Milwaukee M18 Fuel 3-Mode Drive Control HVAC / Sheet

1December 2021

I like using the drive control cause it
was really easy to change which one two and three really simple and the
indicator light to show you what you were on we would use mode one for putting
grills on slows down the screw so you don't strip it out and ruin the nice
paint job from what I've seen mode one is set about perfect for doing the finish
work I think if it was any faster to probably make it a lot harder we use it
for stainless steel screws and stainless steel duct workers you want to use a lot
of pressure and just a little a lot of speed so you don't burn your drill bit
and your screw-up mode three is what I've used almost all day for running
tech screws and running through normal metals and seems like it's got the power
to still have a lot of speed to get it done fast mode three drives self tapping
screws faster than any other impact out there I think mode 3 is a lot faster
than any impact I've ever used especially being that the other impacts
are set on one speed the different speeds and being able to change in that
vast is going to be good because it's all about speed out here

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