MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL™ 6-1/2 In. Circular Saw Kit Model# 2730

25November 2021

anytime that something starts out new
everybody's always skeptical of it but just saw there's no reason to be
skeptical of it you can rip through three sheets of plywood at a time it's
more than adequate for the job needs of a normal carpenter householder or
commercial compared to other cordless tools the fuel saw the runtime is
amazing I was using the fuel saw for cutting treads and risers for stairs
they lasted all day long didn't have to change a battery one time the most
important stalls are bigger and bulkier that's the same power as a corded saw
it's lightweight so it makes it easy and durable
I used it doing some subfloor work and pops it a real high that I can't take
the cord to makes it real convenient battery life strength all around
awesomesauce most other cordless wasn't abused after a few cuts of the LBL
considering such a dense wood they died it's pretty much immediately saw lasted
a long time it was awesome and I felt the same
amount of power and fuel cuts I made as I would a corded saw you can definitely
take a beating on one of our job sites and we cut they're like probably about
90% of all the choices in this building with that saw and it just seemed to hold
up and it was basically two batteries a day I couldn't complain there's the
other battery was charged I finally got today
we used it on a very heavy circumstances lots and lots of cutting with a lot of
work with it seems like a brand new everyday I never had to worry about
hazards as far as trip hazards I think it exceeds the brand name so it's taking
it to a new level

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