my joints you know I could actually impact the bolt one-handed versus two ended and everything looks really well-balanced safer for us as we're climbing up and down the ladders and in other room lives you know I'm standing our arms out of it I would say it feels like 10 pound difference and I grab it a lot more balanced – versus the pneumatic 1-inch gun it is smaller in size as well so you can get in tighter spots the benefits to the m18 technology is not having a one-inch air hose to drag all across the iron air compressor that I got maintained and I'll have a generator for electricity to maintain our port you won't have to down a machine and ship it to the shop you can actually do the job a lot more easier on-site out in the field and it has just as much power and torque as a pneumatic one the one anti-torque impact wrench definitely be a favorite tool of plumber fitters ironworkers the one inch high torque impact is lightweight and powerful and affordable you

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